People use the promotional mugs they received from a Canadian trade show to enjoy coffee at the office and working from home.

Promotional Mugs & Corporate Branded Mugs with Logos

Let's "brew" up a fresh new marketing campaign with custom branded mugs! Available in multiple style options and minimum order quantities, promotional mugs offer your business the chance to get integrated with Canada's love of coffee. Choose from custom engraving for lasting, branded staff rewards or business gifts or go large with custom printed ceramic mugs in bulk for tradeshows. Whatever you decide on, don't miss the opportunity to get your message onto an item that could be in use every day. Start browsing now to find the perfect custom coffee mug for your promotional event, or contact our staff to discover more.

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Why Are Promotional Mugs So Popular for Marketing Campaigns?

There's no doubt that custom mugs are everywhere, but why are they so popular for advertising? With Canada's love of all things caffeinated, printed coffee mugs can offer a great solution to help with brand visibility. Did you know that it's estimated the average Canadian drinks 2.7 cups a day? With our country's obsession with hot beverages, placing your message in their hands sounds like awesome marketing potential for almost any business!

Tips and Tricks – Choosing the Right Branded Mugs for Your Promotion

When selecting a promotional item for your business, the amount of choice can become overwhelming, especially with custom logo mugs! With so many options, deciding on the right branded mugs in Canada could quickly leave you feeling like you need a coffee yourself – but don't worry! Here are our tips to help find the best mug for your business.

  • Choosing the Best Size Promotional Mugs – From custom espresso mugs all the way up to promotional large ceramic mugs, finding the right size cup for your event can leave you feeling like a coffee mathematician surrounded by numbers and ounces. If you are looking for a standard mug for your marketing, a 10-12oz is a great starting point, as this is often considered the most regular size. If you're thinking of going bold with your print and catering to larger drink-size options, jumbo branded mugs could be ideal for your branding. Your logo size can often be key when choosing custom coffee mugs, and a great place to begin is selecting a mug style that catches your eye before checking out our branding tab for convenient print, engraving parameters and information!
  • Custom Mugs in Bulk or Personalized? – Are you going big for a large tradeshow and need swag, or seeking a few mugs for a specific group? Deciding on custom logo mugs with low minimums or branded mugs in bulk can quickly help narrow your options. After all, your branded gift recipients may only be twelve people, meaning you probably wouldn't want a hundred mugs!
  • Who Are Your Promotional Mugs Intended For? – Are you looking for a useful but niche item for clients that won't take up too much space in their cupboards? Imprinted espresso cups could be a great option! Is your target audience interested in eco-positivity and might love custom recycled glassware and glass mugs? Considering your recipients and what you want from your promotion can be a great place to start, but if you still feel like ground-down coffee beans, don't worry – our staff are here to help!

Custom Print or Custom Engraving, Which Is Better for Branded Mugs?

When it comes down to selecting the "best" custom branding, there really isn't a single correct answer – but a great place to start is to consider what the overall goal is, and who your mug is for. This doesn't mean whether your client prefers tea or coffee for custom mugs, but rather what your business would like to achieve from your marketing campaign. Below are some of the highlights and potential drawbacks of custom engraved mugs Vs custom printed mug branding.

  • Promotional Engraved Mugs– Going classic with custom etching can be a great way to create more lasting branding for your chosen mug. Unlike print, custom engraved mugs offer a long-term solution to keeping your message looking fresh and new. Custom etched mugs for tea and coffee are also more likely to be available in lower minimum order quantities than their printed counterparts. This helps to make this style of custom coffee mug a great option for branded business gifts or employee rewards. One of the potential drawbacks to promotional engraved mugs is that the branding can potentially be less easy to notice compared to print. However, with these custom coffee mugs often standing up better to wear and tear when it comes to branding, your message has the potential to be on display for longer.
  • Custom Printed Mugs – If you are looking for a fast promotional tool, then custom printed mugs in bulk could be an excellent choice! This branding style can be vibrant and bold, making your message easy to read and offering a great way to grab the attention of those around you. Imprinted mugs often offer more versatility for your design, meaning your business can get creative – especially with custom full colour ceramic mugs! However, custom printed mugs, however well done, will fade over time and are almost always unsuitable for anything other than hand washing. This makes them less suitable for long-term usage or heavy-use environments like cafes and restaurants.

"Mug-nificant" Brand Visibility with Custom Coffee Mugs!

There's no doubt that when it comes to tradeshows and marketing events, mugs are a popular choice! Great for brand visibility and usefulness, the question that remains can often be: 'Which promo mug to choose?' Listed below are the current types available through our business and some key highlights of each.

  • Ceramic Mugs – The most popular and familiar of all promotional mug types, the custom branded ceramic mug is usually leading the way at tradeshows and conventions. This mug offers multiple benefits, including low cost, often available in bulk and coming with bulk packaged options. These perks help make this style a forerunner for giveaways and marketing events and could be a great backdrop for your full colour print or bold message.
  • Custom Metal Mugs – Sleek and stylish, branded metal mugs offers a more contemporary backdrop for your custom branding. Promotional metal mugs are often available with custom engraving, meaning your business can create a more lasting branding on a sophisticated-looking product. Custom metal mugs often come with lids, making them great for busy people at work or home who may not have time to get to their coffee immediately.
  • Glass Mugs – A great option for creating brand awareness on a useful product, like their ceramic counterparts, custom printed glass mugs are often available in higher order quantities. Distributing custom drinkware made from clear material can give your brand the chance to be in the spotlight – but glass mugs also have another hidden benefit! With their clear design, taking pictures of that delicious latte or mocha for social media purposes can be easy, providing your brand with the opportunity to be involved.
  • Mug Gift Sets – Creating custom business gifts with a purpose can help your message stick around after the gifting occasion is over, and custom branded mug gift sets are here to help. Choosing a branded business gift like custom logo mug gift sets can offer clients something they could use in their homes daily – reminding them of where they got their gift with each use.

Go Green! Create Recycled Glass Mugs with Your Branding

With the increasing public interest in a greener, more sustainable future, eco marketing campaigns sound great – but what exactly are eco-glass mugs? Custom printed glass eco mugs are often made from recycled materials instead of new ones, all the while offering the same great quality for your branding! Branded recycled glass mugs often (but not always!) have a unique tinge to the glass in an appealing shade of turquoise or green, adding further charm to your product. Choosing eco-positive options like promotional recycled glass mugs provides the opportunity to show you are in touch and that your business cares about responsible marketing.

Celebrate Canada's Love of Caffeine with Us!

If you are considering custom coffee mugs for your promotion, let's work together to create something "fa-brew-lous"! Our team of dedicated staff is waiting to answer your questions about your branded mugs in bulk. Our office is based in Ontario, meaning fewer pesky waits for replies and timezones that are more likely to match up with yours. We offer an in-house art service ready to help you with your design and experience in all areas, from product assistance to print style selection. Contact us today, and let's get started!