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Custom Printed Drink Tumblers & Branded Insulated Tumblers Canada

Whether you are on the go and want to bring your own beverage, or even just your own cup – drink tumblers are the way travel in style. With a wide selection of sizes, shapes and types available, getting what you need is easier than travelling from A to B! Imprint your brand in the minds of the those who matter be it with our insulated tumblers for those hot beverages that keep you going through the working day, to our refreshing drinks tumblers for water, soda, juice and more. Whatever you are looking for get moving with the times and look no further than branded tumblers by Dynamic Gift Canada.

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Finding the right one for you


With so much choice comes the all-important question – which custom printed drink tumbler is right for you? We cover a wide range of target audiences so whether you item is planned to be used for younger people who could benefit from a smaller product, those who work outside who may need something larger – the chances are we have what you need right here at Dynamic Gift Canada and if we don’t, simply contact us and check!

Lid type

Twist off, pop off, click lids, or ones with built in straws for ease of access, we know that although they are popular, everyone has a different idea and need for what makes a drink tumbler great. This is why we offer so much choice, helping transform your product from ‘that will do’ to ‘that’s exactly what I had in mind’. Reduce those customer frustrations and keep your precious investment in use by selecting the best custom printed item for your intended recipients, rather than simply choosing from limited selections elsewhere.

Finish and grip

All hands are different so selecting a product that will work well with your intended owners can be key to whether something stays in use, gets forgotten or worse! Thrown away. We offer a range of materials from metal, to ceramic, to plastic and more. Think of the older generation who might benefit from something easier to grasp, helping make their drink safer such as a less slippery finish or even a twist design to help them. Those on the go and in a hurry would do well with our variety of easy clean metal insulated tumblers, helping protect their hands and keep that important coffee hot!

Get noticed!

Custom printed drink cups are a great way to showcase what you and your company are about. With a large space for advertising placed on an item in motion and most importantly, often in use – raising brand awareness couldn’t be simpler! With a huge selection of eye-catching colours, sizes and styles, being unique and standing out from the crowd is simple and easily achievable.

A popular choice for more than one reason

Consider how many large ventures that choose to do a refill drink deal, or discounted purchases when you buy their bottle, be it soda, coffee or even alcohol. It’s not just about the initial item, some places even give them away! And why? Because it gets the customer coming back to you and repeat business is key. Only at your store with your drink container do they get that deal, so why would they go elsewhere and pay full price? And who knows, maybe when they are unable to get to your location, they will take it with them and use it at your competitors and show their customers who you are too. You aren’t allowed to go plant your billboard in that pesky competitors building, so this really is the next best thing!

Great promo items, for all seasons!

Choosing a product that suits the season of your promo can be tricky. Custom toques are great but if you are running an event in Arizona then your message will lay forgotten in a cupboard for a long time. Therefore, tumblers are a fantastic choice because you can select what you need for the season you are in or even the type company you run!

So whether you are set up for a summer festival in the warmer seasons or a winter fare in the snow, draw the crowds in with not only an eye catching item but the right kind – tailored for your business, your audience and the weather all at once.

Working with us

Whatever you choose, you can drink up to knowing that you are working with a company that won’t let your investment leak away to nothing. At Dynamic Gift Canada we offer quality tumblers at affordable prices as well as a team of staff who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, so why not contact us today to get started?