Happy, relaxed Canadians enjoy their promotional phone and tablet accessories at home and in the office.

Our Custom Branded Phone Gadgets Make Great Giveaways

Customized with your branding to create a truly useful reminder about your company's services. Contact us today about our range of highly popular promotional phone gadgets and accessories. We offer a wide range of promotional phone accessories that can be used to promote your company, brand, logo, special offer, or cause. Cell phones are becoming more common than regular house phones, so these accessories are a great promotional gift at any event, business, or company. They can be handed out at fundraisers, promotional events, or given out to clients and staff. You can even incorporate them into office gift baskets, for raffles, holidays, contests, or just as a nice thank you gift to staff and clients. They are a fun way to show your appreciation, while gently reminding people of your company, cause, or offer.

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Get Your Brand Involved with Tech, Without the Heavy Price Tag

When it comes to people’s daily tasks there’s no denying that tech-based items like cell phones and tablets are often essential. However, before you start frantically researching “how to make smartphones” while you run a restaurant or landscaping company – the good news is that you don’t have to offer these items to make the most of the public's obsession with their tech. Items like custom printed phone stands and promotional phone wallets offer an inexpensive way to help get your brand involved, without the need for expensive and specialized products. Your business might not offer the latest tablet, but getting your logo on a stylish tablet stand means you can still keep your branding close.

Stay in Touch with Clients Without the Need to Call

No one likes cold callers and unwanted phone calls, but most businesses also realize the importance of staying in touch! This leaves the dilemma of how to keep your company fresh in clients' minds without being a nuisance. Adding your brand to something lightweight, easy to use and useful is a great way to keep your logo close to hand. Items like custom banded phone and tablet accessories offer an inexpensive promotional solution for almost every type of business and a great way to pass along contact details or show off your corporate branding!

Help Tech Stay Protected and Your Logo on Display

From promotional waterproof phone cases to stylish custom printed phone cradles, helping clients keep their important tech items secure or protected is a great option when it comes to campaigns. Most businesses know the real value of choosing the right type of product for their advertising – and providing clients with a useful item is a great step towards better marketing. Help protect phones from water splashes at the beach or give your logo the chance to be featured on promotional phone stands at the office. With so many options and styles of custom printed tablet and phone accessories, the potential is almost limitless!

No one wants a greasy phone (aka why your custom phone holders are great)

In these modern times, we rarely let go of our phones – literally. When travelling, when eating, when…well, you get the idea. This means that this important device can quickly become filthy and gross. Custom branded phone accessories can help keep the grime down. Options like phone stands and cases can help reduce direct contact with pockets, fingers and dirty surfaces like desks. Give your clients some awesome solutions to help keep their tech that little bit cleaner with some awesome accessories today!

Where did I put my phone again? Put it in a promotional cell phone holder and remember

Custom tablet stands and phone holders offer a convenient place to put your phone so you always remember where you left it! We all know there are few things more frustrating when you need to find your phone in a hurry and can’t, especially when you want to leave the house. That makes accessories like branded phone holders a highly useful product for both at home or even in workspaces!

Work with us for your promo phone accessory needs!

So now you might be convinced about the perks of choosing custom printed tablet and phone accessories – but why choose us for your promotion? At Dynamic Gift we offer competitive pricing and fast quote times. Our office is based in Canada, meaning no lengthy waits for replies to inquiries due to sizable time zone differences! With our friendly, professional staff and our in-house artwork service, getting what you want is easy, fast and hassle-free when you work with us. Interested in creating some awesome phone and tablet accessories? Contact us today to get started designing or to find out more!