Promotional event tent packages at trade shows and events in British Columbia and Ontario draw attention to brand awareness.

High-Quality Custom Event Tent Packages, Make the Most of Your Next Conference!

Are you looking to make a big impact at an event? Are you hoping to draw the crowds away from your rivals? To be the most colourful? The most creative? The most magnificent? ...Or maybe you are just looking to create some shade, so you don’t roast under the Canadian summer sun. Whatever your reason, custom tent packages are a great way to stand out, draw in business, get noticed and keep that toasty Canadian sunshine off you, your products and your staff.

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Why have just a tent, when you can have so much more?

What gets more attention than a custom printed tent? A tent with flags! And more than that? A tent with flags and custom tablecloths! You see where we are going with this. Choosing a custom tent package gives you variety, advertising at multiple levels from customer sight line, up, down, and around – it creates something unique to you that gets you seen.

All the perks of choosing the add-ons we offer

Few of us when we get the option to build a burger decide ‘no, plain is what I want’ so why should our custom printed displays suffer the same bland fate? With each add-on bringing their own unique perks and benefits – building your own has never made so much sense.

Flags – The crowning piece de resistance for your tent package, custom printed flags stand tall and get you seen. With their added height they move (safely) in the breeze and anything in motion naturally draws the eye. Getting seen above the heads of the crowd is no trouble when you choose our custom build branded tent packages.

Tablecloths – At a lower level visually, choosing a branded item near the ground that can be read up close is a great combination choice. Our custom table covers also come with the bonus of hiding those unsightly tradeshow table legs!

Back/Side walls – Blocking out distractions is a great marketing move and obscuring those rivals one pitch over is just a little extra bonus. Easy to see from a good distance away and a huge surface area for your media print, these items are great for both indoor and outdoor events.

Stand out from the competition

We would all like to be the only one with a tent but usually that’s unfortunately not the case. With other rival competitors setting up either side of you, your tent needs to be on point to get noticed. Our vibrant and long-lasting print with its huge range of colours will help you stand out and get noticed, even when you are surrounded by the tented enemy. Not all tents are equal so make sure yours is the best and gets you the attention you deserve with our custom printed tents and add-on products.

Build your own, make it personal!

Business is competitive and as a result in the rapidly merging world, it's all too easy to become faceless and lose that personal touch. A custom tent package is a great solution to making something different and more unique to your company. Getting that personal touch can help put potential customers at ease, as you are creating a less intimidating setting and helping show that, no matter the size of your company – you have time to listen to them and their individual needs.

Canadian made, eh?

Our tents and add-ons are both printed and sewn together locally by our Canadian production team. This helps make sure you get the quality you deserve, a faster order process and the benefit of supporting Canadian commerce. Also ‘Hey, do you like our tent? It’s made in Canada!’ is a fantastic way of getting the customers to look and observe your promotional logo without seeming too ‘salesy’. It definitely sounds better than you simply standing outside shouting ‘hey, look at us’ that’s for sure!

Why our tents help you throw shade over your rivals!

Our branded tents not only look great, they are made with the materials to match. With 600D oxford polyester used for most tents, this material won’t quickly fade, or tear and is water and sun resistant- helping keep your product and your staff safe, cool and dry. Our flags, tablecloths and banners are made from equally awesome materials and if you are curious about the quality feel free to contact us, but we promise – it’s good. We just don’t have all the space to list them!

Having a superior tent will not only help you stay fresh for longer, but offer better protection and a longer shelf life, So if you are looking for an event display to give your company the credibility and great appearance it deserves, why not contact us at Dynamic Gift Canada today to get started?