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Promotional Coasters, Custom Branded with Your Logo

Our variety of different coaster and place mat options are the perfect promotional products to keep your company’s team happy. Designed to save office desks from being marked or stained, our coaster can be customized as well for a unique product that promotes your brand. Every desk in your building will benefit from a set of these coasters. This product also makes for an excellent promotional giveaway item for clients – every time they take a break and relax with a drink, they’ll see your brand. Have people associate your company with feeling good and having fun by using these customizable coaster sets.

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Help your brand to stick around

Finding new and effective advertising media gets more difficult every day. From the days of newspaper and magazine ads to television, and radio and finally to digital avenues, the products that succeed are those whose advertisements stick with the audience. Few outlets are content to develop local clientele, as the internet and overnight delivery has opened the entire world to entrepreneurs as a target market.

Inexpensive, but not ineffective

Forward-thinking business owners in Canada have discovered an inexpensive and effective way to brand products by utilizing drink coasters. Coasters are used everywhere drinks are consumed, whether in a home or commercial setting. The obvious reason for coasters is to prevent damage to the finish on wood products, including those protected by oil, shellac or varnish finishes. Even plastic, granite or any highly glossed surfaces can get water rings from drinks inadvertently place on them, and removal without leaving trace or residue is often difficult.

Custom branded placements for bars & venues

Commercial establishments use coasters for many of the same reasons, plus as a protective measure for linens, tablecloths, and other items which stains or water spots may render unusable. Restaurants, bars, and cafes seldom place a drink on a table or bar without first putting a coaster down.

A new take on a classic corporate gift

Many businesses custom order coasters to promote themselves to customers and clients. Others purchase bulk quantities for gifting to employees, frequent customers, or as incentive items at trade shows, street carnivals, or to just pass out freely as advertising. The practice of collecting coasters has become popular, especially among those who travel frequently or who are adventurous eaters and enjoy a variety of new places and fares. No business owner will turn down free advertising, so the taking of coasters by customers is not frowned upon.

Custom coasters can be made of many different materials. While most are formed from inexpensive materials and printed or stamped, others are produced in sets of plastic, wood, and various metals. Printed coasters are the most common, and the type usually displayed in personal collections, although pewter, silver, and other more durable materials are the type typically given as gifts or incentives.

In the digital world, some of the most effective branding techniques are still unique, commonplace, and widely used traditional items and methods.

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