photos of a memento metal keyrings and custom car dealer keychains with key features listed; retail at souvenir shops and car dealerships, great gift for teams or club members, create custom shapes and styles

Metal Keychains & Keyrings Custom Made to Almost Any Shape or Size

Durable and long lasting, custom logo metal keychains could be the perfect option for your next marketing campaign! These promotional items are available in a range of metal colour choices and finishes, meaning you can create a look that is timelessly sleek and sophisticated – even on a budget. We also have a professional team to help you get the most from your design. If that wasn't enough, we offer everything from custom shape options to bottle openers! The possibilities of what you can create are almost endless, so check out our range to start designing something unique for your business today!

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There are few things more classical and familiar when it comes to promotional items than custom logo metal key rings, but why are they so popular when it comes to marketing campaigns? Take a look below at what we think some of the benefits to choosing these awesome products for your next event could be!

Why choose metal for your key chains?

Promotional metal keychains are often long lasting when it comes to durability, and this means great news for both you and your clients! An item with longevity allows your recipient to get more use from it and when combined with some savvy custom branding – your business has the chance to create a better lasting advertisement! Choosing something more durable can also say a lot about who you are as a company and by showing your potential customers that you care about quality can be great for business relationships too.

A great option for events and tradeshows!

With large scale events often come large crowds and the competition to get noticed and help your brand stand out in all the excitement can be difficult for even the most experienced business. But what about when the event is over? Custom branded metal key rings are easy to distribute and almost effortless to attach to bags and belongings – and this means the potential for your company to stay “in sight” after the day is over. Custom printed metal key chains also come with the added bonus of being small and lightweight and this means people are less likely to be deterred from accepting one as opposed to a heavier and larger item while they travel and enjoy themselves. These perks mean that when it comes to getting noticed that custom metal keyrings might look small, but their potential is huge and that is great news for businesses of all types.

The appeal of custom logo metal keyrings

Who doesn’t like something that is shiny and appealing to look at? Metal has likely been used as a decoration for almost as long as it has been collected, and its combination of durability and style means it stays in demand across the world. Choosing a material that people seem to just not be able to get enough of sounds like a great option to us, but the benefits don’t stop there! With items like promotional moulded and polished key rings naturally drawing the eye with their sleek finish – creating something with your brand that catches people’s attention can be easy when you choose promotional metal keyrings!

Adding colour? Keeping it simple? Promotional metal keyrings let you decide

You might be tempted to think metal key chains are limited, but the truth is that when it comes to design, custom metal keyrings in Canada can be anything but! Options like custom enamel fill mean you can create something that is colourful, vibrant, and easy to notice - all while retaining the existing benefits of custom logo metal keychains. With such versatility, making something suited to your brand or target audience can be easy to achieve, even on a budget – and that sounds like some awesome promotional potential!

Looking for extra features? Printed metal keychains could be perfect for you

If all these benefits weren’t enough, you can also choose a promotional key ring made from metal that has something useful for your clients! With options from bottle openers to carabiners and even mini metal multi tools that can be easily attached to keys and bags – you can not only provide your customers with something that looks great, but a product that serves a valuable purpose at the same time. This extra utility could help ensure your item is the one that stays close to hand, giving your brand a chance to stay fresh in the minds of those around it with each use.

Have questions? We are here and ready to help!

When it comes to custom enamel keychains, promotional metal bottle opener keyrings or any other item that has caught your attention, we are here to help you get the most out of your design. We have an experienced art department and friendly, professional staff ready to answer your questions and get your next project on the move! With custom key rings in Canada being a great option for promotional events, expos and more, creating yours could be the perfect choice for your next promotion – so don’t miss out! Contact us today to get started and let us help make it happen!