Eco Friendly Promotional Bags Make a Bold Statement About Your Brand

According to reports from the marketing sector, more than 60 percent of consumers who receive a promotional item ultimately choose the displayed company for future business. As far as these advertising tools go, logo-bearing eco friendly promotional bags have emerged as the most effective, outshining even t-shirts and water bottles. With all the negative hype surrounding plastics, bags made from environmentally sustainable or recycled materials have the potential to take favourable brand recognition a step further. They're also cost-effective and versatile solutions for a wide range of packaging needs!

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Retail Relations

Whether you own a high-end jewelry store, a hand-made baby clothes boutique, or a bakery offering upscale treats, doling out your merchandise in run-of-the-mill sacks could create a sub-standard reputation for your company. Retail Paper Bags exhibiting your company logo and signature color scheme send out your message in style. If patrons are purchasing your goods as gifts, the chances are high they're going to pass along those items in your branded bags. In turn, recipients are likely to take notice and bring you their business as well.

Patron Provisions

Any number of stores set out stacks of rickety baskets for shoppers to use in lieu of bulky carts, but you could set your store apart with Retail Shop Bags. Purchase a bulk supply emblazoned with your brand for customers to fill and take home. They're certain to reuse them at some point, showcasing your name to everyone they meet along the way. A minimal investment automatically turns into months of advertising compliments of your satisfied customers.

Business Partner Persuasion

Convincing investors your company is worthy of their backing is crucial to growth and advancement. Trade shows, conventions, business meetings, and simple public networking are all key elements in creating corporate affiliations. Anyone could hand out pens, caps, or coffee mugs in an attempt to hold the attention of potential business partners, but consider stepping outside the box if you'll pardon the pun. Why not have Custom Paper Bags printed up for your company and fill those with an array of the typical items or even a bottle of Chardonnay? Your company will stand out in the minds of investment prospects, and they'll appreciate the extra level of thought and creativity.

Personalized Projects

Though bags have been deemed the most effective form of advertising, few things make a more lasting impression than free gifts. At the same time, in a world where everyone has grown resigned to being little more than an account number or email address, a little personalization could go a long way. Stock up on paper bags with write-on panels incorporated into your company trademark. When prospects show interest in your business or create a new account with you, slip into the stockroom and write their first names on those bags. Deposit a memento within, and present them with an individualized token of your appreciation.

From sturdy corrugated varieties to glossy laminated options, branded bags help spread the word about your company and give the public something to remember you by. Whether you need specifically designed Paper Shopping Bags for customer convenience or a stock of plain sacks to fill with goodies for the company picnic, choose the packaging with minimal environmental impact and maximum consumer influence: Printed Paper Bags.