Custom branded plastic membership cards and loyalty cards used by gym goers and at check-ins in Hamilton, Canada.

Printed Plastic Business Cards & Custom Loyalty Cards Canada

Custom plastic cards might look small and humble, but the benefits they can offer are huge! From creating restaurant gift cards to customer rewards schemes or even helping improve on-site security, these cards are a company's best friend − versatile, useful and a great addition to almost any establishment. In addition to full colour printing for that professional and personal touch, we offer magnetized strips, embossed numbering, barcoding and more. Check out our awesome range of card options and styles or see more in our article below about all the fantastic benefits these cards could bring to your business or next promotional event.

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What are plastic business cards for?

With so much versatility, promotional plastic cards can be used for almost any business! Retail, gyms, clubs and more all make use of these handy cards to encourage loyalty and of course, to promote security. There’s little doubt about how popular these small but awesome items are, and here are some of the reasons we think why!

Identification and security

Custom plastic business cards are a key staple when it comes to promoting security and encouraging easy identification of patrons and staff. Our promotional plastic business cards come with a variety of options including:

  • Writable signature strips
  • Embossed numbering
  • Sequential barcodes
  • Magnetic strips
  • Hole punching

These options can even be combined to create a custom plastic card tailored to the needs of your clients and business. This helps not only to promote security, but also peace of mind all round.

Customer loyalty and retention

These cards not only look sleek and professional, did you know that they can be used to help your business too? Custom loyalty cards are a great option for encouraging shoppers and patrons back to your establishment. Whether you choose to set up a rewards system or create a gift card, offering incentives to return to your restaurant or retail store could be the perfect way to promote repeat business, but the benefits might not end there. Friends and family shopping together where one person is lucky enough to have a card or dining at your business because they have a custom plastic gift card − there’s little doubt that with rewards come the opportunity to generate new business from existing clients as well as retain the old.

Staff identification and safety

With any company that has more than a handful of people, checking not only who should be where, but who people are can be a headache for even the most experienced security staff without assistance. Custom plastic security cards mean identification can be smoother, simpler, and faster – allowing your business to focus on what matters to growth rather than spending forever constantly worrying about what is happening in their building. This can apply for the public at large venues also, for example, gyms where the visitor numbers are high and keeping track of who has membership can be made easier with custom membership cards.

Memberships and repeat clients

As mentioned above, with large crowds of the public using your business facilities often comes the need for quick and easy identification. Promotional plastic membership cards mean checking in and out of your gym or club can be not only easier on your staff at the front desk, but a more hassle-free experience for your patrons too. Even your most loyal customer could quickly grow tired if they are forced to spend ages waiting in line to visit somewhere they visit regularly, and imprinted membership cards are a great way to both reduce wait times and promote smoother access without compromising your security.

Brand visibility and getting people talking about your business

With custom loyalty and business cards being so easy to transport from place to place, your brand has the chance to stay in wallets and purses, close to its owner on their travels. This means a great opportunity to remind them of your company when they open their pocketbooks throughout the day. If that wasn’t enough, loyalty cards also come with the bonus of being a great conversation point amongst friends and family. Think about how many times you have heard someone casually mention “Oh I don’t go there; I go here because I have a rewards card.” This not only shows the likeliness of almost unthinking customer loyalty, but the many opportunities your brand has to come up in conversation and spread awareness about your business and its perks to others who might be missing out!

Types of customization and personalization options available

When we look closer, it seems clear that the features these handy plastic cards can offer are numerous – but what about adding your personal touch? Making something truly unique and memorable, or creating something with a specific purpose in mind using our custom plastic snap off card option − getting what you need can be easy to achieve with the options we provide. From custom plastic membership key cards to creating your own custom shape plastic business cards, we offer multiple personalization choices to better tailor your design to your business and that’s before you even get started on choosing your print! Whatever you decide on, custom printed plastic business cards could be the perfect addition to your retail store, club, or event − so don’t miss out on the opportunity to create yours. Why not take a look at our amazing selection today, or let our staff help you with what you need!