Earth Friendly Lanyards Made From Recycled Materials

Here is a product that gives back to your team members and the environment! These eco-friendly lanyards serve the purpose of keeping personal identification readily available while also keeping the earth healthy and protected from environmental harm. Some made from recycled plastic bottles and some from discarded plant fibres, so they are a great message to send to your employees and clients, showing how much you value our planet. These lanyards are just as stylish and comfortable as our other options, and also come with the ability to have your company’s logo printed on the fabric. There will be no mistaking your brand when these fantastic lanyards are seen by prospective clientele! A great option for any company, no matter how big or small.

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Eco friendly lanyards convey a positive message about your business

No longer the sole interest of the dedicated few – today’s environmental issues and the impact that people, or more pointedly, large businesses are having on the planet is now a highly discussed and heated topic around the entire world. With the news feed often centred on companies that do not use recycled materials, and the public outcry of how those with more waste should be leading by example, now you can show the world you care about the planet and how reducing your carbon footprint has never been so important. With eco-friendly lanyards by Dynamic Gift Canada you can have the product you need without risking bad publicity or even compromising on the quality, and all with an extremely competitive low price guarantee!

Eco-positive materials!

Made from melted down, recycled plastic bottles and other similar materials, our eco-friendly lanyards are a fantastic way to get the product you need without harming the environment and reducing your companies impact on our ecosystem. By choosing recycled lanyards you are still getting a high quality custom printed product without taking more from the planet’s natural resources than necessary. At Dynamic Gift we even offer an options made from discarded bamboo stem fibres or wasted stems from seasonal crop harvests! With an eco-positive product, people are more likely to want to use them, because they are proud to say that it is made from recycled materials, which can also be a great conversation starter for your company too!

Recycled lanyards help both the planet and your public image

Advertising that your company is in tune with the important topics of today is a great publicity angle. Think of how many companies you see now proudly stating that their product is recyclable or made from reused materials! By choosing an eco-positive product you are not only helping the environment, you are creating positive press for yourself and encouraging potential customers to choose you over another company. Attracting new clients and customers is always an ongoing battle for any competitor in today’s market, so why not refresh their interest with a new product that boldly displays to the world that you are up to date with current issues and involved with positive change? These lanyards are also just as fashionable, eye catching and comfortable as our other options. There will be no mistaking your brand when these fantastic lanyards along with your logo are seen by potential customers with the added bonus of zero negativity over the sourcing of your marketing materials too!

Practical and ethical all in one

Unfortunately, sometimes the products you need either do not come in an environmental option or, if they do, the practicality of it is nowhere near as good as its non-eco-positive counterpart. However, when shopping with us you can rest assured that all of our recycled products, including our custom printed eco-friendly lanyards don’t skimp on the quality, and always come with the added bonus of being more earth friendly!

Affordable, sustainable solutions

At Dynamic Gift Canada we understand that as much as most companies would like to be environmentally friendly, the associated price can sometimes be off putting, or maybe even out of your budget entirely. This is why we offer not only a low price guarantee but an additional wholesale discount to resellers, making sustainability both practical and realistic for any budget! So why not get in touch with us today for a no obligation quote, find out about our free artwork mock-up service and amazing pricing on these fantastic products! Come see for yourself just how affordable being green – or whatever colour you decide on – really can be.