Custom shaped lapel pins on a tote bag and a leather jacket, they show our different imprint methods and customization styles.

High Quality Lapel Pins & Branded Badges, All Custom Made to Order

No matter the event you have planned, you’re going to want to look into custom lapel pins as something to give away, or even sell to customers! Our branded badges are perfect for promotions, fundraising, or awareness campaigns and we carry a wide selection of styles and finishes to suit your needs. Request a quote today and let our team help you achieve the perfect design! If lapel pins are not for you, then try browsing our selection of custom keyrings.

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The Power of Custom Lapel Pins: Boosting Brand Visibility in Marketing

There's no doubt that custom enamel pins in Canada are popular for a wide range of events from promotions and marketing to fundraisers. Discover the impact of wholesale lapel pins for businesses and how they can enhance brand visibility. Gain valuable insights into why this style of custom metal promotional product is so in demand, what types are available and how easy it is to create lapel pin badges for your company or promotional event with Dynamic Gift.

Why Custom Lapel Pins are a Popular Choice for Businesses

Often seen on bags and jackets, custom pins made from metal seem to be everywhere in Canada – but what makes them so sought-after for marketing and promotional occasions? Here are several reasons why we think custom logo lapel pins are in demand by companies for their marketing efforts.

Custom Metal Lapel Pins are Versatile & Customizable

One of the principal reasons why promoters are often trying to find an enamel pin supplier is because these custom metal items are so versatile. This style of promo product can be made almost as custom as you can imagine, giving the creator a wide scope for creativity and the potential to create something unique for their marketing event.

  • Create Custom Shaped Lapel Pins: These pins can be created in various shapes and sizes and have the option to be a custom design. This means whether a company wants to promote a new product, commemorate a special occasion or increase brand visibility, custom pins can be tailored to meet specific needs.
  • Choose Your Metal Finish: As a supplier of pins in Canada, we offer a range of over 20+ metal finish options for your customization. With popular choices including gold and silver, you can find a long-term favourite for branded pins or create something funky with our rainbow plate option! We even offer custom colours for promotional pins. All this versatility means that marketing and promo events can get what they want and something aimed toward their target audience, recipients or occasion with ease.
  • Enamel Pins, Moulded & Polished Pins and More: Multiple styles are available from Dynamic Gift when it comes to discovering customized lapel pins for your business. The most popular style of this promotional metal swag is custom enamel pins in Canada - but this doesn't mean you have to select only one! We also carry moulded in polished, full colour print and more for your options.

With so many options available for custom shape lapel pins, it's easy to see why they are so popular for brand visibility. Read on to discover additional perks and benefits and even more core reasons why lapel pin badges are a go-to for custom metal promotions.

Why Promotional Lapel Pins are Cost-Effective

Another reason lapel pins in Canada are favoured by businesses is their cost effectiveness and potential high return on investment. In comparison to alternative promotional items like apparel, products like custom enamel pins are relatively inexpensive. This makes them an attractive option for businesses working within a budget or looking to create more items to reach a wider audience. Additionally, metal lapel pins are durable and have a great lifespan, helping to ensure the brand's message continues to be promoted long after the initial investment.

Lapel Pins in Canada Provide Long-Lasting Brand Exposure

Another excellent reason why businesses and promoters often choose custom pins in Canada is due to the long-lasting brand exposure they can provide. Once distributed, items like custom enamel pins are often worn on clothing or accessories - allowing the brand's message to be seen by a wide audience. This extended exposure can significantly impact brand visibility and recognition, making personalized lapel pins a valuable marketing tool for businesses.

Enhancing Brand Visibility with Enamel Pins in Bulk

Customized lapel pins with an enamel hard fill or soft fill offer several significant benefits for businesses and promoters in Canada. Below are some of the most significant reasons why we believe enamel pins in bulk are a popular style of pin badge for marketing events and brand visibility.

Unique & Eye-Catching Designs

Enamel pins are known for their unique and eye-catching designs. Whether it's a company logo or a creative marketing design, enamel pins in Canada are highly customizable and visually impactful. The unique potential of these promo metal items helps business brands stand out and marketing events leave a lasting impression on those who encounter the pins.

Association with Brand Identity and Values

Why are so many businesses linked to a lapel pin manufacturer for their promotional events? One reason could be that enamel pins can help in associating a brand with its identity and values. By incorporating specific colours, symbols or messages, these pins serve as a tangible representation of what the company stands for. This association also helps to reinforce the brand's image and values in the minds of those who come into contact with personalized lapel pins.

Custom Metal Promotional Items for Marketing Strategies

Custom-shaped metal products like wholesale lapel pins offer unique opportunities for businesses to enhance their marketing strategies and brand visibility.

Creating a Sense of Belonging and Exclusivity

Customized metal promo items can foster a sense of belonging among those who receive them. Whether it's employees, clients or event attendees, these items can make individuals feel as if they are part of a special group or community associated with the brand. This feeling of belonging can, in turn, foster brand or cause loyalty and this is great news for marketers and promoters in Canada.

Amplifying Brand Presence and Events and Trade Shows

Promotional customized metal items like custom lapel pins can also play a crucial role in raising a business's presence at events. These items can be used as giveaways, incentives or even souvenirs. They serve to attract attention and can even help drive engagement at the brand's booth. When worn by attendees, custom metal enamel lapel pins also help to extend the brand's visibility during the event.

The Value of Customized Pins for Fundraisers & Awareness

When promoting an important cause, visibility matters. Personalized pin badges branded with a slogan or message have the potential to raise brand awareness and drive interest toward the cause. With promo lapel pins often worn in a visible location, the potential to transfer and raise awareness with members of the public who may not be in the know is also possible. This helps to make printed lapel pins a powerful marketing tool for fundraisers and awareness campaigns at any time of the year in Canada.

Creating Branded Lapel Pins in Bulk for Your Event

Whether you are looking for lapel pins in Toronto or anywhere in Canada, Dynamic Gift is ready to help. Designing printed lapel pins for your event is something we specialize in and we have been in the business as an enamel pin supplier for over a decade. We offer an in-house art service, a friendly sales team and a business waiting to get your customized pins off the wish board and into your hands, ready to distribute. Inquire with us today to discover how finding lapel pins near me in Canada can be.