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photo of a small river running through a forest and key features listed; promote your brand with confidence, minimize your environmental impact, practice social responsibility

Branded Eco Friendly Swag & Recycled Giveaways, Offered with Free Artwork Services

‘Gross, look at the plastic in that tree’ unappealing yes, but now people are realizing the true menace of plastic single use products that goes beyond ruining our scenery. Single use plastics and the ‘throwaway culture’ that we have become familiar with is rapidly being replaced with the urgent need and public desire for more sustainable living - and with this comes a huge change to the world of marketing. But an end to plastics doesn’t mean the death of advertising and with our eco friendly promotional products you can reduce your environmental impact, without losing brand awareness!

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The plasticky single use slope down to bad marketing

It’s easy to think, oh it’s a fast way to get my name out there so what’s the harm when it comes to single use imprinted products. However, once that item has left you and its short purpose is served – who knows where it will end up? It could be stuffed in a cupboard and forgotten, or it could be thrown in the street with your logo now being part of general litter. Think how many bags a single day of business at your store uses. Then think about a year. All those non degradable products all proudly bearing your logo hanging in trees, clogging up garbage sites, floating down rivers. Doesn’t look good on your business does it? This is one of the reasons many large corporations are now leaning towards more eco friendly items at work, for resale and more. Get your brand seen the way it deserves and advertise responsibly today to show you and your business will be here to care about tomorrow.

Why choose recycled products at all?

We get it, single use items are often dirt cheap. But are they wanted these days? When you take something eco friendly or made from recycled materials you are choosing a more environmentally positive product that is more likely to be in tune with the customer focus of today. The preservation of the environment is no longer discussed only by a few, it’s a huge point of public focus and as well as watching companies we are also watching one another.

A great example of this is those pesky yet useful single use plastic grocery bags. We all need to carry our groceries from point A to B but despite this need many people will now turn down a single use grocery bag or are unable to take one without muttering that they left their eco friendly version at home. This type of embarrassment really shows us that whilst people will use a throw away item, they most likely don’t like it! Why not create something a customer wants to be seen with, as well as needs today and choose from our eco friendly promotional products range?

Creating something that makes you and your customer look good

So now we have talked about why single use non biodegradable items aren’t great, but what are the benefits to choosing recycled promotional products, or eco friendly gifts in Canada?

A more positive shopping experience for your customers = they are more likely to return!

You don’t have to have big, expensive changes to your store. Bringing in a line of promotional bags or custom printed eco friendly gift sets shows your customers you care about what’s important and are up to date on the important issues of today. Happy customers are more likely to talk about you to others and return to your venue - sounds awesome, right?

A better, more ethical business image

Times have changed and that 1980s ‘greed is gorgeous’ has long (and thankfully) gone. Getting noticed is no longer enough to guarantee good business because the critical eye of the public is watching you. Being labelled as wasteful, an environmental pollutant or simply an uncaring corporate giant can bring down businesses, no matter how established. Getting noticed and remembered in a positive light is smart advertising and choosing eco friendly swag is a fantastic way of showing you may be a business, but you care about the environment and your customers.

A chance to get free positive press!

With social media being something that only seems to get bigger each year, getting one of your items featured in someone’s photos can potentially lead to thousands of views, or even going viral! If, and here is the if, your product is cool. And ‘cool’ to modern people, particularly the younger generations of the world aren’t just slang or weird baggy pants – it’s being up to date with trending issues. Like environmentalism (see where we are heading with this?). No one’s going to post a shot of them and their environmentally harmful item for the world to review. Give your promotional product it’s best shot of being in that important picture and help generate brand awareness by choosing eco friendly promotional products such as recycled giveaways by Dynamic Gift Canada today!