A hiker in Algonquin park sips fresh water from her printed drink bottle while stopping for a break to enjoy the scenic view.

Printed Drink Bottles Put Your Promotional Message in the Palm of Their Hand!

Sourcing the most effective promotional gifts in Canada is easy with Dynamic Gift. Our select range of corporate drink bottles can be custom made with your corporate name, logo and contact details and then handed out to clients, staff, trade show attendees, volunteers as a thank you or just thrown out to a crowd to promote your brand. From travel mugs to hiker bottles, we boast a range of options all of which can feature your slogan, phone number and more. These items will help you reach out to your staff and clients, giving them a branded product they will use in their homes, workplaces and elsewhere in the community.

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Custom branded drink bottles for corporate gifts

As we design our products onsite, we can guarantee their quality and final look. Those who buy our glasses, cups and other branded items from our range of personalized promotional drinkware and bottles will receive an excellent return on their investment. Because promotional mugs, tumblers and glasses are genuinely useful, they are likely to be seen on desks all over the country when used as corporate giveaways. This will expand on your commercial visibility and increase overall brand awareness around Canada.

Fastest turnaround in Canada

We are also aware that speed counts when it comes to the creation of your chosen personalized gifts. Because of this, we now boast one of the fastest turnaround times in the country and will deliver your branded cups, steins, glasses and printed drink bottles to your door in rapid time. If you would rather customize these items on your own, we can also deliver plain drink ware to you at some very low prices. This gives you the flexibility you require so the final results fit in with your specific marketing strategies and upcoming corporate events. Versatility is key so you can make the right impression on staff, guests and potential customers.

Easy on YOUR pocket

As you are running your own company, we are sure that the bottom line is important. The good news is that we can offer lower prices while still maintaining a high level of quality. Whether ordering champagne flutes, personalized tumblers or promotional cups and mugs that feature your printed logo and company name, our cheap prices allow you to distribute them freely without having to worry about exceeding your marketing budget.Dynamic Gift knows how to strike a balance between quality and affordability with our glassware and can thus pass on tremendous savings to our corporate clients!

We help you make it happen

Our artwork team will also go the extra mile for you and your company, creating a virtual image of the branded glasses and bottles you want to create for your clients before manufacture. In this way, you can conduct minor alterations and ensure everything is perfect before committing to the purchase. These initial stages will be free of charge too. We will only send the bill once the physical products have been created. We also make sure that all our ceramic and glassware products are packaged correctly for transport, so that when they arrive at your front door they arrive in perfect condition. To find out more, please get in touch with our staff today. We will be happy to discuss our customized drink ware, bulk rates and purchasing processes with you. Ask Dynamic Gift to design and produce some amazing personalized steins and tumblers today!

Drinkware in the form of water bottles, mugs and cups are largely used by school children, office goers, sportsmen and are also used for the household purposes. Tumblers and glassware are also common forms of drink ware used in every household, shop, schools, restaurants and offices.

Products such as sports bottles, hot and cold double wall tumbler, etc. are promotional products that companies who manufacture and sell the sports items can look at dishing out to budding sportsmen. These bottles are usually used by the sportspersons on and off the field or during practice sessions. The present trend is of using these bottles with the metal body as they are much hardy than the plastic bottles. These promotional gifts not only advertise the brand name of the company but also catch the attention of the other sports enthusiasts around them.

Bottles not your thing? We have a bit of everything!

Businesses who deal with manufacturing and selling of glass products can offer their employees, clients and customers with the glassware like martini glasses, glass tumblers, show glasses, champagne flutes as promotional items. These tumblers and glasses can act as great promotional items with the name of the company embossed on their body. These glass wares can also be used as promotional gifts by the companies that deal in alcoholic beverages.

Companies and brands that are in the non-alcoholic beverages market such as coffee, tea, aerated drinks, energy drinks, etc., can use the travel coffee mugs, sippers, etc., to drive across the message. These also help a great deal when one uses these as promotional gifts for their customers and clients during the launch of the new flavors or a brand new range of products.

Theres so many reasons that drink bottles are popular

People are increasingly turning to reusable water bottles to cut down on waste and save money, and companies can capitalize on the trend by offering Promotional bottles at trade shows and other events. Customers use these bottles for many reasons, but eco-friendliness is one of the most important. Below are several reasons to offer reusable water bottles as a promotional tool.

Less Plastic Waste

Though most bottled water sold in the US and Canada is packaged in recyclable bottles, fewer than half of these are actually recycled according to information from the International Bottled Water Association. The other half end up in landfills, in the water, and on roadsides. When companies hand out eco-friendly reusable water bottles, they help to reduce plastic waste.

They Keep Users Healthier

Adults should have at least eight cups of water per day, and those who are active need much more. If a person has a promo water bottle on hand, they're more likely to stay adequately hydrated and healthy. When the user's not thirsty, they're less likely to want carbonated beverages and unhealthy snacks.

Eco-friendly promotional water bottles not only keep the environment cleaner, they save users money, support the local community, keep people hydrated, and allow businesses to effectively spread a message. With a well-designed logo on a reusable water bottle, a company can ensure customers think of them every time they take a cool, refreshing drink.