Eco-friendly custom products available across Canada next to a scenic and pristine lake lined with trees and a mountain range in the background.

Eco Friendly Promotions Help the Environment and Your Brand Awareness!

‘Gross, look at the plastic in that tree’ unappealing yes, but now people are realizing the true menace of plastic single use products that goes beyond ruining our scenery. Single use plastics and the ‘throwaway culture’ that we have become familiar with is rapidly being replaced with the urgent need and public desire for more sustainable living - and with this comes a huge change to the world of marketing. But an end to plastics doesn’t mean the death of advertising and with our eco friendly promotional products you can reduce your environmental impact, without losing brand awareness!

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Canada Is Going Green. Make Sure Your Business Isn't Left Behind!!

Did you know that big changes are coming to Canada that will affect the promotional world as we know it? The introduction of a ban on single-use, disposable products like grocery bags and even plastic cutlery marks a transformation in everything from the way we interact with everyday items to a shift in custom branded promotional products. Soon the days of branded disposable merchandise could be at an end - and this means it's important your business keeps up to date with this shifting dynamic. Promotional eco-friendly items are beginning to rapidly fill the space the decline of non-eco products has created and this has opened up fresh, new marketing potential for businesses of all types! Check out our most popular sections for custom printed eco-products online below, or read on to discover more about why branded eco friendly items become so popular for custom swag, business gifts and more.

Why Are Eco-Friendly Marketing Promotions Important?

Times have changed and the 1980s ‘Greed is gorgeous’ mentality has long (and thankfully) been left behind us. Getting your message noticed is no longer enough to guarantee good custom because the critical eye of the public is watching you. Being labelled as wasteful, an environmental pollutant or simply an uncaring corporate giant has the potential to bring down businesses. In short – with an increasing public focus on the negative impact even small companies can have on the environment, going green matters. Aside from helping to reduce your contribution to landfills, getting your message onto sustainable promotional products shows that you are in touch with the needs of the modern consumer. This can help create a more positive brand image for your company and relatability for today's shoppers – a great move for impactful and thoughtful marketing campaigns.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Eco-Positive Promotional Products?

We previously discussed responsible marketing and branding, but what else can eco-friendly swag offer your business? Finding the best custom eco giveaways, whatever product you decide on, can create the opportunity for a great talking point with potential visitors and customers. When you are at a tradeshow passing out information on a standard pen – there's probably not a lot to say about the product itself. But an eco-friendly custom pen? Now, that's a great conversation starter! This advantage could even open the door to discussing your business or stall once you have created that initial connection with your audience. And hey, if nothing else, it shows your brand cares about the environment and that is a great public image to portray – no matter what the occasion or event!

What Are the Most Popular Options for Green Promotions?

From custom printed eco notebooks to branded recycled lanyards, there are a lot of choices for eco promotions online! The explosion in demand for more sustainable promotional products has given rise to countless options, and we offer multiple categories filled with products just waiting for your custom logo.

  • Custom Branded Eco Lanyards: Promotional eco-friendly lanyards offer your business a useful way to get tradeshow essentials that are better for the environment than their traditional counterparts. With multiple options available, including eco-positive materials like custom bamboo lanyards and recycled choices including custom RPET (recycled PET) lanyards - creating eco-tradeshow options is possible right here!
  • Custom Printed Eco-Friendly Bags: Whether you are looking for custom eco backpacks or a familiar favourite made from eco-positive materials like promotional recycled totes when it comes to branded bags for businesses, the options seem almost infinite! Choose from imprinted jute bags for handy grocery shopping totes or mix it up and create recycled cotton drawstring bags with your logo on them for convenient everyday transportation of essentials right here. We even have custom cork bags and coolers!
  • Promotional Eco Drinkware and Accessories: Whatever our likes and dislikes are, everyone needs to stay hydrated and adding an eco-twist to important promotional items like custom drinkware could be great for your brand awareness! Select from options including promotional mugs made from recycled glass and eco-friendly branded water bottles. With single-use plastic bottles being one of the lead products for harming the environment and wildlife, getting your logo onto an eco marketing solution to help reduce this problem could be right here in this section – there are even promotional reusable straws!
  • Customized Eco-Friendly Pens: We might be moving into a digital age, but there is no doubt custom printed pens remain a popular choice for promotions – and now there are eco products available! Available options included branded bamboo pens and custom logo pens made from recycled materials. Check out this section to get your message on a classical item with a modern, greener twist today
  • Custom Printed Eco Journals and Notebooks: From journaling to help unwind to taking notes during important meetings – sometimes having paper at our fingertips matters. Like pens, customized eco notebooks and branded journals made from eco-friendly materials offer greener alternatives to long-standing public favourites. Visit this section for branded eco school supplies, handy earth-friendly sustainable swag and more!
  • Customized Eco USB Sticks and Technology: Who says that selecting eco promotional items has to mean leaving our beloved and essential custom tech behind? With branded eco USB sticks and eco promotional technology accessories, you can have the best of both. This is a great section for everything from custom printed eco essentials for work to earth-friendly business gift solutions!
  • Promotional Seeded Products: Your custom item might not last forever, but promotional seeded swag gives it the chance to transform into something decorative and useful to the environment! Once your product has completed its intended purpose, it can be planted to grow wildflowers. This can create a great talking point, help your business be remembered and maybe even benefit our essential pollinators! Browse this section for custom printed seeded coasters, festival and event essentials like promotional seeded wristbands and more.
  • Branded Cork Products: Few options for sustainable and eco-positive promotional items offer more choices and versatility than cork! Customized cork products are created from cork material – an environmentally friendly substance. The demand for branded cork eco products has led to the creation of a huge array of options available – all just waiting for your custom logo. Check this category for custom cork coolers for summer promotional swag, event and bar eco promotional options like branded coasters made from cork and even printed promotional cork pens!
  • Promotional Tree Kits: Are you looking for customized eco products your client could interact with? Custom logo tree kits for promotions could be a great choice for your needs! These fun products contain what you need to plant your own tree and are a fun choice for eco summer camp swag, customized earth-friendly business gifts and more. The seeds available will sometimes change with the season or availability, so browse this section frequently to discover new, fun options!

Why are Eco-Friendly Promotional Products in Demand?

The more we look, the clearer it becomes that the desire for sustainable promotional items and recycled marketing swag is more than just a current trend. Businesses of all sizes are under scrutiny from the public eye, and the arrival of social media means that bad brand representation could be just a few clicks away. No one wants to see their logo in landfills or littering the highway, and going greener is a great way to combat this. Custom eco-promotions are in demand because both businesses and consumers alike are recognizing the essential need to create a better, more earth-positive future for us all.

Create "Un-be-leaf-ably" Awesome Green Promotional Swag With Us Today!

What imprinted eco products have caught your eye for that important upcoming event? Whether you need branded eco-pens in bulk for tradeshows and convention giveaways or customized lanyards made from eco friendly materials for workwear and conferences, we are here to help. Earth day is a single day, but the need for more eco friendly promotions continues all year round! Contact our staff today with your idea and let's begin creating sustainable custom merchandise for your next event and recycled promotional products in Canada for great brand representation together.