Promotional writing tools, including pens, notebooks and journals, are in use in offices and schools across Canada to take notes.

Fast Turnaround on Promotional Writing Tools Custom Branded with Your Logo

No matter how much we are involved in technology, there are still plenty of times we need or want to manually write something down. From meetings where laptops aren’t allowed, to grocery lists for a quick trip to the store, journaling or writing to do lists – the value of good stationary hasn’t changed much over the years. And now with Dynamic Gift Canada’s promotional stationery you can take items that have been the household and office companions for decades and give them a fresh advertising update to help your business grow.

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The benefits of choosing us for what you need

Our range of choice - We may start with offering the humble pen, but we don’t stop there! From notebooks for staff, friends or even resale, highlighters and more – we even offer a gift packaging section too! With such variety, getting what you have in mind is easy and achievable. Get started on getting ‘what you want’, rather than just ‘what will do’ by working with us at Dynamic Gift Canada.

Custom printing how you like it – Our products can be imprinted in a huge variety of ways to showcase your brand effectively. We offer embossing, debossing, engraving, screen printing and more! Transforming that everyday item into something appealing and eye catching is easy with our options and that’s before you even custom design your own logo!

Our customer service – Canadians are well known for being friendly and we are no exception, and even better than that we offer awesome customer service too! With fast quote times, fast shipping and a knowledgeable team who are easy to work with, getting what you need can be easy and hassle free with Dynamic Gift Canada.

Making stationery swiping beneficial to you

If you are supplying stationery products for your workplace you probably already know it's an endless task. With pens being the most likely to vanish, you most likely aren’t on your first purchase, or even your tenth. So why not turn that into a benefit to your company and place your logo or slogan on the writing tools such as our custom printed notebooks? It may still go missing but that item is then off into the world advertising for you – wherever its new owner goes. Turn a common frustration into great advertising and those sticky-fingered culprits into your own promoters – help make that expense more worthwhile for you with our promotional office supplies today.

Perfect for resale

While branded stationery is a great choice for bookshops and craft stores, in truth there are few stores that wouldn’t benefit from such a universally appreciated range of items. Good stationery is coveted and with people's social media being filled with snaps of their custom pens and notebooks why not get involved and choose a product that people actively look for your business? From needing a pen in an emergency on the way to work to people seeking designer style notebooks for posing on social media, choose what the public love and help write your way to better sales.

Great for giveaways

How about considering our luxury padfolios as thank you gifts for those who matter to your cause and showing your appreciation to those who have helped your company?

Or if you are running a promotional event why not consider our light weight, highly portable and budget friendly ball point pens as giveaways to the public to get them over to your stall?

Whatever you choose, whatever you need – stationery is a coveted item that few people would turn down. After all, who says ‘no’ to a free pen? Get yourself covered no matter what the occasion, from promotional pens in Canada to notebooks and more – with our huge variety of items, order quantities and our great price range available today working with us won’t leave your business ‘stationery’!