Left photo; A young dark-haired man is writing his work of fiction in a spiral-bound cork notebook while seated at an outdoor café balcony near the University of Waterloo. Middle photo; A dark-haired woman with a light brown park ranger style hat and a brown plaid shirt, and is carrying her eco-friendly cork and cotton tote through the city. She has just finished her shopping errands at the Cambridge mall and is heading home. Right photo; A yoga instructor wearing designer grey leggings on her cork yoga mat. She is preparing her lessons inside a converted factory building in downtown Toronto.

Custom Imprinted Cork Products are Eco-Positive & Great for Brand Awareness!

Cork products are here to help not only represent your business, but represent it in the right way! Choosing a more eco-positive item for your promotion can be great for the environment and a modern marketing move that shows you are in touch with what matters in todays climate. From custom cork totes to printed coolers, cork is versatile and great to work with when it comes to creating quality promotional items for your branding. Show that your business is up to date and cares about the lasting legacy of the products they distribute and check out our cork section today!

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The Value of Sustainable Promotional Products in Canada

Custom cork productions are rising in popularity across Canada! With new options appearing at a rapid rate, it seems that Canadian marketers and clients just can't get enough of this eco-friendly promotional range. But why are promotional cork items leading the way for earth-positive branding ideas? As companies strive to make a positive impact on the environment, the demand for eco-friendly marketing strategies and sustainable business gift solutions continues to rise. Public scrutiny over corporate carbon footprints and wasteful practices has never been higher and it's no longer enough to simply market your message to a target audience. Creating the right image and showing that your business is in touch with the essential move towards more sustainable marketing practices could very well be the future of promotions, and this helps explain why custom logo cork products for business promotions are so sought after.

Is Cork a Good Choice for Promotional Eco-Friendly Items?

With the earth-friendly custom branded items in Canada being a newer area for marketing, deciding what material works best for your needs can be a challenge. After all, we know what promotional metal is like, and we know what printed plastic is like, but what about these more modern eco-friendly options? The good news is that custom cork business gifts and eco rewards offer a great material choice for several reasons.

  • Cork is Renewable: Cork is a natural and renewable material that is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees. Unlike other materials (for example, wood) harvesting cork does not harm the tree when it is done correctly. This means that your branded promotional swag or executive reward can contain a material that is more sustainable and earth positive, great for greener branding!
  • Standing Out from the Crowd: We all want our message to be the one that draws attention, but in this busy and competitive world, that can be a challenge! Customized cork promo items offer a way to stand out and showcase your brand in a more eco-friendly manner. Choose from a selection of classical marketing favourites like pens and cooler bags and enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly style!
  • Cutting Down on Waste: Promotional cork products use fewer non-biodegradable materials than their traditional counterparts. What does this mean for your marketing? It means you can offer something with an eco-friendly bonus and your logo combined to create talking points, greener brand awareness and less chance of your logo being the one on display in landfills years from now. Whilst there are only a few items like promotional cork coasters that can be made fully from cork, every bit helps towards the drive towards a greener future for your clients and your business.
  • Cork is Versatile, Great News for Promotions: Choosing cork for your eco-friendly promotional needs in Canada doesn't have to mean limiting your choices! With the increase in demand for this type of promo item, more options are available all the time and each is waiting for your logo or message to make them complete. Choose from promotional cork journals, and custom logo pens made from cork or check out the range of style options available on our selection of custom printed cork totes! Unsure which to choose? Send our team your logo and event and let us help!

Now we know about the potential benefits and perks of choosing branded products made from cork for Canadian promotions and business gifts, it is easy to see why cork is in such high demand.

From One Material Comes Multiple Promotional Eco-Options!

Cork might seem like a humble material, but from its origin, almost limitless marketing products can arise! Below are just some of the items that cork can be transformed into.

  • Custom Cork Journals & Pens: Write your eco-friendly success story with branded journals and pens made with cork! These popular products are great for everything from back-to-school promo swag to useful eco-positive giveaways and rewards. With journals being a practical product, your message could be on display each time there's a meeting, a study group or its new owner is writing down their thoughts of the day. Check out our range of branded pens made from cork and journal options today!
  • Promotional Cork Coasters: Coast your way to better brand visibility and sustainable marketing alternatives with custom logo coasters made from cork material. These products are lightweight yet durable and often budget-friendly. Great for eco-friendly promo swag ideas in Canada and creating a greener image without a heavy price tag. Your imprinted cork coaster could be at the heart of parties and social events and a conversation starter about your brand even after your marketing event is complete.
  • Custom Logo Cork Coolers: Keep food and beverages cool and heat up your brand visibility with imprinted cooler bags made from eco-friendly materials. Cork exteriors can be custom branded and the traditional interiors help maintain temperatures while on the move. Cooler bags made from cork are available in Canada to offer an eco-friendly bonus on a classically popular tradeshow and event item.

Leaving a Lasting Impression matters... as Long as it's the Right Kind

We talked earlier about how no one wants to see their logo in the landfill or polluting the oceans and how cork products can help. Reducing the need for non-biodegradable products is about more than just great marketing – it's about sending the right message. Show Canadians that your business cares about the big picture and give them the chance to take an interest in your commitment and long-term goals, in addition to your logo. Create great conversation starters at marketing events ("Hey, take one of these pens, they are eco-friendly!") and amongst your client's social circle long after your event is over. How often have you asked about a product, and the person has launched enthusiastically into the benefits and perks of owning the item? Eco-friendly products create that window to talk about the growing public passion for a greener tomorrow with your branding included.

Don't Let Your Drive for Eco-Positivity Fade. Contact Us to Begin!

What are you looking at? Well hopefully, it's a more eco-friendly future for us all and we are ready to help you take those important first steps! From eco-friendly swag options to branded eco business rewards and executive gifting options in Canada, we have you covered. Contact us to begin creating not only great branding, but better brand associations with eco-friendly marketing options for events and giveaways. Change for a greener future could be just a few clicks away, Message our team to discover how your business can be involved in modern, earth-positive marketing today.