Branded eco-friendly lanyards are being worn at the office in Toronto and at a meeting for new hires to display names and relevant information.

Earth Friendly Lanyards Made From Recycled Materials

Here is a product that gives back to your team members and the environment! These eco-friendly lanyards serve the purpose of keeping personal identification readily available while also keeping the earth healthy and protected from environmental harm. Some made from recycled plastic bottles and some from discarded plant fibres, so they are a great message to send to your employees and clients, showing how much you value our planet. These lanyards are just as stylish and comfortable as our other options, and also come with the ability to have your company’s logo printed on the fabric. There will be no mistaking your brand when these fantastic lanyards are seen by prospective clientele! A great option for any company, no matter how big or small.

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Are Eco Friendly Lanyards as Good as Traditional Options?

With all the changes and new options for tradeshow items that become available every year, it can be difficult to keep up with what is what and, more importantly, what is useful. You might be relieved to know that going eco-positive doesn't mean sacrificing comfort, durability or ease of use! Custom eco lanyards are just as good as their traditional, more familiar counterparts except they come with the bonus of being environmentally friendly! This means your business can still have all the convenience of regular lanyards and that makes earth-positive imprinted lanyards a great option for tradeshows, conferences, conventions and more.

What Materials Are Branded Eco Lanyards Made From?

The most popular custom printed eco lanyards can be split into two categories, bamboo and RPET. Below are some awesome facts about these lanyards, their creation and information about their materials.

  • Custom Bamboo Lanyards: This style of promotional lanyard is made from the fibres of bamboo! You might be wondering "How are bamboo lanyards eco-friendly?" Its incredibly fast growth rate means that renewal is easier and if that wasn't enough, the material is both strong and durable. This means that creating customized lanyards made from bamboo materials is practical, simple and of course, a great move towards eco-positivity. Bamboo is a highly popular option for a wide range of eco promotional products and custom printed items, and after looking a little more closely it's easy to see why!
  • Branded RPET Lanyards: You might be wondering "What does RPET stand for?" This abbreviation seems to be everywhere we look when browsing custom eco products for promotions and it stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate! For those of us who are now dubiously staring at these imposingly scientific-looking words, it means recycled plastic! Created from items like plastic bottles that have served their purpose, this style of imprinted eco lanyard gives the chance for post-consumer products to keep on being useful. This makes customized RPET lanyards another great alternative for eco-friendly lanyard options.

Still unsure which style would be better for your branding? Contact our staff! With options including print and dye-sub for eco lanyards, getting what you want in the style you need can be easy to achieve and we are ready to help.

The Value of Earth-Friendly Representation and Marketing

Now we have covered the options available for imprinted eco-lanyards – you might be wondering why they are so popular for business. Marketing is constantly evolving, and long gone are the days of simply throwing your name out there onto any promotional product and calling it good enough. An increasing public focus on sustainability and responsible branding means that eco promotions are big and here to stay. Choosing everyday items for branded business essentials like customized eco lanyards is a great way to stay in touch with the interests of the modern consumer and could even create a great talking point for your business at events! Showing that your company cares about more than just the bottom line has become more than just a luxury – it has become essential in marketing, social media and public debate. Promotional eco lanyards might sound like a small step towards a better, greener business model but they are a start – and with their economical price point they offer an eco tradeshow essential that is available to even more modest budgets.

Why Are Promotional Lanyards So Popular?

We see them at every conference, in workplaces and during events, but why are customized lanyards so popular in Canada? Freeing up your staff's hands and decluttering their need to hold ID badges, keys and cards can help them focus on the task at hand instead of worrying over their work essentials. With their easy-to-notice location, branded lanyards for staff offer a handy place for print, adding a touch of professionalism or promoting your cause at an economical price point. And last, but not least, they can help reduce damage to clothing! No one wants clip marks or holes from badges on their work or even personal attire and promotional lanyards offer a hassle-free solution for conveniently displaying information and work credentials.

Creating Eco Friendly Lanyards Doesn't Have to Cost the Earth

What promotional items do you need for your upcoming event? Let us help! Environmentally friendly lanyards in bulk for largescale occasions or bamboo custom lanyards in Canada with low minimums are available right here! Whatever your marketing needs are, with our experienced sales staff and in-house art department – we are ready to assist you in getting the best custom printing for your business. Get ready to be involved in a greener drive for a brighter promotional future by contacting us for your lanyards made from recycled materials and eco-friendly fibres today.