Retractable badge reels attached to IDs are being worn indoors at a meeting and outside on a work site for deliveries to show how useful they can be.

Branded Badge Reels & Custom Printed Badge Pullers

Badge reels are excellent methods of holding personal identification while on the job. Retractable cords that attach to the ID cards make the work day much easier, allowing the employee to access restricted areas and establish connections with ease. Many find that badge reels are much more comfortable and safer than lanyards as well. Our badge reels are fully custom, ensuring you can create promotional products that also provide a much needed function for your staff. You could also gift these promotional badge reels to clients and prospective clients for more business exposure, which is never a bad thing!

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Retractable ID badge pullers for staff, visitors and contractors at events

Although a huge amount of work places require you to carry some sort of identification visible to both the general public and other workers, having it clipped directly to clothing can mean it gets lost or damaged more easily and having something dangling is often not the most practical option. Retractable badge reels are an excellent method of keeping employees’ identification safely attached in the workplace and an ideal solution to this common problem for business owners as well!

ID reels simply attach to the card in use and clip safely onto clothing, a belt loop or a lanyard without restricting the person’s movement in a hazardous manner. Retractable cords go back into the housing when not pulled, leaving no dangling string that can be caught or torn. They are lightweight, tough and as an added bonus can even be personalized and custom printed to suit your place of business, for extra visibility and identification in one.

Help your workplace run more smoothly!

Retractable badge reels not only help easily work out who is supposed to be where and keep restricted access areas operating with less incident, but also means your employees are less likely to forget their badge and hold up the queue while they argue whether they should be allowed in or let out of the area they are stood in front of. No one wants to be locked out of the place they have to access to finish their work, and having this happen not only causes employee frustration (I know I had that badge somewhere!) but lost company time and money. If this happens frequently it can mean a bigger profit and production loss than you had probably considered! Scanning ID badges also means fumbling around trying to hold a card up to the scanner but with an ID reel you can simply pull the badge out on its cord to scan then let it return to its reel out of the way when finished.

Low cost peace of mind

Not every work place can have the luxury of a custom printed lanyard, that’s an unfortunate fact – for example, places where people work with food preparation still need identification (because we would like to know our tiramisu isn’t being made by someone who just walked in off the street). They can’t have anything hanging because personal safety and potential flambéed badges aside, having an unsanitary item dipping into the food every time the cook leans forward is not only unappealing but also breaking hygienic codes. So by choosing this product you are not only increasing employee safety but also helping your company adhere to the rules. Places that feature high contact with the general public or animals could also hugely benefit from this form of carrying visible identification without requiring that it be around the neck!

Functional and promotional

Badge pullers by Dynamic Gift Canada come with the option to custom print a logo or graphic of your choice on the reel, a great touch for low cost advertising when your employees go off site for lunch or have meetings with other companies. Show the world you are the peak of professionalism and safety with our ID reels and maybe even make valuable connections with people that might not have otherwise known who your company is!

With so many places requiring ID, giving these away as a promo item at a trade show to potential customers is also a great choice as so many people have a need for them. A low cost, high visibility investment product that remains in use by the recipient is the goal of any advertising, and with custom printed retractable badge reels you have the tool you need. You could even give them away as a thank you to clients and help strengthen that important personal bond people seek out in a competitive business world.

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At Dynamic gift Canada we carry both plain and fully customized badge pullers, so whether you need something simple and functional or eye catching and personal, contact us today for a quote and find out just how affordable practical advertising and promoting employee safety reely is!