Three images of custom branded wristbands being worn indoors for events and outside at a music festival in Canada.

Our Premium Range of Silicone Wristbands & Bracelets, All Custom Branded

Silicone Wristbands can help make the most of any upcoming corporate event through our range of quality, custom silicone bracelets. There is the option of printing, or debossing/embossing your company's name and slogan around these rubber wristbands. Our range of silicone armbands will help increase your promotional exposure at any trade show, exhibition or conference that you sponsor. In this way, you can boost brand awareness while simultaneously keeping track of all attendees. It is no wonder why these custom wristbands are so popular at corporate events, fundraisers and concerts around the country.

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Get custom silicone wristbands for your next event

Of course, we will do our best to tailor the final design with your business' branding strategies. As well as the specifics of the logo, slogan or message that you choose, we can also adjust the colour to match with your corporate image. The good news is that using our rubber and silicone wristbands in Canada are recommended as these printable items can be customized with your corporate details and delivered to you at a very affordable rate. Prior to production, we will also create a virtual 3D model of your chosen bracelet so you are completely satisfied before committing yourself.

Rubber bracelets are extremely affordable

We also understand the need to stick with your budget when organizing any event. Because of this, we sell our quality branded bands at prices that are very affordable. We even have bulk rates for those who order a certain amount of goods from our store. Just get in touch with our team and ask for an initial quote today. By adjusting the type of material, printing method and size of your corporate image, we can tailor the entire product to suit your financial situation. Ordering promo items need not take up too much of your event budget as you can see.

Complete control over manufacturing quality

You may be wondering how we can maintain such high quality while still helping you save money. We can source the best materials and utilise the most efficient corporate gift production processes in the market. As a result despite our custom wristbands for events having incredibly cheap prices, the team at Dynamic Gift guarantees their quality and durability. These are products that will reflect well on your business and are something you can confidently hand out at any future function or trade exhibition. They will also take care of your budget and help you conserve your company's precious capital.

In addition to cost and quality, we also focus on speed when it comes to the manufacturing of our rubber and Tyvek bands. With the quickest turnaround time in Canada, you can be sure Dynamic Gift will get your goods to you without delay, ensuring you are ready to host any upcoming commercial occasion. We take all of the hassle out of customizing these useful promotional items, stepping you through the design, manufacturing and delivery processes. In the end, both our products and services are guaranteed to please regardless of the event you have planned.

Silicone wristbands can help win more clients & followers

To organize any concert, conference or exhibition properly, it is essential to fit the event materials with your brand image. When ordering our promo bracelets, you will have a wide choice of colours and can opt for printing, embossing or debossing for the final design. To ensure everything fits in with your branding strategies and event planning, we will send you a virtual 3D model before manufacturing. In this way, you can check that everything is perfect. These corporate gifts will be an effective branded accessory that your guests can wear while attending your next event.

Thanks to the flexibility of our products, you can use them for a wide range of events. Whether you are supporting a worthy cause or promoting a new line of goods, hand these items out to anyone attending and give them a customized souvenir of the occasion. Our quality printed promotional silicone wristbands are a cheap and effective branded product that will let the world know what you are doing. With their low costs, this is a smart way to improve marketing potential and inform the public of your involvement in good causes, local events and even environmental awareness.

As we can tailor the design to your needs, you can customize the final results to suit your audience. For example, multi-coloured bands distributed at fundraisers and charity events are sure to appeal to the younger generation. On the other hand, plain designs embossed with a particular message can be worn by people of all ages who wish to show support for your efforts. Just talk to our artwork team and find out what is possible when designing these wristbands. We will talk you through the process of creating some truly memorable promotional items for your next event.

Fastest delivery times in Canada

Dynamic Gift will also go the extra mile when it comes to delivery. As a savvy business owner, you will be glad to hear that we have the fastest turnaround time for the design and manufacture of branded goods in Canada. Whichever customized silicone bands you order, they will be shipped without any lengthy delays so you can get your hands on these quality products in no time.As you can see, there really is no better choice of corporate gift suppliers when it comes to designing and producing some truly effective promo items to be handed out at your next exhibition, trade show, concert or fundraiser.

Companies looking to make an event more secure often turn to Custom Wristbands to achieve this goal. Wristbands serve numerous other purposes also, such as offering a way for an organization to raise funds or to promote a cause. In addition, companies may acquire the wristbands for a charitable event, and these are only a few of the many ways these accessories may be utilized for different reasons. Following are some ways an organization can benefit from the use of these accessories as part of an activity that are putting together.

Branding Of A Business

A wristband allows a business to brand themselves quickly and easily. This is true for both new businesses and established ones in Canada. As the business retains all control over the colour scheme, design, and logo present on the band, each organization can create an item that is truly unique and stands out in the crowd. With the help of these bands, companies find they are able to increase not only the level of recognition of their brand, but also their credibility.


Groups find it easy to raise money for a cause when they choose to make use of this fashion accessory. Silicon wristbands remain popular with people of all ages, as they are inexpensive and may be obtained in a variety of colors. The individual can let others know what they are passionate about with the help of the band, and groups can bring in some much-needed funds. As the wristbands cost very little, a person may wish to buy several, allowing them to coordinate the band with their outfit of choice for each day.


A company has the option of advertising with the help of custom wristbands. As the bands are portable and personal, the wearer can take them everywhere they go, and the bands tend to be a great conversation starter. Every time the band is spoken of, the company receives free advertising. The only expense is the initial purchase cost, and this is minimal, even when custom bands are selected.

Promoting An Event

Any time an event needs to be organized, individuals should consider offering custom wristbands specific to the occasion. The bands not only raise money and provide admittance to the event, if they are provided to participants beforehand, they can also help to increase awareness of the function. The band helps to spread the news and serves as a form of advertising. It is also a memento of the great time the person had when attending the event. For this reason, people will be clamoring to get one for themselves. Where else can they get so much for the mere cost of a fashion accessory?

These are only a few of the many ways a group can make use of custom bands in Ontario. There are many others. Research purchasing these bands for an organization today and learn about the benefits firsthand. Embossed bands are attractive, thus the purchaser will want to wear one every day. Make sure they are doing so while supporting your cause. As the bands can be made to your specifications, raising awareness and/or funds has never been easier.