Three images of custom printed clear bags for shopping, travel and outdoor events. There are two clear bags filled with products and a group of young people sitting on the grass at a music festival.

Custom Branded Clear Stadium Bags and Fanny Packs

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t spend valuable time each day rummaging through their bag for something they need? Suddenly a small area tote becomes an endless void filled with unseen mysteries that can only be groped at – and are definitely not what you are looking for. Or how about stepping out on a summer’s day with a cotton tote only for it to pour down, soaking your bag and its precious contents? These common, frustrating problems can affect us all - but can also be easily overcome and forgotten by choosing clear backpacks and fanny packs from Dynamic Gift Canada.

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No more single use products with negative associations

With an increasing government focus and rising public awareness, single use items are rapidly becoming consigned to the past. With a custom printed vinyl bag, you are not only providing business with a long-term advertising solution, you are showing the recipient you are aware of the most challenges of the modern world and you care for the environment. This cannot be underestimated as the public are increasingly wary of any product that can harm our ecosystem and will not only shun such products but also raise negative attention for not only its own self, but also for the company it’s linked to. With that in mind, choosing a multi-use product such as our recycled PET bags is a smart, modern choice for any company wishing to maintain a positive public image and raise brand awareness at the same time.

Benefits and usefulness

Water resistant and highly durable, these bags will help the owners keep their goods safe, something they will be reminded of you helping with each time they grab their prized bag with your slogan on it. Useful for sure, but still not the most useful perk some of these items have to offer. Should you select one of our see-through storage items, you instantly save your recipient time and stress. Having a clear bag means less time spent at security check ins, be it at festivals, airports, museums and more! By saving anyone a twenty minute extra wait each time their imprinted transparent bag is handed quickly back to them, they are not only more likely to be grateful to your company but also share with their friends and family about this useful item too.

A message that travels

Whichever of these products you decide to choose, by selecting a bag as the home for your logo or slogan, you are essentially creating a small, very mobile billboard. Likely to travel with its owner wherever they go, this item is highly visible and easily spotted in public, as well as a great conversation starter! Help imprint your logo in the minds of the public and raise brand awareness with this handy, extremely portable product selection.

Get with the times!

Once thought to be a product of the 90’s, clear bags are back in style and now that some also offer a new eco-friendly twist, it looks like they are here to stay! With celebrities wearing them on the red carpet to fashion designers being photographed carrying them on errands, vinyl bags are back in the limelight once more. Get your company and its slogan on brand, on social media in people’s pictures and posts with this fashionable, sought after item today.

A little bit about us

We at Dynamic Gift Canada offer competitive pricing and fast turnaround times. With a free artwork service and dedicated staff, getting the product you want can be simple, affordable and above all, achievable. So why not contact us today and get your dream design in the bag?