Left photo; a woman out carrying her shopping in a cotton and cork bag, middle photo; an extra large recycled cotton tote full of swimming gear resting on the dock at a lake, right photo; a young woman sitting with her recycled cotton bag at a rocky beach coast

Custom Eco-Friendly Bags Offer Marketing Solutions That Won't Cost the Earth

When it comes to marketing your important message, staying in touch and up to date matters. With an increasing focus and interest in earth-friendly products, going green could make perfect sense! Custom printed eco totes and bags offer the same awesome brand awareness potential as traditional options – but with the awesome added perk of being better for the environment! Going eco-friendly is about more than just fashion, it's about showing that your business is responsible and is committed to working towards a better, greener future. Browse our range of custom logo eco totes, branded backpacks made from recycled materials and more right here!

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Why Choose Custom Tote Bags for Your Branding?

When you look at selecting products for your logo and promotion, the choices can become overwhelming! Amongst all the options available, custom printed totes have held their own over the years and remain one of the most popular products for screen printing and customization. Imprinted totes offer a large surface area for your logo, helping with visual impact and readability even from a distance. With their useful nature and versatility, you can get your message onto an easy-to-notice product that could be in use daily! We can't all afford giant billboards for our marketing campaigns – but customized totes offer mobile advertising spaces for your business. These awesome perks might help explain why they remain so in demand, but read on to discover more about promotional eco-friendly reusable bags!

Why Are Printed Reusable Bags So Popular?

With an increasing focus on environmental waste, the growing distaste for single-use products seems to become more apparent each every passing day. Combined with Canada's introduction of the ban on single-use plastics including plastic bags – the public interest and drive for reusable alternatives is growing. We still need to carry our groceries and essentials and branded logo eco totes and earth-friendly backpacks offer a handy solution. Providing your clients with a product that could help them with an evolving world and provide everyday convenience could be the perfect way to keep your message close to hand where it needs to be. In addition to this, with the increasing taboo over single-use bags, few people want to be spotted carrying one and are seeking promotional eco bags in Canada. When we look at this, it's easy to see why biodegradable bags for branding have become so integral to marketing, business and the public alike.

Promote Your Message on Earth-Friendly Products!

With the evolution of marketing and the constant shift of public interest, brand awareness campaigns that worked before may not make the same connection the next time. This means that staying in touch with the needs and focus points of your target audience matters – whatever the business. The need and interest in sustainable branded merchandise and its increasing popularity has given rise to a huge variety of customized eco products for branded swag, and earth-positive business gifts. From customized eco-backpacks for hikers and commuters to branded totes made from cork – an earth-friendly resource – it seems like green corporate swag is in and here to stay. This means more options to get your logo and business involved with eco branding with products available for a wide range of minimum order quantities and budgets.

What Are Imprinted Eco-Friendly Bags Made From?

So now we have covered the perks of getting your logo onto recycled totes and eco-friendly reusable bags – which one should you choose? With the arrival of so many products, it can be difficult to decide – but we are here to help! Below we have broken down the main categories with keynotes on important features and popular usage.

  • Recycled Cotton Bags: What could be better than reusing materials and cutting down on the constant need for new resources at the expense of the environment? Customized cotton bags made from recycled materials offer the same perks as more traditional options with the bonus of being earth friendly! These handy bags are available with cinch and drawstring options, great for school and errands, classical eco-friendly totes and even luxury branded eco-bags that are ideal for green corporate gifting. Great all-rounders, this is one of the most popular styles of branded eco bags and often offers multiple colour print options for extra versatility.
  • Branded Paper Bags: Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags and hello to a more earth-friendly option. Custom paper bags are great for merchandise and shopping goods. Their nostalgic design adds a touch of retro charm and their practical nature helps to make them a favourite for tradeshows and swag giveaways. Available at economical price points, these bags are popular for short-term solutions and wide audience bases.
  • Custom Jute Bags: "What are jute bags made from?" These awesome branded eco bags are made from jute, a tough vegetable fibre derived from jute plants! The coarse texture helps make durable shopping bags and is excellent for bold-style, high-visual impact print. These bags do tend to shed, but they are often also biodegradable – making them a great option for earth-positive totes and shopper bags. A great choice for grocery shopping and everyday errands, these bags remain a popular choice for eco branded merchandise and green swag.
  • Printed Cork Bags: Attention grabbing, often water resistant and lightweight – promotional cork totes are a fashion statement and practical item all in one. With cork trees not being cut down but instead having the bark stripped for use and then regrown – this bag material is also generally more sustainable. This style of bag favours bold print and is great for customized eco totes for everyday errands, small shopping trips and more.
  • Recycled PET Bags: Recycled PET Bags: Recycled PET or RPET as it is often written, stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate! This recycled plastic is often made from bottles, giving them a new lease of life and your customer a useful product. Another great all-rounder for custom logo eco-friendly bags, going recycled for your branded product helps show that your business cares about the earth and might be promoting itself but is also working towards a better environment at the same time.

Still unsure, or not seeing what you had in mind? Contact us to find the promotional eco bags you had in mind, or with your important questions!

Earth-Friendly Custom Totes at Customer Friendly Price Points

If you are interested in getting your design onto eco-friendly bags in Canada, it doesn't have to cost you the earth! We have options ranging from economical totes for tradeshows to luxury branded recycled backpacks with low minimums for branded eco business gifts. With our experienced customer service team and art department, we are ready to help you get the branding quality your business deserves. Earth day is one day a year, but the drive for better, greener marketing solutions is all year round! Message our staff today, and let's get started creating your green swag and promotional eco gifts now.