Outdoor customized jackets worn by a man and woman who are enjoying scenic hiking and adventuring in the Yukon.

Custom Branded Jackets for Your Staff or Sports Team

Don't let your staff or team members go cold this winter! We have a big range of promotional and embroidered jackets with customizable options like colours, embroidery or print, multiple sizes and optional rush service. We offer a completely free mock up service so you are guaranteed to get the right design prior to production of the final item. Get a free quote today or give us a call at 519-219-2292.

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Embroidered & Branded Jackets, The Benefits & Advantages

The goal of conventional advertising is always to make customers pay attention to a sales message. However, consumers are growing increasingly adept at ignoring marketing messages. In today’s over-saturated ad climate, word-of-mouth is still a great way to get the message out—and the wearing of Embroidered Jackets and other Branded outerwear is a good way to stimulate the conversation.

Wearers Serve as Billboards

When employees wear corporate apparel, they stand with the brand and the things it represents. Workers serve as walking billboards, and the wearing of branded apparel can have a more significant impact than actual words. Branded workwear can drive engagements, encourage customer inquiries and, for independent distributors, spur dialogue that may not occur otherwise.

Leveraging Other Marketing Efforts

Some companies use infomercials and other marketing strategies to build brand awareness, and Embroidered Jackets can help these companies’ staff members gain instant recognition. Getting a foot in the door is the hardest part of the sales process, and it can be awkward to start a conversation with a stranger. When sales staff members wear branded apparel, they create growth opportunities and maximize other marketing efforts.

Building Corporate Identity and Brand Awareness

When companies sell services instead of products, there’s no way for a consultant to help customers physically identify with the company. Service-based companies often have workforces that are scattered across Canada, and branded workwear can help these companies establish a sense of corporate identity.

Promoting the Company Culture

As more companies move their sales efforts to the online arena, they can use branded apparel to introduce newcomers to the company and its culture. When companies use and sell embroidered clothing, they allow workers and customers to supplement their wardrobe while promoting the company. It’s important to portray a professional image and, with branded apparel, companies can do it in a way that resonates with employees and potential customers alike.

Bridging the Marketing Gap

Although some notable exceptions exist in the Canadian market, most of the country's direct sales corporations have little to no corporate-level advertising. However, branded apparel can help companies close the gap. The void doesn’t necessarily exist in connecting with new customers, as a company’s associates already strive to do that. Branded apparel helps to fill the holes in a company’s marketing efforts by giving associates and customers a way to connect with the brand. When companies give up on traditional advertising methods, they miss out on opportunities to strengthen the connection between customers and staff, but branded clothing can help companies strengthen those connections once more.

Promoting Unity in the Workforce

While there’s a lot to be said for a casual dress code in the modern, connected workplace, it does little to build a sense of belonging and teamwork, particularly if workers are distracted by others’ clothing choices. When companies require associates to wear Embroidered Jackets, polo shirts, and other apparel, they remove workplace distractions and put everyone on the same level while building unity among team members.

Lending an Air of Credibility and Professionalism

Companies only get one chance to make a first impression on new customers, and branded workwear can provide them with a great opportunity to make that impression a favorable one. When associates are dressed professionally in corporate apparel, customers know who to talk to, and the company automatically looks more trustworthy and credible.

As many of Canada’s companies can attest, well-designed, durable branded apparel has a variety of purposes. It can be a powerful marketing tool as well as an extremely valuable asset. The messages conveyed by branded apparel can bypass traditional advertising methods and help companies stand apart from the competition.