Clients and their pets use custom logo blankets and throws that were given as custom corporate gifts in Canada.

Cozy Up to Great Brand Visibility with Custom Branded Indoor Blankets & Throws

Custom branded blankets and throws offer style, warmth and coziness. Perfect for movie nights, curling up with a book, or even staying extra snug working from home - there are few people who can resist a great quality blanket. This, combined with their versatility, helps promotional blankets and throws to establish themselves as not only a sought after item, but a potentially powerful marketing tool as well. Help get your message featured in homes and in sight on couches, beds and chairs and give your clients a valuable item for their living spaces at the same time by choosing imprinted blankets and throws today.

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Help clients and staff stay cozy with promotional indoor blankets! Adding your brand to something linked to comfort and relaxation can provide more than just a valued gift, it could be great for business too. With blankets being staple features in homes and sometimes even office spaces, your logo could be on display and your product in use on a frequent basis and that feels like more than just a comfortable blanket to us, it sounds like great marketing potential too.

Choosing luxury to showcase your logo

A good business knows there’s more to brand awareness than just sticking your logo or message on any old item, especially when it comes to gifting, it's about choosing one that represents your company in the way you know it deserves and this is where custom logo blankets could help benefit you. A great quality blanket could be argued as the very essence of comfort and luxury and this gives you the perfect opportunity to use them as the backdrop for your logo. With so many promotional blankets offering embroidery as a branding option, you can create something that is closely linked to the elegance of monogrammed goods or high-end personalization, giving your brand the image it deserves on the quality it needs all in one.

Placing your logo at the heart of homes and living spaces

Getting your branding into homes can be difficult, after all we don’t know everyone’s decor, style, or personal needs − but there are few people who can resist adding a well-made blanket to their homes! This not only means a chance to give a gift that has value in the eyes of the recipient, but a chance for your logo to earn its space in people’s homes. With custom printed blankets being a larger sized promotional item, they are easy to notice and with their use on couches, beds, and chairs, staying in sight and on display is more than likely! This helps your message stay close to hand and even gives it the potential to be a great conversation point with visitors and guests who might not be fortunate enough to have received one.

Creating fond memories linked to your business

We all have favourite movies, treasured home memories and maybe even photographs of games nights at home, so why not help make your logo a part of these things? Custom branded blankets offer a fantastic, unobtrusive yet effective opportunity to get your branding to the very heart of get-togethers, hangouts and cozy nights in and this not only gives your recipient something comfortable to add to their relaxation - but a great way to help make sure your message and product are remembered long after the event has passed.

One size fits all − giving fabric-based gifts without worrying about sizing!

We might love the idea of giving cozy gifts to our valued friends and clients, but it can be difficult to get things right when it comes to sizing and that is where imprinted blankets can help. You can have all the perks of choosing a fabric-based gift (pleasing to the touch, easy to store, comfortable to use) without having to worry if your gift fits as so many blankets come in a size to cover almost everyone, and this is yet another perk of choosing custom logo indoor blankets!

With so many benefits it really is easy to see why blankets personalized with your branding remain popular year after year and are so sought after in homes, so why not start creating yours? Check out our wide range of branding options, fabrics, and styles today and get in touch with us to find out more or to start your journey of giving the gift of comfort and great branding this season.