People enjoying yoga, city travel abroad and a beach vacation for their wellness and leisure time in Canada.

Canada's Best Range of Promotional Wellness & Leisure Products at Competitive Prices

There’s no doubt that work is important, but our lives can’t be all work and no leisure time - that’s for sure! We need time to relax, to see our families and to catch up with our friends. The good times are what we all work for, so why not make sure your promotion is part of those great days that people remember for years? We offer a wide range of wellness and leisure items, so don't miss out on yours! Get your brand associated with the good times and choose promotional outdoor products, or any of our custom health and wellness swag today.

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Who Could Benefit From Custom Branded Wellness Swag?

The quicker answer might be, who couldn't? With so many options for printed leisure and wellness promotional products, there is something for almost everyone! Do your clients love a relaxing spa day but can't afford to go as often as they like? Custom logo personal care swag like branded manicure and pedicure sets in bulk are here to bring personal care to their homes. Are you looking for promotional golf gifts for those who love nothing more than honing their golf game in their spare time? Printed golf marketing rewards for clients and employees are waiting for your personal touch. In short, branded wellness gifts offer a range to cover a wide variety of interests, fitness levels and of course, business budgets. It can be as simple as handing out custom printed lip balms at your next convention or tradeshow! Find something your clients could love with our health and wellness section now, or read on for more information!

What is the Value of Choosing Wellness and Leisure for Branded Goods?

When trying to take in all the thousands of promotional items available at the click of a button to add your personal touch to, it can be difficult to decide on what to choose. There's no doubt though that customer and employees' health and well-being matters both to your business and on a personal level, and this means that branded personal care and wellness items could be a great place to start. Choosing something that could add an extra touch of comfort to your recipients' daily routines could be a great strategy for everything from branded business gifts to promotional swag and marketing campaign rewards. This might help explain why custom logo wellness and leisure remains so popular when it comes to imprinted promotional products all year round.

What is Popular for Branded Health and Wellness Rewards?

While there is something for almost everyone in customized wellness and leisure rewards, there are a few key areas that people just can't seem to get enough of. Below we have linked them to the sections where you can find these popular items more easily!

  • Yoga and Pilates – Getting involved with wellness could begin with adding your message to custom branded yoga mats and accessories. Yoga is popular at home, in the gym, parks and in activity clubs. With each use comes the opportunity for your brand to be the one that gets noticed with printed promotional yoga mats. Provide branded business rewards that could help your clients unwind after busy days and encourage mindful wellness and leisure at any time of the year by visiting this section!
  • Customized Golf Gear – Let's tee off some great brand awareness potential by getting your business linked to Canada's love of the smooth green. Choose from custom-printed golf towels or add your personal touch to some handy golf-themed promo swag like branded golfball-shaped keychains. Getting your message out of the office and into the public eye on golf courses or errands around the town could be a great way to get people saying " hey, where did you get that?" And this means a chance for your message to travel further than that last golf drive!
  • Health and Safety Are you looking for something more practical for your custom branding? Visiting our health and safety section could be a great direction for you! From custom printed first aid kids to promotional hot and cold gel packs – this section has a wide range of customized health and safety products for when misfortune strikes. Help your business be there for your clients when they get scrapes, cuts, minor sports injuries and more. Encourage peace of mind by providing useful items for your customers and free them up to focus on the activity at hand!
  • Branded Spiritwear and Cheer – Go team brand visibility! Getting your message onto printed cheer swag or sports promotions could be the perfect way to raise people's spirits and proudly display your logo. From custom branded whistles to fun novelty items like promotional foam hats, your message could be seen at the game or out, wherever it ends up travelling to.
  • Running and Jogging – You know them when you see them. That’s right, those sweaty but determined Canadians pushing themselves along uphill, along trails and over sidewalks in all sorts of weather conditions. Giving joggers and runners promotional fitness swag to help make their lifestyle a little bit more comfortable could be a great solution for keeping your message on display and close to hand. Choose from printed stash belts to help free up hands or add your message to custom cooling towels. You could even go with the good old-fashioned sports bottle because running or walking, you know hydration matters!

These three are by no means the only places you could find awesome promotional items for your next fitness campaign or marketing event, they are just our most popular! Not seeing what you had in mind on our site? Contact our staff because we might still be able to help!

Promote Health and Wellbeing at Work and at Home

Custom logo wellness and leisure items offer a versatile selection for businesses looking for something for their workspace or clients' homes! Choose from custom printed yoga mats for branded corporate rewards and exclusive thank-you presents – great for encouraging mindfulness and relaxation at home. Or pick something that could make a great office desktop accessory like promotional plush bears to help squeeze and hug away those daily stresses. With so much versatility, getting your clients what they could really treasure, rather than settling for a limited selection, can be easy with custom logo wellness gifts.

Branded Fitness Gear and Promotional Exercise Equipment

From encouraging healthy living to promoting your gym or fitness centre – branded exercise gear and promotional fitness swag is here to help. You can choose from a wide range of options to suit almost every budget and minimum order quantity and this helps make these items useful marketing tools. Give out your gym's logo on printed fitness bundles, or encourage long-term membership for yoga classes with custom logo yoga mats for marketing incentives. Whatever you decide upon, offering your target audience something that could help them unwind is a great way to encourage positive change. This means the chance to keep your message on display and your recipient remember who gave them their important fitness promo item each time it is in use.

Why Do Businesses Focus on Health and Wellness?

A good question to ask ourselves before we start any brand awareness event is, why is this important? With health and wellness at least, the answer could be a simple and easy one to find! Encouraging more positive lifestyle choices can help shape everything from a better company image to happier staff. Studies have shown that with improved job satisfaction often comes a better employee retention rate, improved productivity and more. This means choosing branded wellness and leisure gifts for employees could help establish a brighter future for relations, employment fulfilment and a more positive public image.

Get your Brand involved with Canada's Love of Fitness!

It seems like you can't go far these days without noticing a promotional gym, a fitness club or a venue linked to leisure activities. How far do you have to look before you come across a group of joggers or people out hiking and enjoying the great outdoors? There's no doubt that Canada loves health and wellness and places value on personal well-being and lifestyle satisfaction. "But my company doesn't have anything to do with health and leisure!" we hear you cry! The good news is with so much public interest, even if your business isn't in one of these fields, your brand could still get in on the fitness action for your next promotion!

Why is Health and Leisure so Popular with Promotions?

Candy might be delicious, but we all know that it's not good for you and similarly, offering branded promotional goods linked to a more indulgent lifestyle can come with its own drawbacks. From diabetics being unable to enjoy your custom marketing swag to losing the more health-conscious side of the public when you offer that sweet, sweet sugar. Branded personal care items for your promotion offer your recipients a different kind of indulgence – and this means marketing potential for your business. Choose to pamper them with promotional nail files or give your audience a fun way to unwind at the beach with custom printed beach balls. Get your brand involved with hobbies and pass times when you select options like branded golf club covers and custom logo golf gear. In short, choosing health and wellness doesn't mean your marketing campaign has to be as exciting as a wilted piece of old celery! Check out our selection of custom wellness and leisure gifts or fitness promo items in bulk for your next marketing campaign, and let's get started today!