Custom logo glassware used at dinner parties and venues to promote brand awareness while social events occur in Toronto.

Create Timelessly Elegant Custom Logo Corporate Gifts with Traditional Glassware

When it comes to creating classical and sophisticated corporate rewards in Canada, traditional glassware leads the way. Providing something for clients' living spaces that adds a touch of glamour to dinner parties and social occasions is a great way to get your brand invited. This luxurious section has been carefully chosen to offer you a range of options for every drink preference – all you have to do is select the perfect one for your custom branding. From classical custom logo wine glasses to decoratively opulent whiskey glasses, start browsing here to find custom business gifts for those who matter to your business.

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To beer or not to beer?

Don’t think that just because your venture doesn’t sell beer, these items aren’t for you! Wineries, whiskey tasting events, restaurants who want to show a mixture of professional glamour and personal touch – the list of those who could benefit from traditional glassware is huge! Hotels who monogram their towels that are seen by a couple of guests, but forget to brand their decidedly more public glassware, we are looking at you! Seriously though, adding that little extra touch can make such a huge difference between mediocre and great reviews, being in the photograph or cut out, or even talked about as a point of interest amongst the users! Whether they be glasses for everyday use or the best drinking glasses for special events, ensure you add that extra sparkle to your brand with these custom printed products!

Tradition with a twist

Drinking products may be a time-tested item but that doesn’t mean they have to be relegated to the back-bar shelf to gather dust. Not only does our company offer a huge variety of shapes, sizes and styles, you can step it up by then adding your own logo or slogan too! Taking that everyday item and transforming it into something unique, quirky and above all, tailored to you and your company needs is what we are great at and with so much choice you can be sure to stand out from the crowd with our custom glassware.

Give quality a shot

Drinking glasses may be a great promo choice but poor glassware or inferior products definitely are not. Not only are they likely to last less time due to low quality production, but they may be more prone to staining and even tougher to clean. By putting your slogan on an inferior product, you are not only cheapening your image, you are also potentially devaluing the contents that it holds in the eyes of the public. By placing your brand on our drinking glasses, you are getting a great quality item that will do your business and its products justice, without the hefty price tag that can so easily make the quality your company deserves out of reach.

Closing time maybe, but not for brand awareness!

Custom printed glasses are quirky, personal and above all – photogenic! By choosing to create something out of the ordinary you are increasing the likeliness that your product, with its contents or without, will end up on social media for others to see – even after the party is over. Imprint your image on the public’s minds as being the life and soul of the party and have them become more aware of you, even as they wish they had attended the event show with these eye-catching, personable glasses from Dynamic Gift Canada. Getting noticed by a potentially unlimited amount of people through shares, likes and online conversations without the huge cost of online advertising, what could be better?

Working with us won’t give you a hangover

Purchasing custom printed items from us is a simple, hassle free process that starts with you contacting our friendly, highly professional staff for quick quotes and pricing and ends with your getting a promo product that is affordable without any compromise to the quality. So why not contact us, say ‘sip sip hooray’ to better advertising and increased brand awareness and get the party started today!