Custom eco-friendly notebooks are being used outdoors in nature for journaling and personal wellness.

Get Customized Eco Friendly Notepads & Recycled Paper Journals in Canada

Eco friendly products not only are a great choice for the earth, they provide the same utility and comfort as their non degradable counterparts! With the environment being a hotly discussed subject in the workplace, in the home and even in parliament - being green is no fashion trend, it’s necessary, its essential and it’s here to stay. This makes imprinted eco friendly promotional giveaways a great choice for anyone looking to increase their brand awareness in a responsible way and with our eco friendly journals and notebooks creating a custom printed eco item in Canada is easy to achieve.

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Why choosing eco friendly is so important

If you are considering promotional recycled notebooks for your needs, you might also be thinking ‘why should I choose an eco product at all?’. Well, many businesses are turning to eco products for several reasons and one of those is the desire to be more up to date and show their involvement with the issues that affect all of us today. The need to be viewed as part of the solution rather than a company that is adding to the problem has never been more relevant than today, and a company that is environmentally harmful can quickly lose potential customers, existing clients and even the support of other businesses! Showing that your brand is eco positive is essential to the modern business world and choosing items like imprinted eco friendly notepads is an inexpensive way to do this.

How eco friendly items just keep getting better

The first eco friendly products were like any other pioneer product. The hybrid or electric car would likely have never existed without the original cars but if you look back to those now you can definitely see how far the refining process has come! Any original products are likely to have been expensive to make and not exactly the best quality, but they laid the groundwork for those items that came after them and that’s what was important. Now the options for more environmentally positive products have gone wild and with it have become more affordable and higher quality for the purchaser. Our style options and prices are reflective of this and we are excited to offer items that not only look and feel fantastic but allow people to create a more environmentally conscious choice at the same time.

A product that casts a positive light on your business

No one wants to be known as ‘that company’, you know, one whose garbage you see blowing down the highways or cluttering up the scenery with that catchy slogan reminding everyone who created this problem, not the person who dropped it there. Responsible marketing can make or break a company’s image in the eyes of the public and eco friendly promotional giveaways are a smart move for anyone looking to help create a more positive advertising campaign. Custom print your brand on eco friendly journals and notebooks and rest a little easier knowing that once the item is out of your hands you don’t have to worry about the type of limelight no business wants to receive.

Resell something that people love

People just can’t get enough of eco friendly items! From reusable straws and biodegradable packaging, earth positive products are something that many people actively seek out. So, when we are choosing items for our store and it can be difficult to know what to stock, this makes eco friendly journals and notebooks a great choice for many stores! These products can also be imprinted with your own message or store logo, helping spread advertising further and make people more aware of your store - making them a resellers dream!

Working with Dynamic Gift Canada

Whether you are looking for eco friendly notepads or any promotional product, we are here to help! We offer fast quote and shipping times and friendly, experienced staff to help you get the custom printed item you had in mind. Being earth positive and creating a fantastic promotional scheme doesn’t have to be a ‘one or the other’ situation so combine the best of both worlds to create something new and exciting today!