Adorable customized plush animals enjoying the outdoors across Canada in mini tees, knitted sweaters and cute golf outfits.

Our Custom Plush Business Gifts are Cuddly Quality Products with Your Logo

Corporate gifting doesn’t always have involve serious imprinted products to get the effect you need. Don’t let those cute appearances fool you! Custom plush are adorable, collectable and best of all – memorable. This helps to make them a powerful marketing item for your business and a highly sought-after item by the public all in one. Start creating your own corporate gift plushes and put your branded message on these adorable plush gifts today.

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Why are custom branded plushes so popular when it comes to choosing corporate gifts?

There’s no doubt that custom plush products are a popular choice for many types of business gifts – but why? One likely answer is that they are simply so cute we are drawn to keeping them. When you are cleaning your office desk, what’s going to go in the trash, that novelty printed stapler set that never gets used, or that custom branded stuffed animal staring at you and silently pleading with you to stay where they are? The short of it is, the public mostly love plush gifts. They appeal to our senses and our desire for comforting and appealing items around us. This means for your business, when you create these you have a great chance of your product and consequently your imprinted logo with them and that is powerful marketing.

Multiple branding options available for custom stuffed animals!

When you select custom plush animals for your executive gifts, the branding options are versatile and incredibly effective when it comes to creating an impactful statement on your recipients. With corporate gift plushes you can often choose between having them embroidered or custom printed – offering you better versatility for your needs and a chance to create the best type of gift plush for your promotional needs. Embroidered messages and logos are a fantastic, lasting option for your slogan or message and imprinted methods offer an eye-catching option to help your business get the attention it needs. Add that to a cute mini T-shirt or scarf on a custom plush and you have a fantastic marketing option for your company and a great quality gift all in one.

A promotional stuffed animal item that doesn’t have to fight its rivals!

In the wild there’s competition and in the business world it can be just as competitive. The upside to this is certain imprinted products don’t have to fight away competition, they can take their place alongside them instead and plush gifts are a great example of this. If a client has a branded ruler already on their desk or in their home space and you give them another, they aren’t likely to keep both – but with branded plush animals they just might! Having a collection of cute memorabilia is common and who hasn’t seen a line up on a shelf or desk with these cheery plushes lined neatly up on display? By creating printed soft animals you are choosing an item that people often set no limit on when it comes to quantity and this can be a great chance for your brand to stay out on display where it needs to be.

Stuffed bears not your business’ thing? How about animal golf club covers instead?

Maybe your company has clients or recipients that might not have the right lifestyle for corporate gift plushes and you are worried they will thank you then store them away out of sight? But despite this, you are still drawn to the idea of them because of their sway in marketing and because they are just so appealing! Well the good news is, before you write these off as your business gift choice, there are more options than your standard stuffed bear available for you. Plush golf club protectors offer you the perfect blend of cutesy appeal, stylish novelty and fun executive gifts all in one. Animal golf club covers are useful on the course and a great talking point, as well as offering the option for your custom message to travel with its owner. Your business associate might not tote that custom stuffed plush about with them (sadly) but when you create an item like plush golf club protectors you are adding professional utility to an already appealing product and that is good way to “tee off” excellent brand awareness for your corporate gifting season.

Creating your own custom gift plush with our company

Whether you choose custom stuffed animals for your corporate gifts, animal golf club covers or something else entirely from us, we are ready and waiting to assist! If you need help deciding between embroidered promotional plushes, or imprinted, or if you are unsure what promotional item could look best with your logo – we are here to help you get the quality and service you need. The only thing we can’t help with is which gift plush is the cutest! Whatever your needs, contact us today and let us take some of the stress out of your corporate gift requirements this season.