People wearing custom embroidered polo shirts to play golf in New Brunswick and as employee uniforms in an Ontario office.

Custom Embroidered Polo & Golf Shirts Branded with Your Logo

Custom embroidered polo shirts offer an elegant, timeless piece of apparel for your staff or clients all year round. Available in a range of shapes and styles – you can find sophisticated, smart-casual wear with low minimums with ease. With sizes available from XS to 4XL, you can get the size you need - rather than settling for what is available. Choose from our selection of embroidered golf shirts, great for stylish attire on and off the course – or find quality custom apparel for your VIP rewards. Start browsing to discover the perfect custom polo shirts for your branding and business rewards now!

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Why choose corporate embroidered polo shirts & sports polos?

Polo shirts are a great way to maintain a professional image in the workplace and stay comfortable at the same time! Check out our reasons why we think custom logo polo shirts are so popular with so many different types of businesses!

Great for easy identification of staff to customers

Custom branded polo shirts offer your company an easy and effective way to help your patrons identify who works for your establishment at a glance. This can assist with easier question answering, retail transactions and more! With the chance for easier interactions comes the opportunity for your business to run more smoothly, all from a simple shirt uniform and that sounds like a great investment to us!

Perfect for a smart-casual work outfit

There are few articles of clothing that do the job of straddling the line between professional and approachable as effortlessly as promotional polo shirts do. These awesome shirts can instantly create the image of style, without being over the top and too formal. Creating a friendly, positive image for your business can be a challenge and custom branded polo shirts could be the perfect solution to this problem.

Providing staff with comfortable uniforms

No one wants to work in scratchy, irritating outfits and this can mean more than just discomfort, it could also affect your business! By giving your staff custom embroidered polo shirts, they can stay comfortable, helping provide a happier working environment and letting them focus on their work. With uncomfortable reasons being linked to lesser job satisfaction, by providing well fitting and well-made uniforms you can help make your employees and your business that little bit more hassle free.

Creating a sense of unity in business

We have all heard the phrase, teamwork is dreamwork and good businesses understand the importance of harmony in the workplace. Promotional polo shirts can be a great asset to this, helping build a sense of team unity and togetherness. Combine that with a great logo or design on the front and you have an article of clothing that could be far more valuable to your business than just a simple shirt!

The value of embroidery on attire

So, you might be sold on creating your own custom polo shirts in Canada, but why do we offer and encourage you to choose embroidery for your branding method? Custom embroidery is long lasting and often more durable than some of its printing counterparts. This means a more lasting form of branding for your design! With clothing, particularly uniforms, being washed and worn so frequently − creating something that can stand up to the rough and tumble of repeated use is essential for a good investment and embroidery could be the perfect solution.

Helping employees keep their own clothing safe

Wherever you work, no one wants to get their own clothes dirty on the job and this is another problem custom branded polo shirts are here to help with! By giving your staff something to wear at work, their own clothing can be kept clean and fresh, and you can pick your type of shirt and colour scheme to help them stay looking presentable at work even when spills and accidents happen. Running a restaurant? Choose a colour that can hide accidental stains. Working somewhere hot? How about a colour that doesn’t easily absorb heat?

Whatever you decide on, there’s little doubt that custom embroidered polo shirts can be a great asset to almost any business. Contact us today to find out more about these awesome articles of clothing, or to get started designing yours!