Employees in Calgary use the custom logo writing stationery they received from branded business gifts to make important notes.

Custom Corporate Gift Pens & The Best Business Notebooks with Your Logo

Timelessly popular, imprinted writing and stationery gifts have remained in fashion over all these years for good reason. Versatile, available in a wide array of style options and incredibly useful, the range is almost limitless. From business notebooks with logos to creating your own executive writing pens, the choice is yours and with the sheer range branded stationery, you really are only limited by your own imagination. Start creating yours today and get that perfect blend of classical design, modern influence and your own personal touch all in one.

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Why have items like corporate padfolios remained so popular over the years?

There’s no doubt that, though times and fashion styles may change, items like executive padfolios remain a popular choice when it comes to corporate branding and marketing. So why, with our increasing love and reliance on modern technology, do these items stay in style? One reason could be the versatility of the materials available. While we tend to think of executive leather padfolio’s as the most traditional option, the range of construction materials includes vinyl, wood motif and even nylon. This means more style options for the purchaser and an easier time selecting an imprinted item that will suit your intended audience.

Another likely reason is the sheer amount of branding options available. When you choose business padfolios for your promotional item, the range of imprinted choices range from debossed, printed and more. With so many of us having an ideal style, likely with our own logo in mind this variety gives the creator a better chance of getting exactly what they want, rather than having to settle for the limited options available.

And the final reason is likely, the utility of them. When it comes to creating something practical, for business gifts, it can be difficult to choose an option for multiple people who you likely only know in the work environment. Tailoring corporate gifts can quickly become overwhelming without the right product option, but notebook corporate gifts are a great option for your recipients. Incredibly useful, easy to design, stylish and long lasting – what more could you ask from executive gifts? These three reasons are likely not the only ones, but they certainly go a long way to showing us how business notebooks with logos, custom branded padfolios and journal books have stayed in use and in style for all these years.

Why choose business gift pens for your corporate gifting needs?

Hand in hand with the trusty business padfolio comes the corporate gift pen. Just like its partner, the executive pen kit has remained a strong contender for imprinted corporate gift items for many years and for many good reasons.

Elegance – Looking professional in business is key and he best executive pens can achieve this as easily as a good suit, without the expense! Executive pens with logos add a sophisticated touch to almost every outfit and event, boasting that professional gloss with only a little effort.

Tasteful Marketing – Everyone would like their logo or custom message plastered from wall to ceiling where the public are, but sadly this is just not possible. The good news is marketing doesn’t always have to be ostentatious to have an effect. Creating an item like business gift pens are a classical method of advertising in a tactful, elegant manner that adds glamour to your company’s image for little expense. Most people admire a high-quality executive pen kit, and this can be a great conversation starter for your brand awareness.

Portability – Both notebook corporate gifts and executive pens come with the bonus of being easy to transport from place to place. This makes them the perfect companion for the business worker on the go, and an incredibly useful marketing tool for their creator. They can easily be taken from meeting to meeting, on public transport and to events, taking your logo with it for everyone to see.

Branding – Many corporate gift pens come with the option to be engraved, and this is a popular choice. This long-lasting method of placing your information on your product is simple, classically stylish and a decisive favourite with the public. Adding contact details like phone numbers, email addresses or your slogan can instantly look smart and effortlessly elegant with this imprinted option and is a fantastic choice for many styles of business.

So it seems in conclusion, whether you are looking for executive pen sets that are engraved, to add your personal touch to the best business notebooks or simply a classically popular choice for your corporate gifting season – these promotional items are both essential, personable and easy to create, now that sounds like great gifting to us! Start designing yours today.