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Custom Seeded Products for Great Marketing Today and a Greener Future Tomorrow

What happens to your promotional items when your event is over? One way to help ensure they aren't cluttering up landfills with your name on is to invest in an eco-friendly alternative! Custom printed seeded paper products have real seeds embedded in their design and can be planted to grow a variety of flowers. Not only is this a great way to show that your business cares about the environment, custom branded seeded products can be great conversation starters too! Start creating a greener campaign and some great brand awareness potential and check out our range now.

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What Are Promotional Seeded Items?

These handy customized eco-friendly products come in many forms and styles, but one of the most popular are options made with seeded paper! These items typically have seeds embedded in the paper itself – offering you the same useful print areas but on a product with an awesome additional benefit. Think of it like an upgrade to your custom logo business card or branded bookmark, without a heavy price tag! Best of all, with custom seeded paper being so versatile, and becoming increasingly popular, the range of promotional products available for shoppers just keeps growing.

How Do I Grow Custom Printed Seeded Products?

Whether you are a green-thumbed wonder with gardening or are staring dubiously at a planter and soil for the first time, you will be relieved to know that imprinted seeded paper is very simple to grow! The germination rate will vary from product to product and be linked to the quality, but the actions needed to give it a try are very straightforward. Generally for promotional seeded paper to grow, you will need soil, a small planting space, water and of course, time! Many types of custom seed paper items are designed to be soaked and then added to the soil, but not too deep. Leave your freshly planted project somewhere bright and sunny and watch over time for seeds to appear! Sounds simple, right? With so much fun for so little effort required, this might help explain with custom logo seeded products have become so popular.

Why Choose Plantable Promotional Products For Your Event?

Whatever your occasion is, getting your business to stand out is essential when it comes to recognition and brand awareness. This means that creating something different for your custom printing could be a smart marketing move and seeded paper products for promotional events are here to help! Why choose a boring standard business card that will likely end up tucked away with dozens of others when you could be unique? Customized plantable paper products also offer a fun talking point, giving your business the chance to make a connection with visitors and the public. Finally, when they are taken away from the event and home with their new owners, the conversation could continue among anyone who views it. With so much potential, it's easy to see why branded seeded items have quickly risen high in the world of brand awareness and become so popular.

Help Prolong Your Brand Awareness With Seed Paper Promotions

What could be better than an economical piece of tradeshow or marketing swag? How about something that helps prolong brand awareness by being interactive? Products like custom seeded coasters might have short longevity for their original purpose, but once they are finished with they offer an interactive experience for your clients! Planting items like imprinted seeded business cards creates the opportunity for your brand to be refreshed in the gardener's mind each time they eagerly check for signs of germination and progress. This helps transform customized paper products with seeds into a fun experience that could help your brand be remembered long after your event is over.

The Benefits Of Choosing Eco-Friendly Marketing Tools

Biodegradable and earth-positive promotional products seem to be everywhere we turn these days, but why are they so popular? With increasing awareness of the damage single-use, non eco products do to the environment we live in – public scrutiny on businesses of all sizes is increasing. Getting your message out there onto any old item and considering it good advertising is no longer enough, and it's becoming clearer that choosing reusable or eco-positive items for custom branding is the future. No one wants to see their logo clogging landfills or worse, littering public areas and this means that choosing customized eco items with your message on them can be a great business move. Creating something biodegradable with your branding included also shows your business is in touch and up to date with the issues of today and this can be great for building a rapport with the modern, more conscientious shopper.

"Seed" To Talk About Your Custom Branding Idea? Contact Us!

Puns aside, when it comes to creating awesome promotional products for your business, we are here to help! Getting your message onto seeded paper bookmarks for tradeshows, custom seed packets with your logo, or something else entirely doesn't have to be difficult. Contact our staff today to get started on your eco-friendly promotions in Canada for that important upcoming event and let's get started creating a greener future for marketing together.