Printed Sports Bottles & Branded Water Bottles Canada

Wherever and whatever the activity, we all know that staying hydrated is extremely important. But what to do if you are on the go and there’s no handy store or even a water fountain in sight? Store bought drinks can be pricey, sometimes even for a basic water bottle, so carrying what you need with you makes sense and with Dynamic Gift Canada’s sports bottle range, you can achieve this with ease!

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  1. Hydration Bottle (24oz)
    Hydration Bottle (24oz)
    Priced from $16.95 to $17.40
  2. 24oz royal blue water bottle with yellow logo
    Easy Squeeze 24oz Promo Bottle
    Priced from $2.04 to $2.94
  3. 25oz clear sport shaker bottle with black and lime green lid a a black logo and a lime green shaker part beside it
    Tempo Sport Shaker Bottle (25oz)
    Priced from $9.95 to $11.99
  4. 30oz red translucent sports bottle with black logo
    Hardy Sports Bottle (30oz)
    Priced from $5.90 to $8.21
  5. 22oz BPA free black translucent sport bottle with black lid and green and white logo
    Marathon 22oz BPA Free Sport Bottle
    Priced from $7.88 to $9.93
  6. 28oz black with silver accents BPA free sport bottle with full colour logo
    Geometric 28oz BPA Free Sport Bottle
    Priced from $11.75 to $14.80
  7. two images of 750mL black sports bottle showing front view with white logo and side view both with black lids
    Functionista 750mL Sports Bottle
    Priced from $2.98 to $4.40
  8. 700mL translucent red water bottle with white logo
    Grip N Sip Bottle 700mL
    Priced from $2.13 to $2.72
  9. 24oz translucent blue BPA free sport bottle with red and white logo and black and white lid
    Cascade 24oz BPA Free Sport Bottle
    Priced from $11.35 to $14.30
  10. A 1L royal blue squeeze bottle with a white logo
    Valais 1L Squeeze Bottle
    Priced from $3.65 to $5.52
  11. 32oz blue translucent retro bottle with dark blue logo
    32oz Retro Bottle
    Priced from $2.59 to $3.08
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Be a part of sporting events

From kids’ little league teams to professional matches, sports events bring crowds and whether watching or participating – people need to drink. Why not draw those crowds to you by offering them a product that they could really use such as a custom branded water bottle?

Boost your business - without bringing down the environment

With single use items, even recyclable ones, rapidly becoming shunned in favour of more long-term solutions, the value of choosing an item that can be used time and time again cannot be underestimated. In doing this you are not only creating a positive company image for yourself; you are also avoiding the pitfalls that come with seeing your brand name rolling down highways as trash. By selecting a reusable sports bottle, you are showing the public that not only are you in tune with what your customers want, you are aware of the most pressing issues of society – helping create a more positive company image in one easy purchase!

Activities and leisure

With so many people taking part in different sporting and leisure activities, from yoga to kick boxing, creating a product that can be sold in gyms, fitness centres and more is a smart move. How about giving custom printed water bottles as sign up bonuses when people join a gym or activity group? Or maybe as a reward for being a loyal member to the service you provide? Whatever the decision, having a branded bottle as your promo product is a great choice.

College events, rallies and more

We all know college is big on sports, activities and rallies so why not make a lasting impression on the generation of the future and raise awareness for your company or cause with these useful items that will be kept in use long after the match is over, maybe even college! Students are also usually very budget conscious, so this means they will be unlikely to throw your product and its precious message aside in favour of expensive, single use drinks – helping ensure your advert is around for years to come.

Get seen, get noticed!

Custom printed sports bottles are a fantastic way to get noticed. Mobile when in use, often near face level, eye catching with a good-sized space for your own choice of logo, few products could offer everything this item does with such ease. They also come with the added bonus of being an exterior product so unlikely to be hidden in jackets or even bags for long. This means, as a highly portable item that people are likely to take with them on the move – your product will be seen easily by whoever is about, whatever the occasion. Imprint your important message in the minds of those who matter today with this highly useful item from Dynamic Gift Canada.

Don’t get left out of the game!

While you are considering whether or not to purchase, the competitive nature of business today means someone might already be ordering and one step ahead of you for that event or activity you need to be a part of. Don’t be last to be chosen, don’t be left on the bench – get involved now and contact our friendly, professional staff for fast quotes, competitive pricing and most importantly, a reliable, quality service that won’t leave you on the losing side!