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Savvy home builders and real estate professionals understand that one of their most valuable resources is happy clients. Along with helping people build or find the right homes, it pays to consider the use of Corporate homeware gifts as a way to strengthen the rapport. In fact, gifts of this type can be put to good use in more than one way. Below are some great products aimed at just that! Increasing the positive image of your business through the use of promotional home gifts. Browse styles below and contact us for a fast written quote including your logo or branded message.

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Gifts for Visitors to Open Houses

While it's true that not everyone who attends an open house event is really interested in buying a home, there's a good chance that those casual visitors know someone who would be a possible buyer. One way to increase the odds that they will talk to others about what they see in the home is to provide them with a gift as they prepare to leave. The homeware gift does not have to be something expensive in this application. All it needs to do is provide some kind of handy function. A nice set of tea towels will do the trick or even a torch that's just the right size to add to a key ring. For added effect, having the real estate agent's contact information embossed or stamped on the gift won't hurt.

A Gift Basket for the New Homeowners

Real estate professionals like nothing better than matching the right client with the ideal home. When such an event occurs, it's worth celebrating. Consider the idea of creating a gift basket that draws on traditional gifts new homeowners receive. Along with that loaf of bread meant to wish the owners that hunger never be known in the house, include a nice cutting board and a matching knife for slicing the loaf. A nice bottle of wine that traditionally sends the message of the house being filled with celebration can be paired with some elegant wine glasses, a bottle stopper, and maybe even a beautiful corkscrew.

Flesh out the basket with some other goodies that the new homeowner can put to good use. An ice bucket is always a nice addition, along with soaps and a set of nice towels that happen to match the colours in the master bathroom. Something for the owner to snack on while enjoying the wine would not be bad either. It's easy enough to find cheese and cracker sets that will fit into the basket nicely. That same cutting board used for the bread can also be used for the cheese.

Something For the Last Day of Construction

Builders can get in on the act too. Consider the idea of providing the client with some promotional homeware once the construction is done and the house has passed the home inspection. A nice collection of essentials will be a great way to say thanks for the business while also wishing the new owners many happy years in the home. Think about including things they will be able to put to good use immediately. Some suggestions include wall clocks, picture frames, decorative scented candles, and maybe even a nice set of cooking utensils to use with that backyard grill.

A Visit By the Neighbourhood Welcome Wagon

Whether the home is located in an established neighbourhood or a recently completed development, the local association can obtain all sorts of promotional gifts to create welcome baskets for the new additions to the area. Local merchants can provide everything from boxed teas to aprons and various types of kitchen tools that bear the names and contact information of those businesses. The result is that a representative from the neighbourhood association can put together a gift basket for the new arrivals and ensure they feel welcomed by the community.

Just about everyone can use a few extras when they move into a new home. Those who have some type of connection with the decision to settle in the area can make the experience more welcoming by providing gifts that are practical and also happen to promote local businesses. Along with making it easier to settle in, this approach also ensures the new arrivals know who to recommend when someone else needs a good or service as well as where to go when they need something else for the home.