Branded tote and shopper bags made from jute, cotton and recycled materials are being used for groceries and errands in Canada.

Printed Shopping Bags are a Reusable Promotion That Builds Brand Recognition!

The shift away from single use plastic bags has provided business owners with an opportunity to create something that's both reusable and more environmentally positive at the same time! With promotional totes being so versatile, your branded bag also has the potential to be in use on errands with its owner on a daily basis and offers a wide surface area for your message or logo to be displayed on. This means your tote could be working hard for your client and your business all at once. Benefits for you, your customer and the environment? That sounds like a great choice to us, so lets get started designing yours today.

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Custom Printed Bags Help Lead the Way for Brand Awareness

Wherever we look in public, we usually don't have to search hard to find totes and bags with business logos and designs. From custom tote bags used as reusable shopper bags at grocery stores to trade show branded tote bags, everyone seems to be getting involved with these go-to products for custom branding. Non-woven, recycled material options and even branded canvas bags are rapidly sweeping aside single-use plastics as Canada turns toward greener products and longer-lasting marketing solutions. There's no doubt that these seemingly humble promotional products have taken our country by storm, but why are they so popular for countless businesses? Below, we have broken down some of the key reasons we think customized tote bags are one of the core marketing items that are here to stay.

Custom Bags with Logos Get Your Message Noticed

We would all love a billboard to market what's important to our company, but that's sadly not in the budget for the majority of business owners. Adding your design to bulk custom reusable bags gets your message featured on a large, easy to notice surface area and did you know that custom printed tote bags even have a hidden bonus over billboards? They are easy to transport! Getting your message out into the crowd on the move could be a great way to show the world what you are about, even on a modest budget.

Staying Brand-Visible with Customized Tote Bags

We all know that covering up the competition to put your brand ahead when it comes to visibility is an unacceptable (though tempting) business move for frustrated or experienced marketers. The good news is that although you can't go outside painting over the competition's signs, promotional tote bags in Canada provide an ethical way to help ensure your message is the one that gets the attention. With so many trade show booths handing out swag, visitors need a way to carry their items and your branded tote bags provide a solution while hiding the other items they have been given. The same applies to grocery stores, shopping goods and even food brands! When you choose custom tote bags you are giving your message a better opportunity to be the one that's on display for the public and your client to view, wherever it ends up being used.

Staying Relevant with Custom Reusable Grocery Bags & Eco-Friendly Totes

It's no secret that single-use products are becoming more unpopular with public interest and opinion. Pictures of items, particularly bags, tangled in trees and conservation areas with business logos branded for all to see are rapidly becoming the absolute no of modern marketing sense. This, combined with the fact they last for so many years as environmental pollution, has led to a rapid upswing in the need for custom reusable bags. We all still need a way to carry our essentials like groceries and office supplies from place to place, and branded totes are a great solution. By selecting even inexpensive tote bags printed with your logo you can get your brand onto something sought after for everyday errands and valued by the public. No one wants to see their message in a negative light and moving toward a more sustainable option, or even eco-friendly products, could be the best way to keep up with modern marketing on a budget.

Branded Tote Bags – Multiple Options & Styles Available!

Custom printed totes offer a range of versatility and style options that might surprise even the most experienced marketer or trade show event vendor. From different materials to hidden perks, the need for custom reusable bags has led to an explosion in options available and below are some of the most popular.

  • Non Woven Totes: These bulk custom reusable bags are great for tradeshows and conventions in Canada. Often lightweight and inexpensive, custom branded non woven bags are typically available in a wide range of colour options – great for helping your message stand out in the crowd. Creating something unique to add swag to or as a stand-alone promo product – these printed wholesale tote bags are also available in a great range of size options for a variety of marketing needs.
  • Custom Cotton Tote Bags: A classical take on totes, the soft material of branded cotton totes often belies the hard-wearing and tough nature of these handy bags. Cotton offers a natural alternative to man-made materials, giving you the chance to make custom printed canvas bags that are more eco-positive for your promotion. Printed cotton tote bags not quite what you had in mind? Check out the next section below for a more eco-friendly customized totes material option.
  • Branded Recycled Cotton Bags: If regular cotton totes aren't enough for your drive towards greener marketing, you can find printed recycled totes made from cotton available for your custom branding. Recycled cotton bags with logos help to cut down on the need for new material and provide a great talking and connection point with clients, allowing your brand to do something different while creating a more positive form of brand awareness.
  • Printed Polyester Tote Bags: Branded polyester tote bags are versatile, durable, easy to use and sometimes even come with additional storage pouches built into their design. These bags are great for heavier errands like grocery shopping and are a popular choice for durable printed tote bags.

These are only some of the styles and materials available for bulk custom reusable bags in Canada, and if you don't see the style you had in mind listed, keep browsing or contact our team and let us help you find it.

Finding Your Custom Tote Bags in Bulk Begins Here

From creating printed tote bags to promote small businesses to helping find and design inexpensive tote bags printed in bulk for trade show events, we are 'tote'ally' ready for whatever you need. Are you interested in finding tote bags printed in Toronto and overwhelmed with choice, or are you further out and looking for an experienced business to ensure the quality you deserve but unsure where to start? Wherever you are in Canada, we are ready to get your promotional tote bags trade show and event ready now.