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Technology Gifts, Gadgets & Electronic Promo items, Customized With Your Branding

Custom power banks, mobile speakers, and other tech type items are extremely useful promotional items, and a sure to be well received as part of any marketing campaign. Use them like a business card, personalized with your company logo and details, that are guaranteed to be used on a regular basis, thus promoting your company, brand, and contact details for a long lasting campaign. No longer will your clients desk drawers be filled with unwanted promo items.

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  1. two acrylic black and clear phone cradles one with a phone in it
    Phone Stand / Cradle
    Priced from $1.72 to $2.68
  2. Atlantis Waterproof Case
    Atlantis Waterproof Case
    Priced from $6.35 to $9.56
  3. Juicebox 4400mAh Power Bank
    Juicebox 4400mAh Power Bank
    Priced from $27.08 to $35.21
  4. Kronies True Wireless Earbuds
    Kronies True Wireless Earbuds
    Priced from $47.55 to $62.56
  5. Budsies Wireless Earbuds
    Budsies Wireless Earbuds
    Priced from $25.00 to $35.35
  6. Bumpster Wireless Speaker
    Bumpster Wireless Speaker
    Priced from $55.05 to $62.56
  7. Onyt App-Enabled Smart Button
    Onyt App-Enabled Smart Button
    Priced from $44.41 to $54.16
  8. Spinsocket
    Priced from $6.48 to $9.76
  9. Clip-It Anywhere
    Clip-It Anywhere
    Priced from $4.52 to $6.68
  10. Surf Stand
    Surf Stand
    Priced from $1.60 to $2.36
  11. Snap-In Cord Organizer
    Snap-In Cord Organizer
    Priced from $1.90 to $3.06
  12. Snap-In XL Cord Organizer
    Snap-In XL Cord Organizer
    Priced from $2.15 to $3.46
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Technology gifts are awesome, Here's why!

GroupM Next and Catalyst joined together in 2014 to conduct a study regarding cell phone use in Canada and followed up a year later to examine trends in consumer usage. In 2014, the study found 55 percent of consumers in the country used a cell phone, and this figure jumped to 68 percent only one year later. As the mobile revolution progresses, items designed to make use of the devices easier also continue to advance. Companies looking to provide clients with useful products that remind them of the company's brand need to keep this information in mind, as technology gifts often serve as the perfect promotional item for a giveaway.

Why Technology Gifts?

In past times, companies often provide cheap throwaway items, such as stress toys or pens, to inform consumers of their brand and/or their offerings. Sadly, these items have little value to the user, as they may lose the stress toy and pens can be found almost anywhere a person goes. There is no reason for the recipient to hold on to this specific pen. Technology gifts, however, provide value to the person by enhancing the use of their cell phone. As a result, they are more likely to hang on to these items and use them frequently. When this is the case, the company providing the technology gift benefits, as they obtain a better return on investment.


Companies often stick with those items that have been of aid to them in the past. This is why pens, mouse pads and other items remain popular as promotional items. The problem lies in that these items have become so commonplace people often don't take the time to truly look at them and what they say. This isn't the case when a technology gift is provided. Individuals will pay attention to a person's cell phone, as they want to see what the other person is using and if it would be of benefit to them. Look at the number of people worldwide who wait in line to obtain the latest iPhone or iPad. Imagine clients having a neoprene sleeve or legacy case for their device, one that has a company's brand on it. This brand gets noticed right along with the device, and the company's brand receives more visibility with a wide range of individuals.


Many technology gifts improve the functionality of the device they are used with. For instance, companies may opt to provide their clients with an electrics holder, stylus and screen cleaner. The recipient benefits because they have an item that makes their device more useful. They can ensure it is fully operational at all times, thus they'll want to carry the item with them regularly. Other items that help to improve the functionality of a device include a tidy techer, a car phone/gps clip and a smart stylus screen cleaner. In addition, companies searching for a promotional item may opt to provide clients with speakers that allow the user to boost the sound of their mobile device, so they can not only listen to their favorite music using their phone or tablet, but they can share the songs with others in the area.


Businesses find technology gifts come in a wide range of price points. A company just starting out may need a less expensive item, as their budget is limited when it comes to buying items of this type. In contrast, a business that has been around a while may opt for a fancier technology gift, one that shows the recipient the company truly appreciates their business and thanks them for their patronage. With so many to select from, every business will find one that provides the value they are searching for.

Branding The Item

The technology gift needs to present the logo of the company, the name of an event being hosted by the business or something of that nature. The key, however, is to imprint a design on the item that gets the desired message across without becoming overly promotional. For example, a smart phone card holder may feature the company name and logo, as the holder won't overtake the entire phone. A folding selfie stick may provide the company info on the device mount, but this information doesn't need to take over the handle and stick also. Every business needs to find the right balance to ensure their message is shared with the person using the gift and individuals around him or her without being overly pushy. If the message appears too promotional, the recipient may choose to not use the item.

Consider a wide variety of products to find the right technology gift for the target audience. The millennial generation will likely make use of a selfie stick on a regular basis. In contrast, parents may prefer the lanyard holder, as it keeps their hands free for child paraphernalia they take everywhere they go. With an extensive range to choose from, businesses discover they can find the right product for their clients and one the recipients will use frequently. When this is the case, the company providing the gifts witnesses a boost in interest with regards to what they are offering.