A group of friends and a family enjoying the benefits of picnic food from custom cooler bags in a park in Alberta and beside a lake in Hamilton.

Custom Branded Promotional Cooler, Picnic & Grocery Bags

From promotional lunch bags to luxury picnic baskets, our cooler range is here to not only offer your clients a way to keep their food and drinks chilled − but to help heat up that next marketing campaign too! With their versatility and ability to be reused, your custom printed cooler bags could be in use and working hard for your business every day. From insulated grocery bags to promotional wine coolers − whatever you select, branded cooler bags offer you company the chance for great repeat brand awareness potential. Check out our awesome selection today to choose yours!

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Choosing the Right Size Custom Cooler Bags for Your Business Branding!

Sure, they all look great, but which printed cooler bags are the best for your branding needs? The first place to start is to consider what you want your bags to be used for, and who they are targeted towards:

  • Daily Use: If you are interested in creating a lunch buddy for employees or students, printed lunch cooler bags are a great choice. These useful bags have the potential to become the go-to transportation for beverages and lunches. Typically made with a convenient carry handle or strap, taking these products on the move is easy, and that's great news for anyone who is so over struggling to take their food on the road. This style of bag is great for students and employees, and with budget-friendly options being available, you can also create practical giveaways and swag with your logo on.
  • Big Adventures: Thinking of going large for your brand and your client's food? Large cooler bags and picnic coolers are ready to take your message on an adventure! From outdoor picnics to vacations, where there's food and beverages away from the fridge – and cooler bags offer a valuable tool. With Canada offering so many beautiful outdoor areas, who knows where your brand may travel and who will end up learning about it? These options often make excellent branded business gifts and marketing campaign incentives for your recipients and are a popular item for people looking for branded practical rewards any time of the year.

Why Are Cooler Totes & Bags So Popular for Customization?

We might all like different things, have different styles and argue over which music is really the best genre, but we are all united by our need to eat. Getting your message on cooler bags gives your design the potential to be linked to an everyday activity – and that's great for brand visibility. School lunches, breakroom snacks, travelling with your food on the road, with most of us not getting to enjoy every meal in the comfort of our home, it's time to create a great form of transportation and imprinted cooler bags in Canada can be the ideal solution.

What are the Benefits of Promotional Cooler Bags?

To answer this one, it's easier to split them into two sections again! Large, or party-size cooler bags Vs smaller lunch cooler pouches.:

  • Custom Printed Large Cooler Bags: Impressive and often very stylish, branded cooler tote bags made to hold more than just a single meal have that eye-catching appeal. These bags are often made with trips to the grocery store or even quality business gifts in mind and can feature perks like superior insulation, sturdy carry straps and even multiple carry options to help make this style of bag great for larger volumes of food and beverages.
  • Branded Small Cooler Bags: Imprinted small cooler bags are often less expensive than their larger counterparts, helping you stretch that budget further and appeal to a wider audience base. They are easier to carry and more lightweight, great for everyday use and, speaking of every day, who wants their brand out on display frequently? Customized small cooler bags are ideal for work commutes and school lunches, giving your brand the potential to be displayed in homes, offices and schools daily.

Not sure which size cooler bags are good for lunches and which are better for creating printed beer cooler bags for the bro's in your life? Check out the sizing options on our individual product pages to help you decide! Many of our cooler pages display not just dimensions but their can capacity for easier selection.

The Value of Repeat Brand Exposure for Marketing

Think of a popular brand...now think how often you see their advertising, marketing promotions, billboards...you get the picture. It's no secret that repetition is good for brand retention, but what does that have to do with printed lunch bags and cooler totes with your logo on? These bags offer your clients an item for daily use and even multiple uses throughout the day. Getting your message linked to Canada's lunch times and travel snacks could be a sneaky yet genius way to create that golden brand repetition, even if you don't have the same budget as some of the big boys. Another key feature of memorable marketing is getting your message linked to important occasions. With luxury printed cooler bags available for branded business gifts in Canada, your bag could be part of beach days, significant holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, and family reunions. This means the chance to be remembered long after your marketing event is over – ultimately giving your business more value for its investment.

Where Did You Get That Cooler Tote? Raising Visibility for Your Logo

From beer cooler bags chilling at BBQ hangouts to lunch bags with your logo on sitting proudly on office breakroom tables, your message certainly has the chance to travel with cooler totes. And with that, you could create a little envy too. No one wants their food or drink to be squashed or at a weird temperature, and these handy bags offer a way to counter that while looking fresh just like that lunch. Large cooler bags could be the star of social hangouts as people reach for that cool beer and ignore the rather sweaty ones on the picnic table. Small cooler lunch bags could be the centre of the office lunch table, with your logo at the heart of mealtime. With so many potential benefits, it's easy to see why these bags are a popular choice for such a wide audience range and multiple business styles.

Cooler Bags Bring Versatility to Clients & Your Business

Choosing cooler totes for your custom logo means giving your clients and your company the potential to get creative. It begins with the design process, where you can discover multiple print style options, including full colour on many of the products. This gives your business the opportunity to design something catered to that special audience, marketing event or brand slogan with what you had in mind for creativity. Finished your style and handed those cooler bags over to your lucky recipients? These bags are ready to transport far more than just humble sandwiches. Beer cooler bags for picnics, taking that important Thanksgiving contribution to family meet-ups or packing healthier meals for a busy day - these bags are ready to make all of these things and more that much easier, giving your message the chance to shine with each use.

It's No "Snackcident" We are #1 For Quality Custom Cooler Bags in Canada

Don't let your brand go hungry for quality when it comes to creating custom promotional items. Our staff are here to get your brand ready to-go on the hottest, or coolest, lunch bags and cooler totes we have to offer. From helping with print questions to finding your brand name cooler bags corporate gifts, we are ready for your questions and inquiries. Sadly, these bags come without a delicious meal inside, but for everything else, customer service and our business go together like bologna on bread! Contact us with your inquiry or to start designing and let's say so long to boring meal times and hello to cooler lunches and brand awareness.