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Custom Branded Stress Toys & Printed Promotional Stress Relievers Canada

Stress balls are a longstanding promotional product for a very good reason. The traditional style round balls were great for absent-mindedly squeezing or even holding on to when a person was stressed. However, these toys have evolved a lot recently, and the foam toys are no longer just round balls with the company's name printed on them. Although they may have originally been found mainly on desks in busy office buildings, the latest version of these toys can be seen just about anywhere, which makes them a great option for promoting a brand or company in Canada.

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<h2>A clear brand is a clear winner</h2> <p>Regardless of how the employee, customer, or potential customer chooses to use their stress toy, it's important for it to have the company branding clearly on the product. By working with a company that specializes in printing brand information on promotional products, a company can ensure the toys they give to employees, clients, and potential customers are high quality and the writing will remain visible for a very long time. Low-quality products sold at deep discounts are often only worth the amount of money a company pays for them. After the printing has worn off a stress ball, it's merely a toy with no value to the company.</p> <h2>Shape your company with custom shapes</h2> <p>Printed Stress Toys that are outside what people would traditionally think of when they talk about stress balls are the ideal way to get attention. There are so many options out there right now that it only makes sense to choose a toy other than a round blue ball. The best marketers in Toronto Ontario look for a foam toy that relates to their business. For example, instead of a round ball, a real estate agent might elect to print his or her contact information on a toy house or key. Because these are out of the ordinary, they are more likely to get attention and, therefore, more sales.</p> <h2>Reach further with your identity</h2> <p>When companies in Canada want to expand their reach, they often use one or more promotional products. These things might be given away at trade shows or directly to customers when they come into the office. Ideally, these products should be functional. Pens and notepads have always been great promotional products. However, because they are so widely used, these items tend to get tossed aside when they are obtained at trade shows or not needed at the moment. Stress toys, on the other hand, will always be useful and most companies don't invest in them.</p> <h2>Not just for the office</h2> <p>Although they are great for squeezing during boring meetings or even during stressful phone calls, the most effective stress toys aren't kept on a desk or in a purse. They are used on the ride into work in the morning so other people on the bus or train see them and ask about the company. They are also played with by children on the playground so other parents see the brand name and seek more information about the company. Ink pens and notepads are much less effective at getting the attention of strangers and even though they cost less, they aren't the best marketing investment.</p> <h2>Great Uses for Promotional Stress Balls</h2> <p>Most people know about stress balls. Whether there's one on a desk at work or they were seen on TV, there's no doubt that the stress ball is an important part of homes and offices around the country. There's a good reason for that as mounting research shows stress ball use can provide significant physical and emotional benefits. With that in mind, buyers can consider providing Promotional stress balls as a way for customers to relieve stress and increase their positive energy. Below are several great things customers can do with a promotional stress ball.</p> <h2>Muscle Toning</h2> <p>Even if a person isn't experiencing anxiety or stress, a few firm squeezes of a stress ball can help strengthen the muscles of the hands, wrists, and forearms. Because stress balls are so compact, customers can do these exercises anywhere, even the car or the office.</p> <h2>Relaxing During a Long Meeting</h2> <p>Many people feel as if they're always stuck in a meeting at work. Those finding themselves getting bored, tired, or irritated can consider using a promotional stress ball to keep their mind at ease and their hands occupied during a long business meeting.</p> <h2>Create a Promotional Package</h2> <p>If a company plans to market its products and services at an event such as a conference or trade show, the team can use Branded stress toys as part of a giveaway package for potential clients. By giving away items such as stress balls and back scratchers, companies can ensure their customers think of them every time they relax.</p> <h2>A Gentle Foot Massage</h2> <p>During a long work day, a customer can slip off their shoes and roll their feet on a couple of custom printed stress balls. The gentle rolling motion can stimulate certain points on the feet, which provides calming and creative benefits.</p> <p>The humble but useful stress ball can make a great promotional marketing giveaway for conferences, sporting events, and trade shows, but it's great for so many other things. The ideas listed here are just some of the best—customers can come up with their own and see the benefits, usefulness, and flexibility of these great little gifts.</p>