Our Design Team is Ready to Assist

iMac displaying lanyard artwork

Free Digital Mock-ups

We understand that producing print-ready artwork isn't always easy. Let us take the burden off you — simply send us your logo and we'll design a draft of your item(s), and revise the proof(s) until you're happy. Once approved, we'll prepare print files for production to ensure the most accuracy. We offer this at no additional cost and before you pay for the order.

Optional Creative Design

Sometimes the look you want extends beyond just your logo on a promotional product. Also, hiring a graphic artist or marketing agency to design creative concepts can be rather expensive. However, at Dynamic Gift we have the power of manufacturing, design and print at our disposal, so we can offer full creative services that other suppliers don't. There may be an additional cost for some of these services, so if you have questions about what our creative team can do for you — please contact us for more information.


Already Have A Vector Logo?

Review the chart below for some example vector formats, and if you already have your logo in a vector file then please send it to us — this will greatly speed up the design process and allow your artwork previews to be designed without delay. Often if your logo has been created by a professional designer, or your logo has been printed before on business cards, brochures, or other items then it will be in a vector format. If a person or company designed your logo or other marketing materials for you, then they will have access to these files and should be able to provide them to you at no cost.

Vector Based File Formats

Don't Have A Vector Logo On File?

That's okay, if you have any print files or proofs from companies you've worked with in the past we may be able to extract your logo or company brand from them. Alternatively, if you have your logo in a raster file (see chart below for some example file formats), send us that! Depending on the logo's complexity, we may be able to either trace it or have it professionally vectored for a small fee, then send you a copy of the new file to keep for your records.

Raster Based File Formats

Artwork Liability Notice

Dynamic Gift Canada assumes that clients have obtained allowances or permissions to reproduce any trademarked/copywritten logos, likenesses and taglines. Dynamic Gift Canada will take no responsibility for any copyright disputes. All items produced by Dynamic Gift Canada could or can be used in our advertising/marketing campaigns, unless we receive specific instructions not to, in writing, before confirmation of the order. Any and all trademarked items used in Dynamic Gift Canada's campaigns are for marketing purposes only; they do not belong to us, and are not for resale or available for reproduction by other clients. All moulds produced by Dynamic Gift Canada remain the property of Dynamic Gift Canada and cannot be shipped out of the factories. Pricing includes only the creation of the mould and not the proprietary rights to it.

We're Here To Help!

Contact us by email at [email protected] or simply complete our contact form located here!

If you need advice or assistance with artwork you can also call us at 519-219-2292.