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Promote Pen Thievery! A Printed Pen with Your Logo is Something Worth Stealing!

Even in a digital age, people can always use an extra pen - so make yours something you don't mind them slipping into their pocket! A promotional product should satisfy two purposes: it has to be useful and it has to promote your brand in a positive way. Out of the wide range of choices out there, nothing quite comes close to the branded pens and pen sets offered by Dynamic Gift Canada. Our writing tools range from classic trade show giveaways to high quality executive pieces, so our custom stationery is always a smart choice!

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Try printed pens for your next campaign

You will also find that these products are exceptional value for money. They can provide a large amount of exposure for low costs primarily because they are so affordable to produce and can be used almost anywhere. For further savings on all our promotional pens and pencils in Canada, we also offer cheap rates for all bulk orders.After all, as a business owner you are interested in the bottom line as well as the quality of the branded writing instruments you receive. With Dynamic Gift, you can have both whenever ordering some of these personalized products.

Diverse range of items

Our range of stationery is also quite diverse and includes basic click action metal ballpoints, rubber grip highlighters and dual action writing instruments with added flashlights. We even have stationery manufactured from recycled materials that is perfect for companies keen to be seen as environmentally friendly. For those executive clients, we also boast a range of refillable models so you can aim to impress the people who bring the most value to your company. Regardless of the recipient or the event, we are sure to have a corporate gift to suit your needs right here within our selection of writing instruments.

Try highlighters instead

When you order a custom promotional highlighter or ballpoint from our shop, we will keep a close eye on the production process while still ensuring low, affordable prices. This helps us stand out from other branded item suppliers as we guarantee both quality and affordability with all orders. Whether you require a thousand pencils or a handful of executive fountain pens, you know that you are ordering a corporate gift that really has great marketing potential.

We are here to assist you

Our team will be there for you throughout the manufacturing process. In the design stages, we can send you a virtual model of your chosen promotional stationery so that you can make all necessary changes prior to making the physical product. Altering the artwork is free of charge too as we believe in giving you the perfect gift before asking for payment. We also have one of the fastest turnaround times in Canada and can send your branded writing instruments to your workplace within the stated deadlines.Everything has been planned to give you complete satisfaction with the final products you receive.

Why give out promotional pens to your clients or staff?

Many companies attain advertising success via the use of Printed pens and other promotional items. According to PPAI (the Promotional Products Association International), eight of ten consumers own one or more promotional products. Pens and other branded products offer advertiser benefits that simply are not available through other outlets. Below are the top few reasons Canadian businesses should consider an ad campaign focused on promotional products.

They're Useful

The most frequently used giveaway items are found in workplaces, bedrooms, and kitchens. Offering Promotional pens or other handy tools a customer can use every day will help to keep the company's name fresh in the user's mind. PPAI says that 91% of Corporate gift pens are reused, which represents a tremendous amount of brand exposure.

They're Attractive

Today's most popular trends include bright colors, patterns, and camouflage, and the promotional products industry works to keep up with these trends so customers can get a relevant, timely product that recipients will want to use. When a product looks pleasing to the eye, it's more likely to be used every day. According to data from PPAI, 53% of consumers will use a promotional pen once per week at the minimum.

They're Informative

Through branded pens and other office items, a company can not only tell customers who they are and what they do, they can tell them what they stand for. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words—and companies should take this chance to embed the corporate image in consumers' minds. Today's printing features and capabilities can take a customer beyond simply stamping their name on a promotional product.

They are Desirable

People in Canada love getting something free, and they will likely keep items that are trendy and useful. Today's consumers typically have at least one mobile device, and many have several. Companies that choose stylus pens and other tools like mobile chargers can spread the word about their brands while keeping tech-savvy users connected.

Promotional items such as pens provide companies a blank canvas upon which creativity can be expressed. Adding a logo or slogan to a product creates an ad experience customers can see and touch and creates numerous activities for customer/vendor interaction.

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