A woman with long black hair is writing in her new custom journal gift set beside her open silver-coloured laptop.

Corporate Pen Gift Sets with Fully Branded Gift Packages

Finding a gift that is both practical for your recipient and visually appealing can be tough! What suits one customer, another may dislike and discard, turning your valuable advertising tool into literal trash. Finding something for different target audiences so no one is left out can quickly become not only time consuming but expensive too! As if Christmas shopping wasn’t stress enough for one year – now you have to spend all mid-summer trying to find a promo item that suits everyone? Impossible you say! But at Dynamic Gift, we can help!

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Promotional pen gift sets

Pens may be one of the original promotional items but that doesn’t mean they have decreased in their usefulness and with Dynamic Gift Canada’s branded pen sets you can step up your promo game and give your customers not only something useful but something stylish too!

Technology vs. the quill and parchment

We may live in an increasingly ‘tech orientated’ society but how many times a day do you, even now, have to physically write something down? Pens are still a huge part of our day to day lives, humble and unobtrusive, but without them things come to a halt quickly. Not everything can be written electronically, and the majority of people are still not tech savvy or even trust electronic forms of composition at all. With many meetings also being confidential, a lot of people prefer still to write things down so there is only one physical copy rather than trusting it to the dubious safety of the computer, or worse – the internet! Also, not everyone is a quick typist, but there are far less slow literal writers so with the fast paced nature of company work, having a quality pen can make all the difference. With all this in mind, custom printed corporate pen sets are a great choice for anyone who works in a busy environment.

Who’s seen my pen??

How often have you heard this? Always with the accusatory tone of someone who acts as if they have been robbed of something far greater than a pen. People covet a good pen, so by giving them a custom printed pen gift set you are not only giving your valuable customer something that they would probably hoard anyway, but now with the added bonus of extra stylish packaging and personalization that they are sure to keep on hand for years to come. By choosing company branded sets you are also giving your customer a greater chance of reclaiming their product as it is more easily identifiable. As an added bonus, they will be more likely to remember your slogan or logo too! ‘That’s my pen for the Olympic Squirrel Racing Society and I’ll take that back!’

Say ‘thank you’ like you mean it

There’s nothing as mildly depressing as getting a gift that is...tacky. You say ‘thank you’ and mentally plan how soon you can off load it or even throw it in the garbage. With it often comes the thought of how little that person knows you to choose that item. This goes for corporate gifts too, as it has never been more important in this busy and competitive world of modern commerce to show that you are in touch with your clients’ needs. Small details can make all the difference in the world and saying ‘I appreciate your custom’ with a corporate pen set is both classy and personal in the same gesture. We have various options available, for both pairing with the pens as well as for the gift packaging including key ring combo options, ballpoint and pencil sets, and even our Harmony Pen/Flashlight set. Keeping it both fresh and useful has never been easier!

Affordable advertising for the long haul

With no company having an unlimited budget for advertising most have to choose wisely. Our pen gift sets by Dynamic Gift Canada are both affordable and long lasting. Place your company branded pens in the hands of your valuable customers and not only give them a gift they will cherish, but help further your brand awareness and keep your business growing in one strategic move. With our low price guarantee and no obligation artwork mock up, having a gift that is practical and coveted is simple. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and choose the right tool for your company and clients write here with us!