photo of a registered nurse wearing a blue lanyard while standing in a hospital hallway and key features listed; customize styles and fittings, excellent event ID and security solution, great for conferences and trade shows

Customized Lanyards are the Affordable ID Solution for Your Next Event!

Custom printed lanyards are a great essential promotional product for any company because they are useful and actually promote a safer work environment. In fact, did you know many companies and businesses make our printed polyester lanyard part of the work uniform? This allows employees to keep personal identification readily available at all times and our custom printed lanyards are not only great for employees; they are excellent for effortless company promotion! An affordable option for any size business, our huge selection of products can be printed with the company logo to create special promotional products you’re sure to love. Give back to your valued team members with a product they can use and appreciate

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Seen custom printed lanyards before??

In the office, the lanyard is used almost daily, especially if you have an office which requires security or identification cards. Providing your employees with a nice lanyard is a great way to help them keep track of their card, because the card can be worn around their neck. Additionally, the lanyard helps to prevent theft, since it is more difficult for the card to be stolen when it being worn by the employee.

Get clever and promote your brand

Instead of providing your employees with basic plain lanyards, you can give them custom printed lanyards with your company logo. The branded aspect helps your employees to feel like they are actually part of the team, and it is also an effective way to advertise the brand if they are worn outside of the office. Many times, employees wear their custom printed lanyards when they go to lunch or leave the office for another reason, providing free advertising for anyone who sees the lanyard when the employee is in other locations.

Awesome event item

If you are providing a lanyard at an event, then it can be an effective tool for security and brand awareness. For example, certain events have VIP areas which require special permission for access. Some attendees might try to slip by security, but it is easier for security to monitor the people within the area based on the type of lanyard and ID cards they are wearing.

Additionally, custom printed lanyards provide a great keepsake for the event attendees. If they enjoyed the event, they may take the lanyard home and keep it as memorabilia. Each time the printed lanyard is viewed, it helps to strengthen the brand of your company.

You may also consider using lanyard printing as a platform to raise advertising money. Sometimes, other companies or brands are willing to pay for advertising space that is placed on the lanyard, because they are looking for more exposure for their company. These are a great place to put advertising information, especially since the lanyard will be used by each person at the event.

Why choose us?

Here at Dynamic Gift, we are proud to be one of the leading providers of ID solutions in Canada. We can print your logo and company information on a variety of products, including: nylon, silicone, recycled materials, and polyester material bases.

We are happy to cater the printing according to your needs. Basic black and with printing may be used, or you can also choose full colour printing to accommodate any photographic images that you may want to include on the lanyard. Some of the other customization options that you can choose from include various fittings and colours that are available. In fact, we have over 900 print colours, in order to accommodate any printing request that you may have. Screen printing on our products is limited to four colours, and the image is very crisp and clear after it has been printed on the materials.

Choose the right accessories & fittings

Certain types of fittings that are available, including: custom printed lanyards to be worn around the neck, wrist straps, and USB holders. We even offer customized dog leashes that can be printed with your company logo!

If you have any questions about creating your own custom printed lanyards, we invite you to contact us today and we can help you to design the perfect item for your needs. We offer rush service and fast shipping, so that you can receive your products in time for your event.