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Our wide selection of promotional printed marquees and event tents are affordable yet highly effective and durable. Such tents are the perfect must have for promotional events but can also be used for permanent displays as well. If you want a promotional marquee that is cheap but manufactured to the highest standards, you have come to the right place. Along with these items we have a range of high quality banners and flags that can be customized to represent your brand aesthetic (and proudly display the company logo!) they fit perfectly with our event tents and marquees using specialist mounting accessories supplied by us.

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Marquee setup

Why choose printed marquees?

The large space available for branding makes them ideal for events where maximum visibility is key to the success of your marketing efforts and because they are available in a number of different configurations, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor functions. We can supply a canopy and frame on its own, which is great when the weather is fine, and if you are exhibiting at a time of year when conditions are not so pleasant, you can add half or full walls to your order. All of these panels can be printed with your company name and marketing messages.

Built to withstand outdoor advertising needs

Because they are manufactured to high standards using the best materials, you can look forward to many years of service from the marquees that you purchase from us. Each one comes with a 3-year framework warranty and the carry bag makes them easy to transport without damaging any parts. The low prices we offer are a reflection of our streamlined business processes; we do not compromise on quality in order to achieve them.

Flexible and strong

Supplied in easy-to-assemble kit form, our promotional tents can be printed with custom lettering and images to suit your business profile and manufactured in any size and layout that you desire. The anodized aluminium frames are strong but lightweight, making them easy to load and unload when travelling to trade shows and exhibitions. The cam-locks make them easy to erect in a short space of time and the sturdy design ensures that they will not be blown over in a light wind.

Safety aware

The sturdy framework, coupled with high strength nylon plastic joints and accessories, make our tents very safe for visitors and staff alike. We use fire retardant, waterproof and UV proof materials so wherever you may use them, you do not have to be concerned about safety issues. Because they can be assembled without the use of any tools, the team that erects your marquees will be able to do so without worrying about the possibility of injuring themselves in the process.

Order with confidence

Our reputation is very important to us, which is why we endeavour to ensure that each and every order we process is completed without any unnecessary drama. In some cases, we are able to deliver within 5 days after receipt of your instructions so if time is of the essence and you have been given short notice of an upcoming trade show, we can help.


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