Three images of custom keychains for Canadian promotions. One is being held by its new owner. The next shows a square shape with custom print and the last is shaped like a house and has been given by a realtor to a new home owner.

Printed Promotional Keyrings & Custom Key Tags Canada

Promotional keyrings might be small, but their impact on events has the potential to be anything but! With a range of options from moulded & polished metal keyrings to plastic or even foam keyrings – creating what you want can be easy to achieve. If that wasn't enough, these items are durable, lightweight and easy to attach to bags and key sets. This makes them a lasting companion to their new owners and helps keep your brand close and on display where it needs to be. If that wasn't enough, we also have a professional art team ready to help you, so check out our options today!

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What are the perks of choosing promotional key rings?

You might be wondering “There are so many promotional options, why should I choose this one?” but when we stop to think about how often we see custom printed key rings and key tags in stores, on friends and family’s keys and belongings – this gives us two pieces of useful information. That these items might look small and humble, but they are highly popular, and that their convenience and size mean they can stay close at hand and on display. This is great news for marketing and clients alike and if that wasn’t enough – here’s a closer look at just why we think they stay in demand and in use year after year!

Long lasting and easy to attach to belongings

Who changes their custom branded key ring once it’s on their keys? Probably not many of us and that means these promotional items have the power to stay close to hand and in use for years to come! This is great news for businesses because it means your custom design or essential message has the potential to be working hard for your company long after your event is over. Not bad for something so inexpensive, right?

Economical, light weight & great for giveaways

Speaking of inexpensive, there are probably several reasons that you have never been approached at an expo by someone saying “hey, do you want a free promo toaster?” Cost is often key when it comes to giveaways, and the savvy marketer knows that one of the goals of a promotion is usually to reach as many of your target audience as possible! Creating something like promotional metal key chains gives your brand a chance to reach more people with an economical yet impactful & effective item.

The other reason you probably haven’t been approached by someone enthusiastically struggling towards you with a large bag promotional item towards you at a convention is because it’s kind of impractical! Neither a merchant or potential clients are likely to be thrilled with the thought of carrying around even one heavy item all day, let alone dozens or hundreds. The good news is that custom printed key tags offer a small item that can be easily distributed and transported to homes and businesses and that makes them the perfect size for promotional events.

Highly customizable for your business or target audience

But what type of custom logo keyrings or tags should I choose? We might have sold you on the benefits of promotional key tags in general, but the decision on which to select can be overwhelming – so to help out, here are some of popular options and our favourites when it comes to materials and style:

  • Foam: Custom Foam key rings are great for a lightweight, fun promotion! Available in classical and novelty shapes, these items are great for beach and resort marketing campaigns and offer a fun twist on their traditional counterparts, making a great conversation starter around your business.
  • Raised or recessed enamel: Promotional enamel key tags offer a way for your brand to get the durability of metal and the impact of colour all at once. A longer lasting option, these are popular with all types of businesses from charity events to expos and offer both versatility and timeless sophistication.
  • Moulded & polished: Not to be overlooked, custom moulded and polished key rings are a timeless option with highly customizable potential. A great choice that is often hard wearing, these promotional metal key rings and tags have stood the test of time as a preferred choice for all types of campaigns and could be the perfect option for you.
  • Custom key rings with a purpose: Sometimes adding that little extra touch is exactly what your campaign needs, and there are options for that with key rings too! Imprinted custom key rings have come a long way from plain and simple and some now offer additional benefits too! From stash places to store smaller goods in, to custom key tag bottle openers, you can choose to take that extra step and create something that not only looks great but has a purpose!

Have an idea to help your custom key tags stand out from the crowd? Let us help!

This is by no means the entire list of all that is available when it comes to custom branded key tags! If you are having trouble deciding what is best for your design, don’t worry we are here to help! Our experienced staff are promotional key ring pros and are ready to help you get your idea off the design board and out travelling on bags and key sets! Whatever you decide on, choosing custom key rings in Canada could be the perfect choice for your next campaign so don’t miss out on yours. Get in touch with us today and find out more about our fast shipping, professional art service and more!