photo of mother and daughter exercising indoors together and key features listed; great for health clinics and fitness centres, associate your brand with healthy living, promo products with a personal touch

Canada's Best Range of Promotional Wellness & Leisure Products at Competitive Prices

There’s no doubt that work is important, but our lives can’t be all work and no leisure time - that’s for sure! We need time to relax, to see our families and to catch up with our friends. The good times are what we all work for, so why not make sure your promotion is part of those great days that people remember for years? We offer a wide range of wellness and leisure items, so don't miss out on yours! Get your brand associated with the good times and choose promotional outdoor products, or any of our custom health and wellness swag today.

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Be the focus point of the party

Sometimes even the best placed advertising can get lost in the crowds. Any activity where there are distractions and lots of things happening it’s easy to be overlooked and advertising that doesn’t get noticed has failed in its purpose and no benefit to your company. But how do we make sure people actually see our important message? One great method is custom printing your slogan onto something that will be the centre of attention like a beach ball or a picnic set! Anything that people are likely to be interested makes it easier to get noticed, so help make sure your brand’s message is at the very heart of the party today and choose from our health and wellness swag!

Looking for a cool seasonal giveaway? Look no further!

Thinking about running a promotional event and want to give yourself the best chance of drawing people to your booth? The best sports promotional giveaways are easily branded, cheerfully coloured and lightweight - because summer is hot! Outdoor promotional items are a great choice for those fun summer months, and you can easily create a variety of items that are likely to appeal to anyone looking to make the most of the summer before it’s gone!

The importance of employee wellness

With the increase in publicity as well as the knowledge about the affects a negative or stressful office environment can have on its staff’s mental health and a company's functionality, businesses are rapidly realizing that to be successful in the modern world you need more than money to succeed! Happy staff are more likely to feel better, work better and remain loyal to a company, meaning any business is wise to treat their staff well! But with so many employees sometimes knowing what to do to encourage wellness or say 'thank you' can be tough. The good news is that it doesn’t always have to be grand gestures to show you appreciate those who work for you. Wellness items for the office staff can be appreciation gifts that encourage relaxation outside the working hours, improve mental health and help those who work so hard for you keep a more balanced work and home life!

Getting the right kind of attention for your promotion

Placing your custom printed message on outdoor promotional items is a great way to get your business associated with positivity and fun, something that can make or break many types of enterprises. If you are running summer classes for teens and want to create a buzz you probably wouldn’t want to imprint your logo or message onto something like a tool kit and for good reason. If a promotional product doesn’t represent what you and what are about then the chances are the demographic you are aiming towards wouldn’t even see your message! If you are looking to be viewed as fun, appealing and part of the good times health and wellness swag is a smart advertising choice for you. So, if you are looking for promotional outdoor products in Canada, why not get in touch with us today and let us help make sure your custom printed message and next big campaign are the life and soul of the party!