A man plugs a custom printed USB flash drive into his laptop, ready for a day of working from home in Alberta.

Order Custom USB Thumb Drives & Customers Will Carry Your Brand Everywhere!

Not sure how to make a unique impression with the perfect promotional product? Well, look no further because USB drives are the perfect choice for your company. These high tech gadgets are the perfect option for any client, and your company will be appreciated for offering an item that is useful for everyone. USB drives are useful for a variety of needs and are common in work, school, and even home settings. We have options for Metal USBs, Leather options, plastic and even USB business cards. Have your company’s logo printed on a selection of our USB drives to create a promotional product that is perfect for your brand. Clients and employees will be thrilled with this fantastic option!

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Are Custom USB Sticks Worth It?

With today's promotional branded tech developing faster and faster, it can be difficult to know which items are still relevant and which will soon be considered vintage or unusable. Personalized USB sticks have been around since the 00s – so are they heading the way of extra wide jeans or our once beloved personal CD players? The good news is that despite their many years in the world of tech, printed USB sticks seem to be still going strong. One of the advantages that this small but mighty piece of tech has over some that have been left behind, is their sheer versatility! From taking information on the go to storing beloved family photos, custom flash drives and USB sticks in Canada are used for all sorts of things every day! When we consider this, it becomes a little clearer why this tech has not only stood the test of time so far, but has also evolved with it. How have imprinted USB sticks evolved and developed over time? From their plastic and metal beginnings, these products now come in a wide variety of options including eco-friendly! Check out our information below to discover more.

What Types of Promotional USB Sticks Are Available?

Check out some of our links to the most popular styles of custom printed USB sticks! These options all come with their own range of styles and designs for even more versatility – and we even offer custom shaped USB sticks in bulk for an extra personal touch.

  • Printed Plastic USB Drives: From promotional USB swivel drives to novelty USB designs shaped like figures, this section is jam-packed with funky and classical design options for your branding. Choose from vibrant colour options, and different shapes including square and pill and get your information out there on one of the most popular styles of USBs!
  • Branded Metal USB Drives: Durable, sleek and stylish – this type of USB flash drive could be the perfect choice to make a great impression at corporate events, tradeshows and professional settings. Choose from promotional metal USB swivel drives, key shaped options, and the ever-popular slide and swivel options. Not seeing what you were thinking about? Contact us and let our staff help!
  • Printed Wooden USB Drives: A stylish and practical option for custom printing, choosing eco-friendly USB drives could be a great way to help the planet and generate positive brand awareness. Choose from wood or bamboo and select an earth-friendly alternative to traditional plastics with any of these options!
  • Promotional Leather USB Drives: Adding a rustic or vintage element to a piece of useful branded tech is a popular way to market branding in style, even on a budget. Custom branded leather USB and flash drives often offer debossing for a different style to help your brand stand out from the crowd.
  • Branded USB Business Cards: Easy to use, even easier to carry – custom logo USB business cards are here to provide convenience for your business. This style of personalized USB is available with full colour print, giving you more versatility for branding and designs.
  • HDP USBs Custom Printed: Add an eco-friendly twist to your next promotion with high density paper USB drives. Made from recycled paper – this style of eco USB can easily be branded with your logo to offer a more earth-friendly option for your recipients.

With so many options listed for bulk printed USBs, you might be tempted to think that's all of them, but there are simply too many to list here! We also carry branded USB pens for custom logos, the popular promotional swivel USB option and even the chance to create your own custom shape USB flash drives. If you still don't see what you had in mind, contact our staff with your idea or request because we might be able to get it!

Give Out Your Info at Tradeshows with Custom USBs and Flash Drives!

Now we know how many options there are for branded tech USB drives in Canada, you might be wondering where they could come into use for promotional and marketing needs. Tradeshows, conventions and conference events are often quick to capitalize on the value of imprinted USBs for events and it seems like whenever you attend, someone is ready to hand you a branded USB stick. This could be because USBs can be preloaded to create handy, portable tools with your information included for clients to take home – or they can be left blank to provide them with something for their own use. With so much versatility combined with their small size, it's easy to see why USB flash drives branded with logos remain so popular for marketing and business across Canada.

Why Promotional USB Sticks are Popular for Schools

We might remember our school days differently – but one thing we probably have in common is that the first few days are a blur of information at any age. Promotional plastic USB drives offer a convenient way for students (or parents!) to take important information away with them. This provides people with a chance to review things in their own time or to go over essential points and can be a great handout at opening days or prospectus events.

What Size Custom USB Should I Choose?

Not sure what space you need on your imprinted USB? Our staff are here to help! We offer options from 1GB all the way up to 128GB and are ready to assist you in finding a great match for your needs. Each size is available with multiple finish and style options, giving you versatility for your design with the same useful functional interior within.

Go Earth-Positive with Branded Eco-Friendly USB drives!

Choosing to get your message onto essential custom tech or promotional branded tech swag doesn't have to mean sacrificing your eco-friendly drive towards a greener future. With options available including custom branded bamboo USB sticks and options made from wood, you can easily cut down on plastics and have the same great product. Promoting your business in the modern world is often about more than just getting your name out there – and custom logo USB drives made from eco-friendly material are here to help build positive brand awareness for your business.

Distributing Important Information with Printed USB Drives!

When it comes to promotional flash drives, you don't always want a blank space with your logo on – and we are here to help! Our business offers the ability to have your information preloaded on branded USB sticks in bulk, helping save you time. How easy is getting your information on USB drives in Canada for promotional events? Simply let us know in advance, and our staff can quote you accordingly and get things started!

Create Customized USB Drives for Your Next Event!

What's your style? Are you interested in adding your design to promotional plastic USB sticks for tradeshows or events? Whatever you need them for, we are ready to help you get your printed logo USB drives or branded tech off that drawing board and into the hands of your clients. Contact us today with your branded flash drive needs or to find out more!