photo of linked shopping carts with trolley coin set and key features listed; build brand awareness, convenient and collectible, great for fundraisers and non-profits, branding available on both sides

Custom Printed 'Keep a Coin' Keychains with Free Artwork Service

There are few things more irritating than getting to the supermarket and realizing you have no coin to get a cart. Do you struggle along to the checkout with your groceries in your arms? Trudge back to the car and dig through the seats to find a stray coin? Would you bother other shoppers, hoping they take pity on you? Say goodbye to this social dilemma and common, frustrating issue for your clients by ordering branded shopping cart tokens from Dynamic Gift Canada!

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Eliminate frustration for your customers

This up and coming popular promotional product is becoming very common with many different types of businesses. This product is a great alternative for the coin deposit required at so many supermarkets – and with your company’s logo proudly displayed and requiring no effort on your end! This product has a functional key ring, making it easily attachable to belt loops, key chains, purses, and more. These certainly make things easier and endorses your brand in the process – can it get any better than that? Choose this ideal and affordable option to boost your brand today!

A great custom branded giveaway

Our branded shopping cart tokens mean you can help others forget about needing that elusive coin and promote your own agenda at the same time. With options including epoxy dome screen printing, full colour digital print and photo etching — you can clearly get your message out to the public where it needs to be. You can also combine engraving with these options, and we have over 25 different finish choices for the metal of the product, including a shiny or buff finish effect. Our printed ‘keep a coin’ keychains simply could not be more personalized, giving you a greater selection than ever before.

Soft enamel, engraved, moulded designs and full colour print available

The option of customized enamel cart coins means that you can put bright, vibrant, eye catching colours onto a small item and draw people’s eye to your message as it is carried around. Dynamic Gift’s double ended trolley token comes with the benefit of being able to fit more slot sizes and also have part of your logo visible even when in use!

Paint your company in a positive light

These customized ‘keep a coin’ keychains give your company other advantages besides free advertising; your company is instantly associated with the sense of relief from avoiding a frustrating scenario. Being so small and lightweight, this product is likely to go everywhere whoever you give them to goes, meaning hundreds of people will see your logo attached to purses, bags and key rings, and learn your slogan or company name without even realizing it.

Custom printed trolley tokens are an ideal purchase for start up companies or businesses with a low advertising budget as they are a perfect, low cost promotional give away item. Dynamic Gift also offers wholesale discounts to resellers and competitive pricing to all customers, meaning the only thing that will be out of pocket is that annoying handful of change your customers don’t need to carry around.

A constant reminder of your company info

Purchasing branded shopping cart tokens also comes with the added bonus that potential clients are unlikely to leave them in the drawer and forget about them, or worse, the trash! They are a valuable, handy day-to-day product that people are likely to attach to their own car keys or purse. This keeps both the token and your company logo, close to hand. For companies who cannot afford to invest large quantities of money into expensive “throw away” products that risk being forgotten an unused, this is the perfect solution. They are also an excellent choice for any size company that needs a large quantity of products as giveaways at events where potential clients would be reluctant to carry heavier items around all day.

With the use of chip and pin and smart pay, we are living in an increasingly ‘cash free’ society, and so people will be using products such as this these more often, as coins are less likely to be on hand. They are long lasting and very durable, meaning your investment will be in use for years to come.