Young and elderly people enjoying sports games, fun runs, and golf all across Canada with their custom sports swag.

Promotional Sporting Items & Custom Branded Sports Gifts

Be involved in the game, even if your business can't attend the event - when you showcase your branding on promotional sporting goods and gifts! A great opportunity to be noticed by players and spectators alike, these custom promotional items could offer the perfect location for your logo. Our wide range covers everything from skipping ropes to beach balls and every item can be custom branded. You don't have to own a gym or a football club to reap the benefits of personalized sports and outdoor activity products, so don't miss out on yours! Get promoting fun, activity and teamwork - contact us to get started.

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Stand out from the crowd and provide clients, patrons, and staff with valuable items for their comfort when you choose custom branded sports gifts and promotional items for your next campaign or match! Promotional sports goods have stood the test of time and here’s why we think they have remained so popular!

Appeal to the crowd and show off your branding at large events

Whatever the game, it’s typical that where there are sporting events that there’s also a crowd, and this means a great opportunity to promote your logo! Custom branded water bottles, umbrellas, custom printed golf covers – getting your essential message at the heart of the crowd for sport matches can be easy with the right promotional tool. Advertise amongst the spectators with items to keep them comfortable like custom printed stadium cushions, or on the players themselves with some awesome imprinted sporting attire – the choice is yours! Whatever you choose, getting your business in the game even if you can’t attend could be a great marketing move.

Promoting teamwork and leisure activities

Whether it’s a work group doing team building exercises, or a serious soccer team who want to win their league – almost every group can benefit from the value of great teamwork and that goes for in business too. When you choose promotional sports items, you are showing that your business understands the value of team building, communication, and trust and that can be great for teams in your place of business, or outside and unrelated! Demonstrating that your company understands the core values to success can be a great marketing move, and custom printed sports gifts are here to help you show this to the world.

Providing people with essential items

There’s no doubt that work is important, but what about when the business day is done? Promoting healthy activity in staff and clients can be a great move for businesses, showing that they not only care about personal wellness but are willing to provide items to encourage it too. Promotional sports bottles, imprinted sporting bundles – all of these have the potential to become valuable gifts for those around you, helping keep your message close and providing them with useful items to help make keeping healthy that little bit easier.

Increasing comfort and enjoyment for players and spectators

We might love our sports matches but we don’t love the discomfort that can come with them! Hard benches, sitting under the hot sun – the list goes on. We endure them because we love our teams, but wouldn’t it be better if we could sit or stand in comfort? Custom logo sports goods are a great way to help improve consumer comfort, from custom water bottles to imprinted stadium cushions – you can offer your clients the chance to not only enjoy the match, but enjoy it in style, and who wouldn’t be grateful for that? If that wasn’t enough, the chance of others who maybe haven’t been as lucky to get a promotional sandwich fan or custom logo cooling towel could even strike up a conversation with your product's new owner asking where they got theirs from! This could mean increased brand exposure and even the potential for new business being generated and that sounds like a marketing win for almost anyone.

Outdoors? At the gym? Custom branded sports goods can cover it all!

It might be tempting to think of sports goods as being primarily outside when it comes to promotions, but there are plenty of chances to get your branding noticed indoors too! Gyms and recreational centres offer your business the chance to get noticed by people inside and you can create everything from imprinted sports bottles for yoga groups to custom spirit wear and cheer for basketball games. Whatever you decide on, custom logo sports gifts could be a great addition to your next event and campaign! Check out our awesome range of promotional sports gifts and goods, or contact us today to find out about how we can help you get ready for your next big game.