A birdseye view of different custom coasters under various drinks with straws on a tabletop in Canada. The coasters are made from different materials including card and leather.

Custom Branded Coasters for Great Brand Visibility Without the Heavy Price Tag!

Who wants to create one giant billboard when you can choose hundreds and thousands of mini ones instead? Promotional coasters offer the chance to get your message at the heart of parties, social events and meetings! Available with full colour print and featuring coasters made in Canada – we have a wide range of branded coaster options for your next marketing campaign. Looking for something different? Create sophisticated business gifts with custom debossed leather coasters, or go green with our eco-friendly options! Whatever you do, don't miss out on your custom coasters. Start browsing today or contact us to find out more.

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Why Are Branded Coasters So Popular for Marketing?

When it comes to creating brand awareness campaigns, promotional coasters remain popular – but why are these humble products so sought after for customization? Versatile, lightweight and easy to distribute, custom coasters offer a great surface for custom branding and best of all, they serve a useful purpose too! Providing your target audience with a handy spot for their beverage to rest on can be great for brand awareness and visibility. This might help to explain why custom coasters are popular for multiple types of marketing events – but let's take a closer look at the potential perks of creating unique coasters for your business!

Who Could Benefit from Promotional Coasters?

The quicker answer to this would be, who couldn't? Custom card coasters allow your message the chance to be on display in living spaces, at poolsides and, of course, in your very own business venue. The best news is, printed coasters can also benefit far more than just bars and breweries! Creating coasters in bulk with your logo or message offers a great way to get your message into the hands of your customers and promote what matters to you.

Place Your Logo Somewhere Easy to Notice with Imprinted Coasters

Unlike a sign that a customer may see only once for a moment, branded coasters can be located right under people's noses! Creating custom coasters with logos can help your company promote everything from its name and location to current deals and special offers. Showcase upcoming events or draw attention to flagship products while your customers enjoy their drinks! With coasters being so easy to customize, you can design something for your promotion on an inexpensive item that has the potential to be located at the very heart of gatherings and occasions.

What Materials Can Branded Coasters Be Created From?

So now we have discussed some of the potential perks of unique coasters in Canada for your business – you might be wondering what types are available! Custom coasters with logos come in a wide variety of material options, and each style has its benefits listed below for easy reading.

  • Custom Card Coasters – One of the most popular styles of coaster are printed card and paper coasters. These often come in different thickness options from 40. pts to 80. pts and this means they can be used for different purposes. The general rule of thumb is the lighter and thinner the coaster is, the more geared it is toward short-term use. Promoting your brand with full colour card coasters is a great way to pass along information at tradeshows and conventions. Bars and breweries could benefit from the heavier and thicker options, but this material is an inexpensive way to get your message out there for multiple styles of business.
  • Custom Metal Coasters – The heavyweight (literally) of personalized coasters for business, custom printed metal coasters offer a more lasting form of branding. Often available in full colour, these coasters offer a lasting product with your information that could be perfect for homes or long-term use.
  • Custom Cork Coasters – Similar to card options, branded cork coasters often come in a variety of thickness options. This means they can be suitable for promotions, giveaways or bars and restaurants and are available with full colour and screen print. Cork is a popular material for coasters as it won’t scratch surfaces and can help soak up spills. This makes them a popular all-rounder for coaster options.
  • Custom Leather Coasters – This style of coaster is a popular choice for custom business gifts and corporate rewards. Branded leather coasters are most typically debossed, creating lasting branding without print that could easily fade. With leather often being linked to luxury material, creating branded gifts for your clients and employees can be easy to do with this option. These coasters are also often available as custom coaster sets for elegant gifts and this means multiple opportunities for your message to shine.
  • Custom Wood Coasters – There's nothing rusty about going rustic for promotional coasters, especially when you choose wood for your material! This type of coaster is often available with custom engraving, offering another lasting form of branding for your product. A great choice for custom gifts and smaller marketing campaign rewards, branded wooden coasters can also be the perfect natural accent to homes and office spaces.
  • Custom PVC Coasters – Often available with full colour print, branded plastic and PVC coasters offer a more waterproof option for your custom logo. Created from materials designed to resist spills and drips – promotional PVC coasters offer a long-term solution for your custom coaster needs.

Customized Coasters with Multiple Branding Options!

Creating something to help your business stand out from the crowd can be easy to achieve with custom drink coasters! Choose from a range of options including full colour print for vibrant design options, fully tailored to your image colours. Go classic with debossed leather coasters for a more classical style of branding that contains more than a touch of sophistication and style. Custom engraved coasters from metal or wood offer a timeless and lasting way to present your logo or important message. Whatever you decide on, coasters offer versatility for your design and can help your business make something tailored to the needs of your promotional campaign.

Create Low Cost, Wide Range Marketing Campaigns with Custom Coasters

Why worry that you can't afford one giant billboard for your business when you could create a thousand mini ones? Create inexpensive advertising campaigns with coasters in bulk for your business. With many imprinted coasters being under $1, your business could go big when it comes to volume. This helps to make this product an ideal companion for tradeshows, conventions and promotional giveaways. Pass out your logo, phone number, email and more on a useful item that is easy for clients to take home with them once your interaction is complete.

Offering Branded Business Gifts with a Purpose with Debossed Coasters

Knowing what to give for gifts when it comes to those who matter to your business can be tricky. We don't always know people involved with our company on a personal level, but that doesn't mean they are any less valuable. Finding appropriate gifts doesn't have to be a headache though because custom coaster sets offer an excellent choice for tasteful custom business gifts. Adding your personal touch to these otherwise neutral products transforms them into tailored items that show your clients you care enough to take the time to personalize their gifts. Finally, providing an item they could find useful is a great way to help your message stay close after the gifting occasion is done.

Go Eco-Friendly with Custom Recycled Coasters for Your Business

Did you know that choosing custom coasters in Canada doesn't have to mean sacrificing going green for your campaign? We offer eco-friendly printed coasters options with a variety of green options. Choose from coasters made from recyclable materials for your business, vegetable-based inks and coaster options for your branding from fully managed forests. Creating eco-positive branded coasters is not only great for the environment, but it can also be positive for your business. Show the public that you care about more than just the bottom line and are in touch with the need for a greener and more sustainable future for all. Generate a conversation starter when interacting with visitors at tradeshows and events. With so many benefits it's easy to see why promotional eco coasters are becoming such a popular choice when it comes to custom-designed coasters for businesses.

Choose from Coasters Made in Canada!

Choosing branded card coasters made in Canada could be another awesome talking point for your business! In addition to offshore options, we offer a range of Canadian-made custom coasters in bulk. If you are interested in finding promotional Canadian-made coasters simply look for the red 'Made in Canada' tag on items or contact us for more details!

Celebrate with Quality Coasters for Your Branding

Let's work together to create custom drink coasters for your next event. Our office is based here in Ontario, meaning we are more likely to be aligned with your business hours than those offshore! Whether you are looking for printed coasters in bulk, custom cork coasters or debossed leather coasters for stylish business gifts, our staff are ready to help. We offer an experienced art department and sales team ready to answer your questions and get you started coasting your way to great brand visibility. Contact us today to get started on personalized coasters for your business.