Custom printed lanyards being worn by employees in a hospital administrative role, teachers, and childcare workers Canada-wide.

Customized Lanyards are the Affordable ID Solution for Your Next Event!

Custom printed lanyards are for anyone looking to add a personal touch to a valuable business ID essential. We offer multiple styles, including the most popular polyester branded lanyards, available with custom print. Other options include eco-friendly, open-ended, and medical lanyards for nurses and medical staff. Lanyards with custom branding add a professional touch to ID displays for employees, event vendors and sales reps while helping to promote your message or logo to those around them. Start browsing our selection of lanyards available for customization for your business needs or next event to find the perfect one for your brand idea right here.

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The Importance of Custom Printed Lanyards for Businesses in Canada

Discover the significance of custom lanyards for businesses and the importance of adding your personal touch to these promotional items with Dynamic Gift. Let's take a look at how branded lanyards can contribute to brand visibility, provide essential employee ID solutions and how investing in quality lanyards can bring substantial value to businesses, marketers and promoters in Canada.

Why Printed Lanyards Matter for Marketing, Promoting & Business

Lanyards play a crucial role in the branding and identification of businesses. Far from simple accessories, lanyards in Canada can serve as powerful tools to enhance a company's professional image, be utilized as effective marketing tools and even help with security! Below is a more in-depth look at the core benefits lanyards with logos can provide.

The Significance of Branding in Business

Lanyards with custom printing can be an essential part of almost any company's branding strategy. By adding a company logo, slogan or specific colours to these products, businesses can reinforce brand identity and create a strong visual impact. This helps to create a cohesive and professional image and even leave a positive impression on visitors or clients.

Enhancing a Professional Image with Promotional Lanyards

In a competitive business environment, maintaining a professional image is vital. Personalized lanyards add a touch of professionalism to employees' attire while making them easily identifiable for visitors and other workers. Lanyards with logos can also create a sense of belonging amongst wearers – great for team building and unity.

Visible Identification for Employees & Visitors

Business lanyards with custom print also serve as a practical solution for employee identification. If you are in a hurry, Plain Lanyards are great for events and expos, but a branded option makes it easier to identify who is who within a company premises or at an event. This serves to enhance security and streamline access control at events and venues for a smoother overall experience.

The Benefits of Lanyards in Bulk

Apart from custom ID for employees, are there any other reasons why are custom lanyards so popular in Canada? The answer is yes! One of the principal reasons is that printed lanyards act as a mobile advertisement for businesses and branding. When recipients wear lanyards with your design on them, they are acting as mobile billboards for your brand. When we consider where lanyards are typically worn (at trade shows, conferences and business venues) the amount of people who could potentially see your custom promo item is almost limitless. This makes lanyards valuable tools for advertising and promoting brands outside their office setting.

Types of Lanyards Available for Custom Printing

Now we have established how essential branded lanyards can be for businesses and promotional purposes, it's time to review the styles available for custom print.

Nylon & Polyester Options

One of the most popular styles of lanyards for business is of course, Printed Polyester Lanyards. This style of lanyard is the go-to for a wide range of needs and can be custom printed in up to 5 colours. Custom polyester lanyards are economical, durable and available in convenient stock colours or your choice of custom colour.

Almost as popular for marketing, businesses and venues are promotional nylon lanyards. These personalized lanyards feature a high shine, lustre finish that's great for adding a professional gloss to appearances. Like polyester options, this style of lanyard made from nylon is highly durable and great for repeat use, making Branded Nylon Lanyards a great option for custom print and design.

Medical Multi Safety Lanyards

While our lanyards come with one safety break by default, sometimes more are preferred or required, and that's where lanyards for nurses can help. Our breakaway lanyards can be fitted with up to 6 safety breaks, making them a popular choice for healthcare workers, medical staff or any business where contact is a key point for safety focus. Multi Safety Lanyards and details can be found here, including information about custom print and width options for your design.

Eco Friendly Lanyards for Businesses

This style of custom eco-friendly lanyards provides your business with earth-friendly options made from a renewable and natural material. Bamboo is a sought-after fibre for eco-friendly promotional items in Canada because it is tough, brandable and a great alternative to non-biodegradable materials like plastic. This makes Printed Bamboo Lanyards great for greener marketing and promo ideas in Canada.

Another great option for recycled or eco-friendly materials are lanyards made from recycled plastic or, RPET material. These custom lanyards give new purpose to materials that may have otherwise ended up in landfills, while also providing a practical item for businesses that encompasses the need for custom ID solutions or displays with an eco-friendly bonus.

These are only some of the most popular options for high quality lanyards available for custom printing. We also offer custom open ended lanyards for businesses that are a set length of lanyard in an open design with a clip at each end, rather than the traditional loop shape.

Satin applique lanyards are also available for brands seeking a lanyard with a more substantial feel. These business lanyards combine luxury and functionality into one practical product. Satin Applique Lanyards can also be custom printed and provide the same fitting options as standard lanyards.

Still not seeing what you had in mind? Get in touch and find out if we can make it for you!

How Custom Wrist Lanyards Bring Value to Promotions

Wrist lanyards are short lanyards designed to be looped around the wrist instead of worn around the neck. These items may look smaller than full-sized lanyards for brand visibility potential, but they are in fact a powerful marketing tool with just as much impact. Custom printed wrist lanyards are great for frequently used items like ID Badge Holders or keys. Staying organized and making small, everyday items easy to locate in bags provides recipients with a valuable service from your business every time. In terms of marketing, this means a more positive association with your brand and with repeat use comes the potential for brand reinforcement. This makes custom short lanyards highly useful for promotional or marketing purposes and a favourite for giveaways at marketing events or trade shows in Canada.

Elevate Your Brand Image with Eco Friendly Lanyards

In today's age of heightened eco-responsibility and public scrutiny, businesses are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Custom printed lanyards made from eco materials can help business owners and marketers seeking ways to enhance their company's eco-responsibility and public perception.

Eco lanyards have long been recognized as an effective branding tool for businesses. They serve as a practical and visible way to display company logos, slogans and brand colours. Products like recycled lanyards provide all the same benefits as traditional lanyards, with the additional benefit of being eco-friendly. This means your business can showcase its brand and ongoing commitment to important issues like greener marketing in one convenient product.

Bamboo and RPET lanyards can also serve as great conversational starters and contact points between vendors and visitors. "Oh hey, did you know our lanyards are eco-friendly?" could be the initial engagement your business needs to create a positive image while establishing a connection with the public. This further demonstrates the importance and benefits of customized earth-positive lanyards as promotional items for trade shows, events and businesses in Canada.

Customizing Lanyards for Your Event

Designing custom lanyards for events is easy with Dynamic Gift. With over a decade of experience in being the #1 lanyard supplier in Canada, we are ready to get your designs into reality. Below are the three key steps to creating great lanyards for businesses, but we are waiting in the wings to help with our professional art team and friendly customer service to make it even easier.

Choose Your Width

Our lanyards are available in 10mm, 15mm, 20mm or 25mm widths. Different widths can come down to preference but the wider the lanyard, the more space there is for custom design. The most popular size is the 20mm lanyard option, as they provide a great blend of design space and convenient size.

Choose Your Clip Fittings

Our lanyards in bulk come with a variety of fitting options, giving you versatility for your needs. Whether you want to display employee IDs or create something tailored for a specific event, we have you covered. Our standard fitting options include the popular dog clip, croc clip, split ring and more. Looking for something a little different? You can upgrade your lanyards with logos to utilize even more custom fitting options, including badge reels and heavy-duty clips.

Contact Our Team to Start Creating Branded Lanyards

Picked out your items or still unsure what a j-hook is exactly? No problem, our team is waiting to get your design print-ready. From art proofs to quick quotes, the final step to getting started is the easiest and that's getting in touch with your lanyard supplier – Dynamic Gift Canada. Having our office based near Toronto also means you’ll easily be able to connect with a business near your time zone.

Why Value for Investment Matters with Badge Lanyards

When sourcing lanyards in Canada, it is essential to choose high-quality materials and designs that align with the company's brand image. Durable materials and well-executed designs ensure that the lanyards effectively represent the business. Our business prides itself on excellence from start to finish, so when you are looking for custom lanyards near me, inquire through our convenient quote form with your needs, or pick up the phone to begin creating with our team for your next promotion or event.