Printed Rainbow Wrist Lanyards

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Product Highlights

  • Available in 20mm width with a 6-colour rainbow pattern!
  • Designed to slip over the wrist easily, great for people on the go
  • Give your brand an easy to notice backdrop on a convenient product
  • For best visibility black or white print strongly recommended
  • This item is available with rapid production and delivery time
  • Add further customization with fitting and clip options by contacting our team

Product Highlights

From the options below, just let us know which you would like in the notes section of our "Request a Quote" form.

Standard Fittings

Dog Clip Lan01 Croc Clip Lan02 Plastic Croc Clip Lan03 Trigger Clip Lan04 Split Ring Lan06 SF1 D Ring Detachable Phone Holder Lan08 SF11 Fixed Phone Holder SF12 Detachable Phone Holder

Upgrade Fittings

Whistle Lan07 Retractable Badge Reel Lan09 Adjuster Bead Lan10 Short Release Clip Lan11 Short Release Clip Lan11a Heavy Duty Dog Clip Lan12 Heavy Duty G Clip Lan14 SF2 Clip SF3 Clip SF4 Clip SF5 Clip SF6 Clip SF7 or SF8 Clip SF9 Clip

Product Highlights

All Print Colours

We recommend printing in black or white for the best logo clarity on this product. Custom Pantone (Solid Coated) colours are also available, just click below to browse our colour chart for the full range of available screen printing colours. Please let us know which colour(s) you would like in the notes section of our "Request a Quote" form.

Print & Material Colours

Product Highlights

Material Widths Available

20 mm (3/4 in)

Standard Length

450mm before being sewn. Custom lengths available.

Product Highlights

What Are Custom Wrist Lanyards Used For?

You might have seen them about, but maybe not – so let's take a look at what promotional wrist strap lanyards are and what purpose they serve. Wrist straps typically consist of a durable strap worn around the wrist with a clip at the end. The clip can hold keys, other small essentials or even ID. The versatility of imprinted wrist lanyards makes them great for businesses to incorporate their brand logo, slogan or message. With just a little customization, you can effectively create something for clients to carry that's a walking advertisement for your organization.

How Printed Wrist Lanyards Benefit Clients

Custom small lanyards offer several benefits, making them a valuable promotional tool. Firstly, they can provide a sense of security by allowing the user to keep essential items like ID badges and access cards close to hand and easily accessible. They can also help with organization and cut down on wasted time rummaging around for identification badges or keys. Finally, they can help make life more organized! Their size makes small items like keys easier to locate in bags. With their easy-to-grab-and-go design, it's easy to see why promotional wrist lanyards are so popular with clients in Canada.

Why Custom Rainbow Wrist Straps Make Great Giveaways

Trade shows are busy events where businesses strive to stand out and attract attention. Rainbow wrist lanyards make excellent trade show giveaways due to their practicality and visibility. When visitors wear these lanyards they become walking billboards for the business whose logos are displayed on them. This can help with brand visibility, and recognition, and even draw in more visitors. We all love a great free product and printed wrist lanyards cover function, style and repeat use - making them great for custom trade show swag in Canada. Leaving a lasting impression in business matters and wrist straps offer a versatile engagement for your brand, helping make the impact your business needs.

Why Have Custom Wrist Lanyards Become So Popular?

Whether it's a trade show, fundraiser or giveaway, the principles of great marketing remain the same for businesses. Promotional hand lanyards cover many of these cornerstones. These principles include the need for full customization, the drive to give clients a product they will keep close to hand and, of course, a product available at a great price point. Rainbow wrist lanyards tick so many boxes it is easy to see why they are often sought-after by marketers, promoters and clients alike.

Who Could Benefit From Short Lanyards?

Stepping away from the world of promotional giveaways, it's worth considering the application of wrist strap lanyards in other fields. Medical staff and security staff often need a way to keep essentials like IDs close but are not allowed to wear anything around their neck. Office employees need their keys, whether private or shared, to be easy to locate in order to work efficiently. It seems like wherever small essentials like ID and keys are in use, these handy products have a practical application, and that's great news for businesses of all types.

Why Choose a Rainbow Backdrop for Your Brand?

We touched earlier upon the need for businesses to stand out from the crowd, and typically this means drawing attention. From festivals and parades to the workplace, you want your message to be the one that gets noticed. Rainbow wrist lanyards add a touch of vibrant colour to your message, helping it stand out and get the attention you know it deserves. Adding your design to something cheerful and colourful could give clients a boost each time they reach for it, creating a positive association for your important message. Great marketing means staying visible and being remembered – and what's more memorable than a rainbow? How about one with your design on, and that's why they make a great promotional tool.

Customization Options Available for Rainbow Wrist Lanyards

While we recommend black or white print for best branding visibility on our rainbow wrist lanyards, there are a wide range of additional customization options available for your needs. We offer multiple different clip attachments, including split rings and dog clips. This means your business can get what it needs in a tailored and highly customized fashion. Adding your print is the final touch, so inquire about customization on this product for your brand.