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Custom Promotional Bags & Printed Totes Canada

As the leading supplier of promo gifts in Canada, Dynamic Gift knows exactly what you need to connect with staff, clients and the general public. Our range of branded totes and backpacks are chosen because of their high quality and can be customized to suit your particular marketing strategies and aims. Whether you are arranging a future conference or hosting a company giveaway, ordering some of our personalized products is an effective way of creating a positive impression while expanding your marketing potential.

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Printed promotional bags will get your brand noticed

Attracting attention in a crowded industry tends to be difficult. Consumers receive advertising messages wherever they go, be it the bank, the grocery store, the bus, or even their child's school. When developing a marketing plan, companies need to keep this simple fact in mind and find ways to get noticed in the crowd. An easy way to do so involves making use of promotional tote shopper bags. Everyone goes shopping at one time or another, thus anyone will benefit from a promotional item of this kind. With the help of these bags, a company gets noticed everywhere the person carries the item.

What are some of the benefits associated with these promotional bags?

Brand Awareness

Anyone who has ever purchased items at a grocery store has likely experienced the fear their bag will break and their items will spill out. With promotional tote bags, this fear disappears, as the bags are stronger than their paper and plastic counterparts, and users are sure to appreciate this. The bag may be used in a variety of locations, not simply the location where it was obtained. Therefore, the company receives more notice, and this may help to draw in new users. In fact, the user has the option of using the bag to carry library books, take items to work, and more, so the company name gets into the public eye in a variety of ways. The average plastic or paper shopping bag is easy to use also but gets overlooked simply because they are everywhere. This isn't the case with a promotional tote bag or tote.

Pollution Reduction

Many companies express concern about the environment, yet don't back their words up with actions. Reusable tote bags help a company demonstrate their commitment to protecting the planet and provide consumers with information about the company's values. Most shopping bags are tossed in the trash once they have been used, but this isn't the case with these bags. The consumer has the option of using them again and again or passing them on to someone who can make use of them. Consumers tend to buy from companies that share their values, making this a great way to present this information to consumers without being overly aggressive about sharing the message.

Cost Effective

Companies find they benefit when purchasing these promotional items simply because they can be used in a variety of situations. Many promotional items are selected for a trade show but won't work for a community festival. This isn't an issue with bags, as they can hold items at any event. This helps to save the company money because they aren't throwing items away that weren't used at one function and buying new ones for another. The bag serves multiple purposes, making it the perfect choice for any company looking to increase brand awareness in a number of different venues.

Customer Loyalty

Consumers love to get something for free, and a reusable shopping tote is a gift they will appreciate. What many companies fail to realize is every time the consumer uses the bag, their brand loyalty increases. This is due to repeatedly seeing the company name and logo on the bag. When the time comes to purchase a product or service offered by the company supplying the shopping tote, bag users are likely to turn there first to see if the company has what they need. Research shows a consumer needs to see a brand name anywhere from ten to twelve times before it becomes cemented in their brain, and a shopping tote is a great way to ensure the brand name of the bag supplier is noticed again and again.

Satisfying The Target Audience

One style of shopping tote does not fit all. For this reason, companies need to carefully consider the bag they choose to offer through their promotion. Moms tend to appreciate something like a shoulder tote or another bag that allows them to carry kid paraphernalia while leaving their hands free, and there are many different styles of bags that will meet their needs. In contrast, when a business markets to executives, the shoulder tote may not be the preferred option. When purchasing for this target audience, a company may wish to look into the zippered travel business tote.

The key is finding a bag that will make the user's life easier, as they will remember how the bag did so when they need to buy a product or service offered by the company. When one item from a company meets their needs, others provided through the company will likely do the same. For this reason, Dynamic Gift offers a wide range of bags for companies to choose from, with all meeting the high-quality standards of our company.


Organizations looking to raise money find promotional shopping bags are a great way to do so. People use these bags regularly and will be willing to spend money to obtain one or more. Schools, non-profit groups, and more benefit when they offer this type of item to the public, as the bags raise awareness while bringing in some much-needed funds. Don't ask for donations any longer, when customers can receive an item in exchange for their monetary gift. When this is the situation, everyone wins, and consumers are sure to remember this.

Compare the different types of shopping totes currently available, as one is sure to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and our staff will help you find the right item or items in a short period of time. In addition, we provide a quote on various options to ensure you stay within budget. The more information that is provided at the time of the request, the easier it will be to come up with an accurate quote, so keep this in mind when making contact with us. The satisfaction of your customers is always your top priority and the same is true for us. We'll do whatever we can to make certain this is the case.