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Custom Logo Eco Drinkware & Accessories for Greener Marketing Campaigns!

Go green for your next event or create some awesome gifts that are great for your clients and the earth with custom printed drinkware and accessories! From promotional reusable straws to durable and stylish eco-water bottles, whatever you need for your promotion could be right here in our eco branded drinkware section! With single-use plastic items rapidly becoming taboo and businesses of all sizes being under scrutiny for their carbon footprint, going green makes sense for your brand and the planet too. Who wants to see their logo littering the sides of highways and causing pollution? Generate positive branding and go earth friendly today with our printed eco drinkware and straws!

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Lasting but sustainable marketing

Those single use items look great, but how soon are you going to have to invest in more? A custom silicone straw that will be used a hundred times gives you up to a hundred shots and getting your imprinted message seen by others. Now stack this against that 15minute use of a one time custom printed product and it becomes clear why more businesses are becoming wise to the impact of long term advertising over short term promotions, especially as the ‘throw-away’ culture of decades past is coming to an end.

Why choosing eco friendly matters in business

No matter how things are changing, one sure rule of business always remains and that is ‘get a bad reputation and you can say goodbye to your sales and patronage’ But what causes a company that is doing well in these modern times to earn a ‘bad rap’ ? Along with public scrutiny of a business's application of fair employee treatment comes their impact on the environment. Sure, you sell a great product, but what’s it made of? What happens to it when its usefulness is done? If you can’t answer these questions or you have unappealing answers, then this could mean trouble! Eco friendly is no longer a lifestyle choice for a few, it’s a necessity for us all and choosing the right product for your marketing campaign is more important as the logo design or catchy phrase in the eyes of the public. So, why not help make sure your image is a positive one and choose from our selection of eco friendly products today!

Get the right type of brand awareness for you

Despite what you might have heard, not every type of publicity is good - especially when it comes to advertising. With social media meaning that a promo item can be shared with potentially millions at just the click of a button- advertising has never been so fast to spread and this goes for the good and the bad. On the positive side, eco friendly products are less likely to be excluded from someone’s photoshoot than a grimy old plastic carrier bag because people want to be associated with sustainability and being green. Give your item the best shot it has at the right type of limelight and choose from our fantastic eco friendly section.

Working with us

Whether you are looking for custom cork drink coasters, custom metal straws or any type of eco friendly product that you might not have seen on our site - why not contact us at Dynamic Gift Canada and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you. Our experienced art department can help you get your chosen product branded with your company logo or slogan in virtually no time at all! Plus, with our fast quote process and shipping times, your unique and personalized items will be ready to go before you know it! So, contact us today and let us help you get started on building a better, more positive company image for you and a greener future for us all.