A woman enjoying her first day of vacation abroad. She is celebrating in a wooden chair on a deserted island beach.

Branded Beach Items & Printed Pool Products to Promote Summertime Fun

Promote your brand and summertime fun with custom printed pool and beach products! Choose from a range of items for poolside and outdoor fun including branded beach towels and custom printed throwing flyers. Give your message the chance to get outside and be involved with summer memories and events with branded poolside and beach promotions. Create custom summer swag for festivals or branded tradeshow giveaways with vibrant, easy-to-notice colour options. Whatever you do, don't miss out on imprinted summer promotions for your business. Get involved this season by browsing to find something to add some summer sizzle to your brand awareness here!

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Create a promotional item that people need!

There’s no doubt about it, advertising in the summer is a different game to winter and it’s more than just the weather change. With an increase in temperature people are sweaty, often wearing things without pockets and are sometimes just not interested in that imprinted stuffed bear you have to offer, even if it’s free! No one wants to carry non-essentials around in the summer heat, but by choosing something people can benefit from like custom logo beach towels you can quickly go from a well-meaning nuisance trying to burden down melting passersby with your goods to someone people are flocking to. Whether they have come to the beach and realized it’s just...sand and could benefit from a promotional beach ball, to being blinded by the sun and needing your sunglasses, getting the right season items can make or break a business's success. Don’t be that person trying to sell toques in the 30-degree sun, get ready for the season with custom printed beach accessories today!

Be part of the party! How could that be bad advertising?

‘Just a few more they said. The next thing I knew I woke up on someone’s promotional beach ball and then...’’ We might have party related regrets but the chance of making your product into one of those tales that become the stuff of legends amongst social groups is a marketing dream. Having people retell a story with your imprinted item featured in it is a great way to gain exposure and raise brand awareness. People might not feel inclined to promote your business for you but telling a funny story? Now that’s something few people can resist!

Not all Canadians like the cold – travel with them when they escape to a warmer climate!

There may be a stereotype of Canadians living in log houses and ice fishing, but the fact is when that cold front comes in there are more than a few of us that start looking around desperately to go on vacation anywhere there are no icicles. This means that creating imprinted products like custom pool products or promotional beach balls are a great way to spread your advertising further than ever before. Go with those fleeing Canadians as they escape all around the world and get seen by people who ordinarily you could not afford to reach with global advertising.

Be an important part of that perfect summer day

Getting noticed can be tough. The chances are you aren’t the only person who does what you do, and the competition can be a serious distraction to customer focus. Creating generic branded promotional items is great, but there is still that chance that you might get overlooked in the crowd. The good news is beach promotional items are about to help you stand out! By choosing something that involves leisure and fun you are increasing your chances of people being drawn to your product!

This means a better chance for your investment to be used, chosen and remembered! There’s a reason that accountancy firm chose to create promotional beach balls and it’s not just because they want them for themselves! Get the attention your business deserves and take that dream step to customers seeking your product out when you choose beach promotional items.

Cool off your worries and heat up your marketing campaign with us!

The summer might not be around forever, but with the right promotional tools when it comes to custom printed items you can be more than a one season wonder that’s for sure! If you are looking for promotional sunglasses in Canada, custom logo beach towels or something you haven’t seen yet but think we might be able to help – get in touch with us at Dynamic Gift Canada today!