Comfortable Customized Corporate Gift Blankets

Luxurious and warm, these premium blankets could be the perfect answer to your corporate gifting needs. Available with your choice of embroidery or patch branding, you can effortlessly create something with that personal touch that matters so much when it comes to showing appreciation to clients or staff. With blankets being such a classically timeless item, your message could be featured in homes for years – reminding its owner that you care with every use. We all know that the business world can be tough, so why not give the gift of comfort and relaxation this season by choosing these premium custom blankets?

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Inside? Outside? Personalized promotional blankets for every occasion

Do your recipients love to stay in for a movie night? Do they love to be outside at the park or on hikes? Whatever their interests and preferences, custom imprinted blankets could be the perfect corporate gift for your needs. From picnic blankets for adventures in the great outdoors to polyester soft touch options that are just right for snuggling up indoors, promotional blankets with logos are here for more than just sitting around on the back of the couch! With so many different styles you can do more than just choose a business gift that “will do”, you can tailor your item to what you know they love before you even start custom branding and that sounds like amazing gifting, whatever the occasion.

Custom imprinted blankets - a gift to cover all tastes

Was it Joe or Sarah who simply hates ceramics? Or did they love them? Learning and remembering people’s preferences can be a challenge with so much going on in our lives and this can be even more difficult when it comes to business. If you don’t know what your recipient likes, there’s no need to panic when it comes to business gifting, because once again custom branded blankets are here to help! With promotional blankets being both versatile in colour and material, but universal in their delivery of comfort and coziness, there are few people that would turn down or be disappointed with a quality blanket − and that means easy gifting solutions for your business and an awesome item for your recipients all in one.

Quantities and styles for all budgets and needs

Whether you are looking for business gifts for just a few lucky people, or for the entire office of a hundred, custom blankets in Canada could be the ideal choice for almost every quantity and budget. With our selection you can choose from as few or as many as you need because custom blankets in bulk simply don’t always have to be... in bulk! With many options needing just a few to meet minimum order, you can get a personalized promotional gift customized with your special message or logo, even if you only need a small amount and still add that personal touch to your corporate gifts that’s so important in businesses both large and small.

Adding your personal message or logo into homes and living spaces

It’s no secret that imprinted blankets offer far more for the savvy business owner than a great gift for their recipients. Whether you are choosing items for your clients or those who have ties to your company like reps and outside workers, custom printed blankets also give you a tasteful way of getting your branding into homes, cars, or even other offices. High quality blankets are great for keeping away that chill, helping them stay popular and in use and with each use comes the chance for your important branding to stay visible to the blanket’s owner and even those around them. With personalized blankets being large and easy to notice, drawing attention to your item can be easy and even help generate some interest in where such a useful and high-quality item came from in the first place − meaning great brand awareness potential for its creator.

Custom branded blankets - Versatility and luxury all in one for the complete gift

It might be tempting to dismiss imprinted blankets as a safe and even boring choice, but the truth is that custom logo blankets have come a long way in recent years! Different size options, different materials and that’s before you get to just how versatile branding can be when adding your personal touch. Promotional branded blankets can be embroidered, printed - there’s even options for full colour dye sublimation to allow your branding to cover the entire blanket! With choice comes the potential to create something truly unique for your recipients, and that sounds like great gifting to us. Standing out from the crowd in the holiday rush doesn’t have to be difficult when you choose custom printed blankets, so why not get designing and creating yours this season?