Three images of flashlights. One shows the lumens and brightness up close. The next shows an older man using a flashlight to look at a power source. The last shows a figure of authority using a flashlight to inspect a car in a parking lot.

Custom Branded Flashlights & Travel Torches in Canada

Custom flashlights are great to handout to staff and clients as a gift, or as added safety. These flashlights are typically given to people that are involved in construction work, road work, security, and even real estate. However, they can be used for any purpose, at any event, occasion or business. For example, they can be handed out as promotional gifts at campgrounds, or you can simply give them out as corporate flashlights to promote your business and show your appreciation. Your staff will be pleasantly surprised that you gave them something of use, and it’s also a very cost efficient way to help promote your business or brand.

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Multiple flashlight styles available

We offer a wide range of different promotional flashlights. If you are in Ontario, Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada we are sure to have promotional flashlights that suit your business’s needs. Some of our flashlights are made with aluminum, and some are made with plastic. They come in all different styles and designs, so if you’re looking for flashlights that are more traditional, we have some that look at bit more reserved. However, we also have flashlights that have a bit more pizzazz to them. For example, we have flashlights that include a small telescope, a multi-tool, or even a small screwdriver set.

Custom brand these awesome flashlights

All of our flashlights can be customized with your business name, brand, or logo on them, no matter where you are in Canada. They are perfect to subtly promote your business in a positive way. Some of our flashlights can be engraved, and others can be imprinted. Pantone colour is used to put your business name or logo on the flashlights, so you can be sure it will stand out. Some take different sized batteries than others, but the batteries are included when you place an order. Most of the flashlights feature a strobe and/or safety light feature as well.

We have a big range of flashlights to choose from

Trade show attendees expect to receive a promotional item from every booth. Companies with nothing to offer or offer items that aren't practical are quickly forgotten. However, when business owners take the time to choose a promotional item that speaks to potential clients, they can be certain the people who receive the gift will use it often and help the company get even more exposure.

Big things come in small packages

Miniature flashlights can be a practical item to give away to potential customers. However, because people are more likely to use this type of tool at home or in their automobile, a company might not get a lot of exposure. The best way to maximize return on investment with a mini flashlight is to order models that attach to key chains. When people receive Branded flashlights with key chain attachments, they are more likely to affix them to their keys right away.

Given as a key chain, promotional flashlights can be an effective marketing tool when they are carried by employees or given away at trade shows or other events. Other people around Canada are likely to see the Promotional flashlights any time the person carrying one reaches for their keys. This gives the company more exposure because few people will notice the print on the flashlight when someone is using it to look for something in their car. On the other hand, people tend to carry their keys in their hands as they are walking to and from their cars. The people around them might notice the flashlight or even ask to use it, giving them an opportunity to talk about the company that gave it to them.

We can help you choose the ideal promo item

Choosing a high-quality flashlight for a giveaway will ensure the item gets maximum use and the company name will continue to be visible as long as the person carries the flashlight. There are plenty of manufacturers out there who will print a design on small items like this. However, by doing some research and choosing one that can either print or engrave the company logo on a Corporate gift flashlight, the company will be certain to impress the people who are lucky enough to receive one.