Custom printed pens from trade shows and giveaways are in use by students and employees across Canada for note-taking and organization.

Promote Pen Thievery! A Printed Pen with Your Logo is Something Worth Stealing!

Even in a digital age, people can always use an extra pen – so make yours something you don't mind them slipping into their pocket! Promotional pens are easy to carry and a great way to promote brand awareness on an item that can be used multiple times a day. This helps your branding stay top of mind with each use, making them a great choice to display anything from catchy slogans to contact numbers. We offer everything from economical options for tradeshows to luxury pens, perfect for sophisticated corporate rewards – so check out our awesome range today to get started writing up your next big personalized success!

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How pen swiping can benefit your campaign

‘Ok, who took my pen? It was right here!’ These words have likely been said by almost all of us at one point in our day to day lives. That faithful writing tool that you use every day has suddenly vanished and your friends or co-workers are all looking at you like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. You know it’s gone for good. Maybe if you are lucky you will see it in someone else's hand, but the chances are it’s started its mysterious journey from owner to owner and who knows where it will end up? Well there’s no use crying over stolen pens - but is there an upside to this irritation?

From an owner’s point of view this is an annoyance, but from a promotional angle - this just potentially helped improve our advertising campaign. A swiped pen is one that can potentially carry your branded message or information far and wide, far past a radius that is much further than you might otherwise have the budget for when it comes to marketing. A pen that is travelling, even without its original owner, is one that can be viewed by a huge amount of people in its lifespan and that is effective advertising for your business!

Are custom promotional pens worth it?

When we are looking around for what product to choose for our next campaign, there’s no doubt that there are far more glamorous items out there than the humble personalized pen. Yet despite this, countless companies decide to make this their promotional item of choice! Why? There must be something that makes pens, one of the most popular advertising choices!

A large part of their appeal might be because, custom printed or not, pens are essential. Most people need them throughout the day both at home and in the workplace. Where would we be if we couldn’t take notes, write essays, compose important to do lists, create schedules - the list is almost endless! Pens are a crucial tool for almost all of us, and this is important news for anyone who wants to get advertising effectively!

It makes sense that the more someone is exposed to your message, the more likely it is to stay in their mind and be remembered. Now, think of each time you use a custom pen as an opportunity to refresh your message with the person using it - now that’s great advertising!

But the many benefits of custom marketing pens don’t stop there, so let’s break down some of the other awesome benefits!

Promotional pens are highly economical! - When you go to trade shows and events the chances are these are the products people are handing out and there’s one definite reason why! Custom ballpoint pens are ideal for anyone looking to create something to raise brand awareness, without breaking the bank. Spreading the budget further can also leave more room for re investment, keeping that campaign running for longer!

You can advertise on a wide scale - Cheap promotional pens might not be the most glamorous, but they get the job done! Sometimes you just need to raise awareness with the public and let them know you are here, and pens are a great choice to do this.

They are fantastic for passing along important information - Promotional pens with logos give you enough space to pass along phone numbers, addresses or just your company name! Not every advertising campaign has to be super detailed to be effective and giving out vital information is a great way to keep what’s important to you in the minds of those who can benefit your business or cause.

Think custom pens are just plastic? Think again!

Custom plastic pens are a fantastic and traditional choice for advertising but if you are looking for something different when it comes to custom company pens imprinted with your logo, there are far more options available!

Custom metal pens - Some people just prefer the feel and weight of a metal pen and promotional metal pens are a great option for anyone looking to create a more lasting product! Available in a wide price range, with a range of styles (engraved promotional pens being a highly popular style you can choose from) you can easily create something for all occasions from trade shows and expos to classy corporate gifts or thank you presents.

Promotional wooden pens - Who says pens just have to be plastic or metal? With a combination of trend setting and interest in more biodegradable promotional tools than the usual plastic - wooden pens are on the rise! These pens are great for marketing and their on-trend design could even give you the chance to be seen on social media in people’s posts, taking your advertising as far as the internet can carry it.

Recycled promotional pens - Are you interested in creating something that has all the perks and benefits of custom branded pens but that’s more eco friendly? If so, then why not choose something made of recycled materials? With the public awareness of the harmful effects of plastic in the environment and increasing focus on corporate responsibility these could be a great choice for you! If you are looking to get your information out there just as effectively, but in a more eco positive way then this could be the perfect choice for you!

Looking for something more than “just a pen”? No problem!

Company branded pens are great for advertising, but what about if you want to do something different? The good news is, you don’t have to give up on pens as your promotional choice!

Promotional stylus pens - Interested in combining traditional advertising, a highly useful product and something that fulfills the needs of the modern-day consumer? Then pen and stylus combinations could be a great choice for you! Allowing the operator to switch seamlessly between writing and using their electronic devices, these pens are highly versatile - helping your item stay in use and more importantly, your message stay on display.

Custom banner pens - Do you have more to say than you can fit onto a traditional custom company pen? Or maybe you want to create something with a novelty appeal that will have people literally pulling out your advertisement to show their friends and co-workers? Either way, these advertising pens are an awesome option for your needs. With room to add more information on a fun to play with retractable gadget, these pens are a great method of giving out not only a useful item but a tiny banner that your pen’s new owner can go around displaying your information for you with!

Working with us to rewrite that stale old advertising campaign

Even the best projects can get stale over time, so let’s change it up! Whether you need printed pens or engraved pens, let’s start something fresh and exciting for your next campaign. We have experienced staff, offer fast quote times and our office is based in Canada to help keep those dreaded ‘out of hours’ times to a minimal. You already know customized pens for business are a great choice, so why not get in touch with us today and start the journey to creating your own?