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Order Custom Wood USB Drives & Other Eco Friendly Technology Today!

You are already saving the environment by not creating unnecessary printouts and choosing USBs to transfer and transport information, so why not take the next step? Eco friendly technology is now affordable, accessible less detrimental to the environment than their plastic counterparts. A better, greener image for your business is just a few clicks away when you choose custom wood USB drives from Dynamic Gift Canada.

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Creating the right brand image for your company

Choosing eco friendly technology like recycled paper USBs might seem like a small gesture but it’s all part of the bigger image. By making even small eco conscious decision you are showing your customers, clients and even sales reps that you care about the environment and are up to date with one of the biggest topics of the modern day. This boosts your image as up to date, in touch and helps cast your company in a more positive light. With increasing public awareness about the negative irresponsible companies have on our world, choosing eco friendly is not only a great choice, it’s a smart one too.

Teach students about their subjects and the environment at the same time

Almost all of us had a favourite subject at school. Art, English… Math? But we also learned a lot of unscheduled lessons while we were students too, maybe without even being fully aware of it. Our school years are the time we form habits and points of view that can last a lifetime. So, with that in mind – why not help encourage your students to become more eco conscious and make greener choices as well as provide them a fantastic useful item for their schoolwork at the same time?

Help remind staff to make greener choices

Making the greener choice can be anything from choosing to buy a reusable straw to recycling those old manuals rather than throwing them in the trash. Few of us want to damage the environment but it’s easy to forget or overlook our choices and decisions in our busy lives. Custom wood USB drives are an inexpensive way to help remind staff to use only what they need, reuse instead of throwing away and maybe even save your company some money at the same time! Get your staff on board with the eco movement and create a more eco positive workplace with eco friendly technology from Dynamic Gift Canada.

Create the right kind of marketing campaign

Raising brand awareness is one of the major goals of any advertising campaign and creating a custom printed promo product to hand out is a popular choice. It allows people to remember you after you have parted ways and if you choose an item with a practical use you have the bonus that they will frequently be reminded of you again each time they reach for their new handy item.

But with the excitement of a new promotional scheme comes the danger of not only creating the wrong type of item that people may reject or throw away, but one that has negative associations in the eye of the public. Eco friendly promo items like our imprinted custom wood USB drives are not only a highly useful and sought after item, they are also a more environmentally friendly choice than many other promotional items! This makes them a great conversation starter, a tool that can help get your companies introduction off to a more positive start and are less likely to be turned down than something people view as ‘irresponsible marketing’.

Get with the times and create a promotional item that fits in with today and choose from our custom printed wooden USB drives or recycled paper USBs today!