Customized medals given at fundraisers, sports events and dance competitions for placement and participation awards in Canada.

Customized Medals & Challenge Coins for Lasting Recognition & Rewards

Today promotional medals and challenge coins are for more than just sporting events! From employee recognition rewards to offering a professional memento to commemorate your event, these custom metal products are versatile, customizable and limited only by your imagination. Heading on a teambuilding away day? Creating recognition medals for service awards? As the best medal and coin supplier in Canada, we are ready to help you create tailored metal coins and medals for your branding needs. Check out all of our multiple metal finish choices and branding options and styles, and let's make your event or achievement one that's recognized in style.

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Custom Medals Canada: Recognition with a Difference

Promotional medals in Canada are for more than just sporting events. These useful custom metal products are versatile and ready to acknowledge your recipient's hard work, whatever the occasion. From giving out to employees as a way of saying thank you for going the extra mile to teambuilding mementos, reward those who deserve it – whether they won or participated – with these lasting, stylish items.

Custom Challenge Coins: Commemorating Achievements in Style

Similar to custom medallions, if you are looking for a promotional token that helps your event be remembered (but aren't interested in having a ribbon) then custom coins could be a great choice. These items can be single or double-sided – offering a surprising amount of design area for a smaller promotional product. Their use, like medals, is limited only by your imagination and are a popular product for a wide range of needs. From commemorating business milestones to fundraisers, firefighters, marketers, and charity campaigners – all these groups and more make custom logo coins their go-to for recognition and award options.

Employee Recognition & Custom Metal Rewards

When you want to recognize the hard work of employees – award medals and coins offer an excellent option to do so. These products are customizable, but why should that matter to your business? It matters because showing that you have taken that extra step in acknowledgement and not just settled on any old item is great for forging work bonds and fostering positivity. Who wants to get up on stage and be given a faceless, unbranded award that could have been dug up from anywhere (or bought on clearance)? It might sound extreme, but in summary, it's not a meaningful reward if there's no effort on the awarder's part and adding that personal touch matters. Combine this with wanting to commemorate a specific occasion and all the options for custom branding challenge coins in Canada and personalized medals can bring and you have a great option for your event waiting right here. Show your appreciation in style, and create something customized for your important milestones and special occasions.

Let's Go Team! Creating Rewards & Incentives for Team Building Events

From participating in a conference outside of working hours to team retreat getaways designed for bonding, we often ask our employees for that little bit extra – and it's time to give something back. Motivation matters in business and leisure, but it can't be one-sided if you want it to be effective! Creating commemorative items like printed medals can be a fun, yet professional way to add a touch of friendly competition to events or simply as a way of thanking everyone attending who gave up their time. With promotional medallions offering a lasting product with your personal touch included, you can help preserve the memory of your important event even after it is concluded.

Recognizing Bravery and Acknowledging Valour

Sometimes we know that saying thank you isn't enough. Canadian military challenge coins offer a lasting and professional way to acknowledge a wide variety of incredible deeds from courage to endurance and more fun yet challenging outside events like fundraising. Challenge coins customized with a commemorative date or event are a popular choice for firefighters who work tirelessly for our community and police challenge coins are a popular option for service awards and recognition medals in Canada. Give something lasting that can proudly be displayed and remind the owner that you acknowledge their achievements and hard work with an elegant item that won't take up lots of precious space in homes and on desks after your event is complete.

Creating Personalized Medals for Your Promotional Needs

You might be tempted to think of custom coins and medals in Canada as something without a lot of custom branding options, but think again! These products have come a long way from their original engraving days and their popularity with a wide audience base has led to a surge in options for customization.

  • Choose Your Metal Finish: From moulded and polished custom medals to full-colour print options, each comes with an incredible twenty metal finish options for you to choose from! If that wasn't enough choice (and we know more is always better) we also offer colour coated options and a stunning rainbow finish to transform your humble medal into an eye-catching piece of art for your promotion or award.
  • Choose Your Custom Shape Who says that custom logo coins and medals have to be a standard shape? Classic is awesome, but if you are thinking of changing it up, we can do that too! We offer custom shape options (please contact our team for details) to give you even more personalization for your branding and recognition needs.
  • Select Your Branding Style: Full colour print for your custom challenge coins Sir? Or can we interest you in etched branding for your military challenge coins and rewards ma'am? Whatever style you need for your business or event, we want to make it happen. Offering versatility is something we pride ourselves on and this means more potential for you to create the design you had in mind, rather than settling.
  • Customizing Your Printed Medals Ribbon: The design options don't just end with the metal part of your medal, that wouldn't be as fun. You can also choose to customize your ribbon and even select how often you would like the message or company logo to be repeated on it! As always, if that sounds difficult or you are unsure, our experts are ready to step in and help.
  • Upgrade with Custom Gift Boxes!: Why stop with just custom coins in Canada when you can have more? Adding a gift box to your presentation gives the distributor a convenient way to display and hand over rewards (because it doesn't say glamourous to have someone rummaging around in a cardboard box when the spotlight is on them) Contact our team about adding that final touch of professional gloss to your promotional coins and medals, you might be pleasantly surprised how budget-friendly it can be!

We Don't Expect a Medal – We Just Want to Supply Them!

Whether you are ready to purchase your custom challenge coins in Canada or are stuck at the start line with questions, we want to help! We like to consider ourselves winners as we are the top medal supplier in Canada and pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible for your promotional needs. From bulk ordering to smaller (but no less important!) events, we are ready to get your design into the hands of those who matter to your business by creating quality printed medals and challenge coins for your needs.