photo of a woman carrying a brown burlap tote bag while walking outside and key features listed; convenience that carries your logo, eco friendly alternative to plastic, great to use as gift bags

Printed Shopper Bags are a Reusable Promotion That Builds Brand Recognition!

The shift away from single use plastic bags has provided business owners with an opportunity to create something that's both reusable and more environmentally positive at the same time! With promotional totes being so versatile, your branded bag also has the potential to be in use on errands with its owner on a daily basis and offers a wide surface area for your message or logo to be displayed on. This means your tote could be working hard for your client and your business all at once. Benefits for you, your customer and the environment? That sounds like a great choice to us, so lets get started designing yours today.

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From custom logo totes for grocery chains to promotional bags at conventions, there’s no doubt that there are branded bags and totes for almost every occasion! These highly popular items retain their place at the forefront of promo items year after year and below are some of the reasons we think just might be why!

Help make sure your logo is the one that gets noticed

Covering up the competition to put your brand ahead when it comes to visibility might be an unacceptable business move, but with custom branded totes it’s seen as perfectly normal! Your printed promotional bags can hold other items, meaning your product is the one on the outside and in sight for the public and of course your customer. This kind of savvy solution could help explain one of the many reasons that promotional shopper bags stay popular when it comes to marketing all year round.

Staying up to date – a move towards greener marketing

It’s no secret that single use plastic bags are becoming more unpopular when it comes to public opinion. Pictures of them tangled in trees and wildlife areas, how long they last in contrast to how short they’re used for, plus the potentially harmful materials they’re made from... it all means that many people just don’t want to use them anymore. When it comes to business, no company wants to see their brand featured on the news in a negative light, but people still need a way to carry their items from place to place. Marketing your brand in the right way is essential and this means choosing the right type of item to represent your business. By creating promotional products like reusable custom printed shopper bags, your brand can offer something that helps reduce waste and stays in tune with the needs of the modern shopper.

Getting noticed, even in the crowd

Dream of giant billboards everywhere that show off your brand? Most businesses probably do, but it’s likely out of reach when it comes to marketing budgets. Fortunately, promotional tote bags are here to help with your advertising! With a range of prices from economy to luxury, you can choose something with a large printable surface area to show off your essential message or logo. With imprinted custom totes being likely companions to the grocery store or on general errands, grabbing the attention of the public and raising brand awareness doesn’t have to be expensive or out of reach for your business – and that’s great news for your next promotion or campaign.

Multiple options and styles available

Custom printed totes offer a range of versatility and options that might surprise even the most experienced marketer and here are some of our favourites and the perks we think they offer!

  • Non Woven Totes: These are great for events and conventions! Often lightweight, custom branded non woven bags also come in vibrant colour options meaning your brand can stand out even in the crowd. Great for adding swag to or as a stand-alone product, these bags also come in a larger size that can be perfect for errands and grocery shopping.
  • Woven Laminated Bags: Custom logo laminated bags are great for repelling water, making them a valuable companion for transporting goods and helping keep that annoying rain from soaking into goods and groceries. They also come with the bonus of being easy to wipe clean, meaning they are awesome for a more effortless option when it comes to everyday use.
  • Polyester Totes: Imprinted polyester totes are versatile and easy to use and some even come with their own storage pouch for when they are not needed! This helps establish them as great companions for the car, for errands and more.
  • Cotton Totes & Bags: A classical take on totes, the soft material of promotional cotton bags often hides the hard wearing, durable nature of these tough bags. Great for everything from trips to the beach to daily commutes and grocery shopping, these custom logo totes are a popular choice for almost all types of marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Whatever you decide on, when it comes to custom totes in Canada, we are ready to help you get that idea off the office drawing board and out into the world! From imprinted cotton shopping bags to promotional tradeshow totes, our friendly staff and professional art service are ready to answer your questions and help you get the most from your design. Get in touch with us today to find out more about custom printed shopping bags and totes and get started creating yours!