Custom branded teamwear being worn by children at a Summer camp Saskatchewan, and sports games in Manitoba.

Get Branded Sports Apparel & Logo Teamwear in Canada, Domestically Shipped!

Who’s a team? You’re a team! Wait...are you? I mean you are on the field standing opposite us, but you all look like maybe you have just wandered in here - can I get a referee down here to check these people are meant to be here please? Okay this might be a little bit of an exaggeration but good branding to show you are a team unit really is important and with custom team apparel and embroidered team shirts by Dynamic Gift Canada it’s easy to achieve too!

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Build up team spirit

Getting a custom printed team uniform can help boost morale and even the wearers confidence. You know you’re good, but looking the part matters just as much! If it didn’t, then professional baseball players would turn up in whatever they wanted! Embroidered teamwear is great for team spirit and enthusiasm, as well as building that team bond that all great groups seem to share. Build morale and raise your team’s confidence with our custom sports apparel.

Don’t let your clothing drag you down - get the right fit with us

Wearing a poorly fitting outfit doesn’t leave anyone feeling good but it’s even worse when it’s for team sports. We are adults, we shouldn’t have to suffer the indignity of ‘growing into our uniforms’ we don’t even grow anymore! Poorly fitting athletic-wear can slow you down in sports and even pose tripping hazards or breathing troubles depending on if it is too large or too small. Our size range on almost all of our attire runs from XS to 4XL, helping you get the right size, not the only size that’s available. In any outfit you deserve to look and feel awesome and our size range has you covered.

Encourage a following

No not like a cult. Like a team. Your team! Everyone wants people to come to their matches, but unless people know who you are, it can be difficult to generate an attendance for events. An increased following can help generate sales, raise funds and even find new members who want to try out to join and imprinted clothing is one low cost method of achieving this. Why not start the road to having your own fan base with our custom sports apparel today?

Why our custom sports team shirts are so comfortable!

Many of our shirts have built in moisture wicking technology, something that you might not realize is there - until you start running around and getting sweaty! This technique picks up the moisture on your body and moves it to the surface of the material, allowing it to dry faster and more efficiently. This can help keep the wearer feeling fresh for longer and reduce the worry of looking like a sweaty mess during activity.

We also have items made with combed and ring spun cotton. This method of combing and spinning out cotton means fewer impurities in the finished material and smoother, more comfortable clothing for the wearer. Comfortable clothing means its owner can forget about anything but what’s important, the game at hand.

Raise your company’s profile when out and about

With so many classes being held outdoors in the summer weather, or even people wearing their kit to their location sometimes - getting your embroidered logo onto a team uniform or outfit makes a lot of sense! People are likely to see you having fun and getting fit and want to join but if they don’t know who you are, they can’t and might even end up joining one of your more clearly branded competitors. Help make it easy for outsiders to identify your group, their name, and what you are about with our custom team apparel.

We’re on your team, at least when it comes to custom printed attire!

From a diverse clothing size range, to comfortable attire in vibrant, eye catching colours - we have you covered! We offer fast quotes and shipping times and have a team of experienced and friendly staff to help get you the outfit your team deserves. Who cares what the final score is when you look the best? Contact us at Dynamic Gift Canada about your custom team apparel today to get started!